Running Shoe Drop-Every Year 1,200 Are killed Over Sneakers

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There Are Individuals Who  Stop At Nothing, That Might Resort To  Violence While Attempt Getting Newest Trending  Sneakers

Riots And Long Lines The Culture Of Kicks


Things got a little real hostile  for the Air Jordan 1 “Origin Story” in London England . Buyers waiting in line  for the Spider-Man-themed sneaker  got involved in  an physical confrontation outside of the store . The retailer was forced to cancel the release altogether .

There’s a dark side to sneaker culture in an attempt to get the newest kicks, some people will stop at nothing, including using  violence. However there are victims’ families that stepped up to the plate as advocates for a paradigm shift in sneaker culture .Also some shoe companies are taking measures to ensure more accountability and safety in hyped-up sneaker releases are in place to safeguard to protect buyers from incidents.

Watch this video on The Scene.


A similar situation recently occurred at a Nike store in China during a lineup for the “Rookie of the Year” Air Jordan 1. Hopefully, this doesn’t start to become a frequent occurrence. If you’re going to stand in line for a big sneaker drop, do it peacefully please everyone.


Sneakers collection  are a insanely popular craze among among adult  and teen sneaker heads alike  who sell collect, buy, trade kicks.  Passion like this is what creates snaked lines around the corners for the new limited releases and hysteria .  When there is a serious demand and not enough pairs for everyone, there are sometimes riots, fights, and long lines for sneakers.  This is all part of the sneaker culture and this is all for ONE pair of sneakers! Imagine if one retro coming out every month. There would be riots everywhere. Sneaker lines can be dangers: customers get impatient and start getting rowdy.


No More Hating : Why Standing In Line For Jordans Makes So Much Sense

Getting the latest released Air Jordans may mean nothing to you, but  to a lot of women and men  who slept outside for the opportunity to win the golden ticket to purchase them, it means the world.

There is a running narrative that lines up next to these sneakerheads, who shell out hundreds of bucks to be the first to own a dead stock pair or, in sneakerhead parlance, a pair of new, fresh-out-the-box, never-touched-the-floor sneakers about how insane the entire tradition has become . Some sections of the population believe that they should be doing something else with their time, and their money, than buying  ridiculously expensive kicks.

But here in this article are three  reasons why we have to rid ourselves of this idea that people who stand in lines for hours to snag the  limited edition sneakers are making impulsive  purchases influenced by materialism. And let’s lose this snobby idea  that sneakerheads are somehow engaged in a materialistic rituals .

1. The Sneaker Resale Market Is Extremely Rich.

Sneaker fashion is an opportunity to live in style. Purchasing kicks at retail price is an opportunity to save some money , for the business-minded sneakerhead, an opportunity to make money. Point blank period

According to recent estimates, the sneaker resale market is valued at approximately $1 billion. Yep, that’s billion with a “b.” Again, for those limited-edition releases, each store gets anywhere from a dozen to 100 pairs of shoes. So entrepreneurial sneakerheads alot the times with their buddies   purchase them with the intent to sell them online soon thereafter for much more than the original selling price. Nike is not against  this sneaker flipping going  because it  it helps build buzz and adds to the brand’s overall street reputation

It’s a complex, dynamic business that gives enterprising sneakerheads an unbelievable of a return on their original payment. The more dedicated resellers have developed connections with wholesalers. The markups on them can be as much as 100 percent, or more from the initial purchase.



2. The Most Inexpensive Choice Is Retail


There is no way around it .A pair of Jordans are an  expensive item . Insanely expensive for the average working person much less a teenager  that typically covet them.

Primarily purpose that many people stand outside for hours to buy limited edition models is that only on a select few  of them are sold in stores at the market price.

Getting  up at 3 a.m. to get to a Foot Locker makes not only sense  for sneakerheads but also  cents and dollars. Especially because they’d rather pay $250 for the Air Jordan Doernbecher IV on day 1 than buy them for more than $1,300 online from someone that might resell them for more than three times their original price tag.


Kicks Are A Work Of Art. 

A hobby that is often associated with rich people in order to make the case for why we should stop snubbing our noses at sneakerheads. But I will: art.
When Puff Daddy was eying Picasso’s Venus artwork at Art Basel like a vulture closing in on its prey, no one cared because rich people blow big cash on big things. It’s a given.
Puffy can salivate over those pieces because, well, those items have a value and seriousness attached to them that sneakers don’t have.
But the truth of the matter is, sneakers are art. They’ve moved past their mere purpose and are considered by many to be a legitimate canvas that designers and artists use to express themselves. Their value appreciates with age, just like art. Many of them embody a certain kind of archaic, bold, artistic expression that people love. Some wear Air Jordans to convey a cool, urban lifestyle that they’re either currently living or hoping to front on others who cannot have them :


Jordans unlike some of the abstract that masquerades as upscale art pieces which gets sold for boatload at auctions.Genuine authentic Jordans are a  are a unique blend of textures, designs and pastilles that achieve pure ecstasy . Don’t believe me? Look at the energy that Tinker Hatfield puts into his creations. Who is Tinker Hatfield? Google him; I’ll wait. 


In closing: Let’s not get into those same boring conversations about what people who stand in those long lines for J’s—or any other sneaker—should and could be doing with their time, interests and money. Fashion is an opportunity to live one’s truth; buying kicks at retail price is an opportunity to save money and, for the business-minded sneakerhead, an opportunity to make money. Case closed.

