The Heiress-The Air Jordan Brand Girl Basketball Shoes

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Nike Air Jordan Brand

Air Jordan is a brand of basketball and athletic gear made by Nike. It was designed initially for basketball Icon Hall Of Fame player, Michael Jordan. First Air Jordan I sneaker, intended use was strictly for Jordan in around 1984, and made its public debut that same year. The shoe’s original designers were Peter Moore, Bruce Kilgore and Tinker Hatfield.



Air Jordan

Jordan Brand shoes designer Tinker Hatfield said Michael Jordan indicated his desire to incorporate patent leather on his basketball kicks, that could be worn for basketball and formal situations as well., is how the Air Jordan XI was born. Hatfield designed 1995-96’s Air Jordan XI .In some circles it is revered as the most loved signature shoe of all the Jordan Brand series. Jordan wore Air Jordan XI to both the 1995 and 1996 NBA Finals Championship with the Bulls.



Air Jordan Brand:Heiress Collection

The daughter of Michael Jordan. Jasmine Jordan created the Air Jordan Brand:Heiress Collection girls” basketball shoe. To retain the Jordan Brand essence theme she incorporated the basketball court style with elegance and class. But in a feminine version for this Air Jordan Brand girls” basketball shoe. So the sneakers can be worn for various occasions. They can be worn on the basketball court shooting a game of hoops or out for a night on the town just hanging with your friends.




Air Jordan Brand:Heiress Collection Releases

Finally Jordan Brand is giving women there just due. Heiress Collection is exclusive for the females, though there has been sightings of some men rocking these kicks as well. Go figure previously you could not find many Jordans only designed for women. The first sneakers in these girls” basketball shoe collection was released in mid 2016 was the Air Jordan1 High, Air Jordan 10, Jordan Jasmine and Jordan Reveal. All four of the models have the same color scheme as the high tops version come dressed in a pristine pearl and black leather design.

For the 2016 Holiday Season the Air Jordan 11 GS Red Velvet was unleashed unto the public. Of note this Air Jordan silhouette listed as a grade school girls basketball shoe exclusive only. With the application of velvet and the overall scheme. Based upon reaction from most Air Jordan die hard fans on social media has been primarily positive. Most nostalgic Jordan Brand lovers will make the comparison of the Heiress Air Jordan 11 vs Space Jam Air Jordan 1. Because it is new take on the retro shoe of which His Airness wore in the Space Jam movie . The velvet is made in a girls’ basketball shoes version of the Space Jam Air Jordan 1. So its natural, and hard not, to compare if you know a little about Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan Brand shoes evolutionary back story .

The latest addition to the Heiress Collection released on May 20,2017, is the Air Jordan 11 Low Heiress in white and pure platinum. The shoe was originally called the Frost White Air Jordan 11 Low. Also, part of this release pack is the Air Jordan 1, Jordan Eclipse, and Jordan Trunner with similar colorways and textured details.

Jasmine Jordan created the Nike Air Jordan brand Air Jordan XI Heiress. A feminine version of the Air Jordan released for the 2017, Holidays. The almost black velvet material with unique kind of diamond shine elevated the look to make the shoe l really sleek incorporated into the all black is an excellent girls’ basketball shoe.






Future Of The Heiress Collection

The Jordan Brand :Heiress Collection message of the shoe and it’s legacy stayed the same: Motto says the shoe or apparel is all about being worn with confidence and swag . Jasmine Jordan herself states that anybody and everybody can be an Heiress. Heiress isn’t just true to its actual definition. In all reality anyone  could  be an heiress because it is just another way  of being a boss and not a worker . You just be yourself, grab control and  independence. If I’m able to let people know one thing, it’s be whoever you are because you can claim it and own it. It is not hard but you gotta work for it. In this author’s opinion the Heiress gives women a sense of identity from the mens line that the designs remain true to the Air Jordan Brand with shoe providing the owner a feel of a high quality exclusive value for the money. Because a pair of Air Jordans can run from about $75 all the way up to $20,000 easily. I bought a pair of Jordans from an airport in the Caribbean in a duty-free shop for $250 US back in 1993. Its now the year 2018 many brands and pairs of running shoes have donned my feet since then. From Ralph Lauren Polo, Converse,Vans Off The Wall to Adidas shoes. In all honesty none of those shoes have felt as comfortable and contours to the shape of my feet like a pair of Air Jordan sneakers.

