Fun Basketball Drills For Kids-Drills That Help Improve Court Skills



The drill is intended to improve ball-handling development.

Current  players really lack a major component in their ball handling  dribbling skills abilities  as with many  youth basketball players of the modern game . The a lot  of youth basketball players can dribble pretty well  with their dominant hand, but not with the off  hand.




Doing basketball drills where a player dribbles two basketballs at once Compels the kids to:

A) Use their off hand 

B) Improves hand ball  coordination

When a player can dribble two basketballs  simultaneously , well they will most likely  be able to dribble one with authority with left or right  hand.




Begin  in the middle of the key three feet from the basket. Place feet shoulder-width apart .Shooting your shot, focusing on  form and follow through with the finger tips .The idea is to work your way back behind the free throw line using the correct fundamental techniques.





Proper footwork is the foundation of the game of basketball. Building a skill-set of solid footwork techniques can ensure the proper development of  young players.

Some footwork techniques included here are time tested basic fundamentals.

Correct  footwork can enhance any player’s ability to play offense, defense, rebound or any other part of the game of basketball. This article is meant to be to inspire both coaches and players to focus more on footwork.




The following are important features of good  footwork that  have used in coaching major college and pro players:


Most people assume that we all know how to run. No, we don’t. Even world-class sprinters work constantly on their technique, and so should basketball players. After the initial jump-step mentioned above, learn to lift the opposite leg and the knee high up toward the chest, while also making sure to alternately and aggressively pump the arms.

The fastest sprinters in track often measure both the speed of their first two steps, as well as how far they go with each step. In a practical example, to truly run a fast break, it’s important to actually run fast in a sprint. The benefit of maximizing the ability to reach and maintain top sprint speed in basketball games is evident on both offense and defense. Therefore, it makes sense for players to learn to sprint properly.

To really improve speed, get quality coaching. While speed and conditioning coaches are currently very popular, seeking help from an experienced local track coach could prove to be more effective and less expensive.





Like the ready position, this is one of the most basic yet useful types of footwork. The jump stop is essentially a technique used to transition from moving (even quickly) in any direction, into stopping and reestablishing the ready position described above. To execute the jump stop, simply get both feet airborne, land with both feet touching the floor simultaneously and immediately drop into a ready position stance to help regain balance.

There is no need to jump up or jump high. In fact, the lower you remain to the ground the quicker you will be able to transition into whatever movement you choose to do next. The two-foot jump stop allows players to gain, reestablish and maintain balance in order to transition into the next movement needed to make a play. On defense, the jump stop can be used to establish defensive position to either take a charge or shift quickly into a defensive slide. On offense, both post and perimeter players use the jump stop to enhance their ability to catch a pass, (commonly referred to as coming to the ball) and create the option of establishing either foot as a pivot. In the modern game, the jump stop is used by many shooters instead of the traditional 1-2 step when shooting.


This is the most effective and fundamentally sound way to shoot a jump hands down. Many coaches still prefer the inside foot 1-2 step because when the shooter spots up and tends to be standing still, it is used to generate lift and rhythm for the shot. It also is a very effective way for the shooter to regain balance and control when on the run from the left, right or straight ahead.

When the shot is actually taken, proper shooting footwork is the same as the basic ready position except that the right foot is slightly ahead of the left foot to line-up the body towards the target (the basket). The shooter’s feet should be in the ready position long before the ball is passed.


Statistically, most missed jump shots hit the front of the rim. Expert shooting coaches with training in behavioral science can predict that a shot will be missed as the shooter catches the basketball or as the player picks up the basketball off the dribble. This is easy because we can see that the shooter was not truly ready to shoot before catching/picking the ball up off the dribble. Also, this is an indicator that the shooter’s mindset is only ready to take the shot, but not ready to make the shot. This concept is a topic for another article, but is pertinent here because preparing in advance of receiving the basketball to execute the inside foot 1-2 step can be an indicator of the shooter’s focus to make the shot.



Getting the ball to your teammates is critical during a basketball game, so beginners need to learn how to execute good passes. Basic passes include a chest pass, bounce pass and overhead pass. To practice passing, have players pair up and work on each of these skills.



Chest passes are done with both hands, with the passer and receiver working to keep the ball at chest level. Bounce passes are thrown from relatively  same position, but the pass must be aimed for the floor about 3/4 of the way between him and his partner. Overhead passes are also done with both  hands above your head, but players should be careful to keep the ball directly overhead, as bringing it behind the head can result in a steal  in  a game.