There’s a dark side to sneaker culture—in an attempt to get the newest kicks, some people will stop at nothing, including resorting to violence. See how victims’ families are stepping up as advocates for a shift in culture and see what measures shoe companies are taking to ensure more accountability and safety in hyped-up sneaker releases

Bape Adidas NMD On Feet

 Turning  To Sneaker Addict From  Sneaker Collector

Entertainer Wale and NBA player  Carmelo Anthony concede to owning hundreds of pairs. One of the more unique hype-inducing Jordans was the ‘Banned’ Jordan 1 from 2011, which released only at outlets. Because of that, stores usually not equipped to handle rabid crowds saw scenes like the one here with sneakerheads scrambling under a gate to line up first.

Sneaker culture is a global phenomena, although the retros and colorways that pop stateside may not be as big everywhere else. Go inside Japan’s obsession with kicks and find out how it compares to the U.S.

How the Internet Changed Sneaker Culture Forever

Before the Internet, to get your hands on a fresh pair of exclusive sneakers  you either had to know a place or know somebody. Now, everything’s changed. Old-school sneakerheads reminisce about the good ol’ days and the art of the hunt.

When you’re waiting  in line for a big sneaker drop please do it  peacefully and respectfully.If you want to avoid line ups and crazy crowds in line ups altogether eBay has amazing  deals on the freshest sneakers  bar none .




If you consider yourself as a passionate online shopper like myself, eBay has amazing  deals on the best products.I hoped you enjoyed the Running Shoe Drop-Every Year 1,200 Are killed Over Sneakers article and if you have any questions want to leave a comment or want to leave your own personal review,please leave a comment below .

Thank you,

Erick Darke

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14 thoughts on “Running Shoe Drop-Every Year 1,200 Are killed Over Sneakers

  1. Hi, I was totally blown away by what you said about 1,200 people being killed each year in a sneaker frenzy. That is just insane! I actually had NO idea at all that there was such a sneaker culture, not to the extent you speak of here anyway.

    But I can see the attraction, I do a lot of sport and I only like to wear certain kinds of trainers (we call them trainers here in the UK in case you didn’t know ha ha). I’m very fussy myself and like to have the latest and best when possible. but not on this crazy scale.

    Thanks for the enlightenment 🙂

  2. admin

    It really is bonkers that people would physically fight over a pair of kicks ,Stefanie .Thank you forreading my article and keep it locked tuned into this web page for more articles in the future.Cheers!

  3. Hello, The tittle give me a chill that 1200 people killed because of trendy sneaker. I myself are one of the sneaker head but I don’t fight to get sneaker. I believe if the sneaker I love it, I could buy it in any price. There is no need to fight to get trendy sneaker. Ha ha. Anyway, thank you for you hard works. Cheers!


  4. Thanks for your Uplifting comment Jaden .Yes it’s extraordinary that people would for a pair sneakers .I understand the passion for Jordan’s and Yeezeys but it’s really more convenient to shop from the comfort of your home by logging onto eBay

  5. When I first saw the title I thought I knew what this article was going to be about, the negatives and violence caused by sneakers, but it was much more than that. I was educated, I always thought people were crazy for waiting so long and paying so much for sneakers I had not thought about the reasons why they would other than looks and status, but I can see the value now and why some people are willing to go through those lengths to get those new Jordans….but you are right about the violence and people need to be more mindful of others and respect peoples time, space, property and money. Getting killed or going to jail over sneakers is Not worth it…Great article and very informative.

  6. admin

    I appreciate you reading my most recent post Justin.Yes it does take someone who understands the sneaker culture to make sense of the insane fights that may ensue while waiting in line to purchase the latest kicks at a shoe drop

  7. I didn’t know that these kind of things are really happening in the world. 1200 people are killed over a sneekers every year? That sounds so sad and overwhelming. I’m from Finland and we are not having that kind of culture of riots or violent shopping. Thank you for this eye-opening post!

  8. admin

    Hi Mira this type of behaviour is a world problem it is not just a North American phenomenon as far as problems in the line ups at shoe drops.Thanks for reading my blog

  9. Interesting post – I knew there was some violence around sneaker releases, but not this much! Good advice to folks to stay peaceful when awaiting the latest release.

    1. admin

      I have to agree with that comment Christian .It really is unnecessary to go full battle royale for a pair of basketball shoes.Thank you for stopping by my blog post. Have a happy holidays.

  10. Wow, I had no idea things got so out of hand, over sneakers of all things!

    This is why I love online shopping. And I’m all about the best deal. You can look all over the world for the best price, and not leave your couch, lol.

    Thanks for talking about this crazy phenomenon,

  11. admin

    Iam with you on this one Suzanne.It is great to get the latest most popular item in your hands.But yeah that is going overboard resorting to fisticuffs to resolve a issue over a pair of ball shoes.Thanks for the positive comment Suzanne

  12. A very thought-provoking post!

    I had not considered sneakers as art, but with all the collaborations between artists and sneaker brands, I can now see them as canvases. I also appreciated your stance on not judging those who do wait in line for hours and hours to get the latest sneaker drop. The meaning that a person gets from them is really up to them, and that should be respected.

    The violence that ensues over the sneakers though, is another matter. It’s horrid and heart-breaking – perhaps consumerism at its worst. I often shop online for clothes, and pretty much anything I need to avoid the chaos, but I didn’t think death was a reality for one person over sneakers, let alone 1200 per year.

    1. I can really appreciate your very view on the subject matter and the comments left were truly amazing ,Kirsten!. For sure that was the whole point of the article was to highlight that collecting sneakers can compared to collecting priceless pieces of artwork.You look at the Nike Air Mags kicks selling for $54,000-$200,000 you have say these are collectors items. But also like drinking alcohol just do it responsibly without the violence thanks when it comes to sneaker drops .Thanks for stopping by article Kirsten have good one.

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