You are paying a premium for a pair of shoes but its not an investment you will ever regret after slipping on a pair of Air Jordans. Mind you the legend and the mystique of the man himself whom the shoe brand is synonyms with has a lot to do with the popularity and the massive worldwide circulation of the shoe no doubt about it. But if the shoe was ordinary they would not have had this tremendous staying power for this many decades and going on strong. A good illustration of this compare other amazing basketball players who have had great careers that had there own shoe line. How many of them can say they have had an impact when it comes buying power of a consumer’s decision in purchasing a pair of sneakers like Jordan Brand has. Nike and Jordan Brand still lead the number shoe sales numbers over Adidas .

Declining Nike and Under Armour shoe sales, combined with strong Adidas shoe purchases as reasons for the striped brand’s ascension. In Adidas’ sport footwear sales grew more than half for the month, as reported, and shares grew by to 13% in 2017.

Still, Adidas didn’t have enough to earn the top shoemaker’s position. That honor still belongs to Nike and Jordan Brand Perhaps next year Adidas.




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Thank you,

Erick Darke



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10 thoughts on “The Heiress-The Air Jordan Brand Girl Basketball Shoes

  1. Garrett

    This is really cool. I always have been a sneakerhead, especially of Air Jordans. He was a great player and makes a great shoe.
    Now it just got even better because they are dropping a girls shoe collection which is awesome because I have a 10 year old daughter who has a passion for shoes just like me.
    I am definitely going to be on the lookout for these releases. Great article, going to share it on Facebook.

  2. About time I say! Girls love sneakers too so this is a welcome addition in my opinion! And hats off to the guys who love them so much they want to wear them too 🙂 I often say to my kids that there are lots clothes and shoes that really don’t need to be gendered – wear whatever you like, whenever you like! But happy that us girls now have a line of Jordan’s.

    1. admin

      Thank you for reading the article Melissa.Pleased that you enjoyed the article and your honest comments are much appreciated .For awhile wondered when Jordan Brand would come out with a girls line of shoes it seemed like a total no-brainer those of us out in public who observes both men and women wearing a pair of Air Jordan Brand shoes .Jordan and Adidas sneakers are so popular pretty much available to girls in just about every country on the planet. It was really amazing to see MJ’s daughter involved with the project and concept of the kicks .

  3. Hi!

    My brothers daughter are playing basketball in school and thought I should tip him about your website so he can stay-up-to-date with the type of shoes his daughter talks about 🙂

    Personally I like Nike more than Adidas because I like the style of Nike and have a quality issue with Adidas…

    What I really like with all these cool shoes is that they encourage people to move and sport instead of sitting at home in front of Netflix/Ipad or likely…even thou that’s fun to do sometime.

    Regards, Jan

    1. admin

      Thanks for reading the post Jan.I tend to agree when growing up had more of affinity towards Nike shoes and apparel .Though playing soccer my favorite sport every pair of my cleats were all Adidas.Really appreciate you sharing the website with your friends and family.The mission message of this website is to promote fitness and health through playing basketball.Especially getting kids active to combat obesity .So I am totally behind you that kids need to be active and getting them away from devices is so important

  4. josh

    Like that you’ve gone into good detail to explain the background and is broken down clearly…I can definitely see why the Brand and this version in particular are very popular.

    1. admin

      Hi Josh a really big thank you for checking out my article . Iam delighted that you enjoyed the post.My pleasure to present content that helps one to be a little informed on a subject .

  5. Bo

    This is such a cool idea. Hard to believe they did not create a ladies Jordan brand shoe until 2016. Good for Jordan’s daughter furthering the brand and taking it into a new demographic.

    I think anyone who has every worn shoes knows the Jordan brand and how prestigious it is. This seems like a great step in the right direction.

  6. These are SO cool. Those Jordan 11s with the purple and gold jumpman logo looks very very regal. Brilliant stuff!

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