Womens Mouth Guard Review-Saves Teeth From Being Knocked Out

Most Athletic Mouthguards Are Ineffective

Q:Parents often  ask what type of mouthguard is best for their young athlete, and I do have an answer. They can buy very low priced  mouthguards from a sports apparel  store or ask your dentist, but these don’t seem to be adequate to me. However which form of the more well-fitted mouthguards is best womens mouth guard you ask . ?

A: Most families have had young athletes playing some kind of body contact sport, so the question is an important one. As one would expect, parents are concerned about the safety of their children or teenagers. These families could also be in a time in life when expenses may be high,and they may want to conserve funds.

When they see commercially available athletic mouthguards for a few dollars, they are inclined  to buy them, thinking that they’ve satisfied the bodily harm factor, and that their athlete will be protected with the inexpensive mouthguard. They are wrong! It has been estimated by sports medicine experts that up to 80% of currently worn athletic mouthguards are ineffective or that they actually may be more dangerous than not wearing a mouthguard at all.

Long term cost of oral trauma 

When young athletes have oral trauma, they and their parents are  a little upset or worried.Barring the trauma is extreme, the athlete can usually be restored to near normal, at least for a period of time. However, the cost is hundreds to thousands of dollars for the early treatment. The parents and patient usually do not fully comprehend that the initial treatment is just the beginning and that the restorative treatment will need to be redone numerous times during the athlete’s lifetime. The cost of such initial and subsequent treatment is a huge expense. Have to remind parents that the beginning cost of an acceptable mouthguard is a tiny fraction in comparison to the potential initial cost and redoing of the oral treatment over over time.

Types of mouthguards

There are several types of mouthguards available. I will discuss the most common ones in this article.

Stock mouthguards   These poorly manufactured mouthguards are readily available in sporting goods stores. They are essentially the same form as a stock impression tray used by dentists. They do not fit the teeth or arches at all. When an athlete receives a blow during an athletic event, the tray is forced rearward, and it contacts only a few of the teeth and only a portion of the soft tissue. The result is that the forces are not distributed evenly to the oral tissues. These mouthguards may be more harmful than not wearing a mouthguard at  all.

 – Stock mouthguards are almost worthless. In fact, they may be worse in some cases than not using a mouthguard at all.

Boil and bite mouthguards (Fig. 3)
These mouthguards are available in sporting goods stores for a minimal cost.

Boil-and-bite mouthguards are worn by many young athletes. They have the potential to be better than stock mouthguards, at least when they are first fitted to the athlete’s mouth. However, the athlete soon chews through the mouthguard, making it a poor fit in the mouth. These mouthguards last only a few months and do not provide much protection. The athlete must keep the upper and lower jaws together to hold the mouthguard in place, which is a conscious and uncomfortable situation. There is also a tendency to use these mouthguards beyond the time when they are chewed through or are too thin to offer protection. These mouthguards are an unacceptable choice.

Fig. 3 – Boil and bite mouthguards can fit reasonably well at first, but soon lose their precision, or the athlete often chews up the  mouthguard.

Vacuum created  mouthguards (Fig. 4)    Dentists make these mouthguards on a  vacuum type  device, which softens the mouthguard material and provides suction on the molten material, and the vacuum pulls the material over a previously made stone cast. These mouthguards are better than anything described so far in this article, but their adaptation to the cast is only fair, and the thickness of material that can be used with them is limited. However, there are much better mouthguards to offer your patients.

Fig. 4 – Vacuum designed mouthguards are better than stock or boil and  bite mouthguards, but they are not best ones.

Laminated pressure fabricated mouthguards (Fig. 5)
This type of mouthguard is one of  the best and really  protective. Dental staff  can easily make these excellent mouthguards in the dental office. They can be fabricated inexpensively in a short time, that allows for quick delivery time frame to patients in a short time for a relatively low fee. Several devices are available for you to provide pressure to the ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) mouthguard material. Among them are:

• Drufomat from Dentsply Raintree Essix (Fig. 6)
• Biostar VI from Great Lakes Orthodontics
• Erkopress from Glidewell Laboratories

Fig. 5 – Samples of laminated pressure fabricated mouthguards, which are some of the best types of mouthguards  around  .



The Ivocap system injects resin into the totally closed flask, eliminating porosity and reducing shrinkage. This procedure is also excellent for mouthguards, providing any anatomic form desired by the dentist.

Important factors to consider in selecting the best sports mouth guards for your teeth

People prefer different Mouth guards for thiere teeth. Nevertheless, they are common factors one cannot ignore while selecting best sports mouth guards for your teeth. There are several factors I but will only mention the most important one in this article .

  • Material

The materials used should be biodegradable and free from chemicals. It should not irritate nor react with the user’s skin. Reactive materials evoke an allergic reaction. Moreover, it should be resilient to impact and absorbs shock. A good content translates to high protection.

  • Comfortability

Mouth guards should be as comfortable as possible. A light mouth guard is more comfortable than heavy, bulky mouth guard. Not to forget, the degree of comfortability differ from one person to the other. Now, it is one an individual to choose one he is most comfortable with.

  • Reliability

A mouth guard you intend to buy should be readily available in the market. There are many reasons for this. First, is to ensure anytime you need a replacement you will get it easily. Also, it makes the players work simple and less time to consume.

  • Cost

Best Sports Mouth guards for Teeth comes at various  different price levels. Players should choose one within their budget to avoid high costs.

With so many  sports mouth guards for teeth on the market, we have narrowed down your choices. Here are the best sports mouth guards for your teeth In our womens mouth guard 2018 Review.

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