My philosophy is to develop good coordination, ball skill, also good dexterity with both hands for youth players. These  drills  are designed  about  giving youth players a solid   basketball foundation. So I think passing with one hand (push, hook, wrap, and even behind back) is good just to develop that coordination. Solid coordination is best developed when kids are young and little  harder when they are older. There are athletes who may be  genetically gifted and pick these skills  up easier than some despite  age.

These drills look really challenging yet appropriate for grade school basketball players.




The Beginning Of A New Era:Jordan Brand Women’s Basketball Shoes

Jordan Brand to finally unveil a women’s sneaker collection, they confess that it is way overdue

Now it is the men who are going to be envious of the women.

There is something different about these just released Jordans colorways . They were designed primarily for women.That is  something  that you couldn’t say about any pair of Jordans in the past.

There was a recent  unveiling of the 2018 NBA All-Star Game uniforms, designed for the vary first time by Jordan Brand.

The Jordan Brand’s first ever women’s line collection actually stole the show and drew the most attention .Something that everyone agreed was ridiculously long overdue.

Aleali May, a 25-year-old  model and fashion stylist  and pioneer in her own right .As she was the first female collaborator on a pair of men’s and women’s Jordans. She  designed the Air Jordan 1 x Aleali May, was released  in October .

Young girls always have  brothers or male cousins playing ball, and they had the new Jordans, you know? You’re like,  I want a pair. Where can I get those? At last finally after so many years gone by  .Finally seeing something that’s for us, says May.

Girl basketball shoes that’s just for us, you know? With the culmination of the Jordan Brand  women’s launch, it’s really amazing  because we have our special  colorways. It is something that the guys will get jealous of a little reverse psychology if you will

Seeing  women wearing Jordans is not new at all.It’s  been going on for decades . In the early stages women and girls had to seek out smaller men’s sizes or children’s sizes .With the greater demand eventually made Jordan  Brand to see the light  causing the brand to start making women’s sizes .

According to high ranking Nike officials . The Brand  spent countless hours speaking to the group of women the consumers that wear the shoe.

Joedan Brand designed the girl basketball  shoes that are undeniably for her. They took into consideration  about the materials .What materials does the consumer resonate with? Think about the comfort, the feel, the silhouettes, the ease of entry, and other things that’s what women have  been telling us that she wants and needs in a shoe . So that’s what was incorporated into the design of the Jordan Brand Womens line.




The Jordan Brand team spoke with many women who are extremely influenced by fashion more than anything else on the consumers  desired  wish list . They seek styles which  are variations and made specifically with them at the forefront.


Jordan Brand has always been  a combination of performance and swag, and sets itself apart from other shoes by not been put into  traditional  basketball shoes  designing  boxes.

I always wanted to mix the street life  combined with  high-end look  says  May . Showing that you don’t really have to just be one dimensional. More so for females . I feel like we’re more geared to we have to wear high heels.  I like to wear what I like to  be unique and an individual. A lot of girls can relate to that concept . They want to wear their Jordans and they want to wear their Gucci or  Louis Vuitton bag as well.


With the release of the Jordan women’s collection  with  the current climate in the country in regards to womens rights in the work place  it seems appropriate .  Women’s marches to the “Time’s Up” and “Me Too” movements, the female voice is now being heard louder than ever .  Jordan Brand’s women’s collection  motto is The Season of Her

It took time to get to the space where we could do it, and do it correctly  Jordan Brand president Larry Miller said in regards the women’s Jordans silhouettes .


The Jordan Brand 2018 Women’s Spring Collection

Jordan Brand’s  2018 women’s Spring line consists of three girl basketball shoes styles to match a modern dynamic lifestyle.

Women’s Air Jordan I Hi Zip

The Women’s W is a Jordan 1 High equipped with a zipper closure and constructed out of a premium leather upper. This shoe distorts classic elements from Jordan Brand’s most celebrated silhouette, the AJ 1. A Nike Air tab logo on the tongue adds an OG touch with a pop of red. The sock liner provides cushioning for comfort and support.

There are now rumors going around stating that the upcoming Women’s Air Jordan 1 Hi Zip in the Black colorway will be limited to 10,000 pairs. So ladies, if you were contemplating on getting a pair, you may have to act fast.

For those who missed last week’s introduction, the the Women’s Air Jordan 1 Hi Zip  is a Jordan 1 High equipped with a zipper closure and constructed out of a premium leather upper. It distorts classic elements from the Air Jordan 1. The Nike Air tab logo on the tongue adds an OG touch with a pop of red. The sock liner provides cushioning for comfort and support.



