Women’s Basketball-FIBA Launches Official Women’s Basketball App

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History Of The F.I.B.A. Women’s Basketball World Cup

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The Basketball World Championship for Women (also called the FIBA Women’s World Cup) is a Global Basketball tournament for women’s national teams held quadrennially. Initial game was in played in 1953 with the four year cycle established in 1967. The next will be held from 22 to 30 September 2018.

Formerly known as the FIBA World Championship for Women, the name changed shortly after its 2014 edition. 1986 through 2014, the tournament was held in the same year as the men’s basketball World Cup though in different countries. After the 2014 editions of both championships, the men’s event was rescheduled on a new four year cycle (the next to tourney is in September 2019) to avoid conflict with the men’s FIFA WORLD CUP. The Women’S Basketball World Cup (September 2018) remains on the current four-year cycle. The next FIFA Women’s Soccer World Cup is in June and July 2019.

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Number of teams: 16

Most recent champion(s): United States (9th title)

Most titles: United States (9 titles)

Inaugural season: 1953 FIBA World Championship for Women

FIBA Women’s Basketball App. Offering Personalized Fan Experience

F.I.B.Women’s Basketball World Cup 2018 set to tip off on September 22.FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2018- F.I.B.A.released the competition’s official app

F.I.B.A Women’s Basketball World Cup 2018 app is a way to provide the most complete digital experience of women’s basketball flagship competition. Fans all around the world want to keep track of their respective teams and thanks to this state of the art app, with the ability right at their fingertips. This is the perfect tool to follow the competition right up to the Final on September 30/ 2018

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Users can select and follow up to 3 favorite teams and 10 favorite players. In doing so, their experience is fully customized and gives them complete control of what they want to access instantly.

Competition kick-starts in Tenerife, Spain on September 22.Consists of 16 national teams from across the Planet vying to be made world champions – the F.I.B.A. app will provide a great live experience of the competitions for fans, wherever they are, thanks to full access to live stats, highlights and press conferences of all games.

The release of the app is part of F.I.B. A’s constant and ongoing drive to cater to fans who consume its major events on mobile.

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6 thoughts on “Women’s Basketball-FIBA Launches Official Women’s Basketball App

  1. Thanks for the informative post, it is always interesting on how popular sports came to be. I was unaware of such an app to follow FIBA women’s basketball, great tip, I will have to check it out.

    1. The pleasure is all mine Irene .Thank you for reading my article .You are most welcome .

      You have my permission to share my posts and always come to this site for more girls basketball updates

  2. Karin Nauber

    Thanks for information on the app. I’m not able to watch all the games so it will be nice to be able to keep track of what’s happening with this app. Do you know if all of the games are televised?

    1. You are welcome.Thanks for reading my post Karin .They are still going through exhibition games .Here is the schedule from USA Basketball.Check your local television guide for games in your area Karin.


      You can always comeback to check out this site for more girls basketball updates . I appreciate you stopping by and reading my latest blog post have a good day.

  3. LYNNE

    Great app for women’s basketball fans. Seems to be an app for everything. Him This would be a great way to keep track of what’s going on and what your favorite teams are up to in the tournament.

    1. Thanks for reading the article Lynne. Absolutely this app will help keep you up to speed with your team at the tournament

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