The Air Jordan I Hi Zip Released on March 8 2018 Ebay  for $100.






Women’s Air Jordan XII Vachetta Tan

This shoe features a flooded, suede Vachetta upper with pops of gold hardware for a new luxury take on the XII.One of the highlight’s of Jordan Brand’s upcoming “Season of Her” collection is the Air Jordan 12 dressed in the ever-luxurious Vachetta tan palette, but with a new suede finish. The Jumpman outfitted this selection with golden hardware on the lace eyelets and the midsole piece, while a quilted leather interior lining adds to the finely crafted aesthetic to this Retro model. These upgrades will cost you as this women’s exclusive release will retail at $190, which seems like a new pricing standard for the brand’s elevated stylings. Mark your calendars for March 23rd, when this female friendly offering is scheduled to arrive at retailers. In the meantime, enjoy this exclusive closer look below.This shoe features a flooded, suede Vachetta upper with pops of gold hardware for a new luxury take on the XII.

Air Jordan 12 Released Date: March 23, 2018$190



Air Jordan 1 SOH

The Season of Her collection combines luxurious satin fabrics, premium suede touches and unique color schemes to create a powerful look from day to night.

Jordan Brand deems Spring as the “Season Of Her” as a full collection of Air Jordan 1s built with premium materials gets officially unveiled. Utilizing satin and suede materials, Jordan Brand envisions the ’85 classic with the ladies in mind as these softer pastel tones, perfect for Spring outfits, are scheduled to release beginning on January 26th, 2018. Women’s exclusive Air Jordan releases are few and far in between, but this Season Of Her makes an emphatic statement regarding the brand’s focus on the female demographic of sneaker-crazed consumers. Expect ten colorways to hit stores by the end of 2018  in womens sizes.


Jordan Brand’s Spring ’18 women’s footwear collection comes in women’s sizes 5-12. The SOH Air Jordan I releases on January 25 for $160, the Air Jordan I Hi Zip releases on March 8 for $150 and the Women’s Air Jordan XII Vachetta Tan releases on March 23 2018 for $190.


If you consider yourself as a passionate online shopper like myself,Ebay has amazing  deals on the best products.I hoped you enjoyed the The Beginning Of A New Era:Jordan Brand Women’s Basketball Shoes article and if you have any  questions and  want to leave a comment or want to leave your own personal review,please leave a comment below .

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The Heiress-The Air Jordan Brand Girl Basketball Shoes

Nike Air Jordan Brand

Air Jordan is a brand of basketball and athletic gear made by Nike. It was designed initially for basketball Icon Hall Of Fame player, Michael Jordan. First Air Jordan I sneaker, intended use was strictly for Jordan in around 1984, and made its public debut that same year. The shoe’s original designers were Peter Moore, Bruce Kilgore and Tinker Hatfield.



Air Jordan

Jordan Brand shoes designer Tinker Hatfield said Michael Jordan indicated his desire to incorporate patent leather on his basketball kicks, that could be worn for basketball and formal situations as well., is how the Air Jordan XI was born. Hatfield designed 1995-96’s Air Jordan XI .In some circles it is revered as the most loved signature shoe of all the Jordan Brand series. Jordan wore Air Jordan XI to both the 1995 and 1996 NBA Finals Championship with the Bulls.



Air Jordan Brand:Heiress Collection

The daughter of Michael Jordan. Jasmine Jordan created the Air Jordan Brand:Heiress Collection girls” basketball shoe. To retain the Jordan Brand essence theme she incorporated the basketball court style with elegance and class. But in a feminine version for this Air Jordan Brand girls” basketball shoe. So the sneakers can be worn for various occasions. They can be worn on the basketball court shooting a game of hoops or out for a night on the town just hanging with your friends.




Air Jordan Brand:Heiress Collection Releases

Finally Jordan Brand is giving women there just due. Heiress Collection is exclusive for the females, though there has been sightings of some men rocking these kicks as well. Go figure previously you could not find many Jordans only designed for women. The first sneakers in these girls” basketball shoe collection was released in mid 2016 was the Air Jordan1 High, Air Jordan 10, Jordan Jasmine and Jordan Reveal. All four of the models have the same color scheme as the high tops version come dressed in a pristine pearl and black leather design.

For the 2016 Holiday Season the Air Jordan 11 GS Red Velvet was unleashed unto the public. Of note this Air Jordan silhouette listed as a grade school girls basketball shoe exclusive only. With the application of velvet and the overall scheme. Based upon reaction from most Air Jordan die hard fans on social media has been primarily positive. Most nostalgic Jordan Brand lovers will make the comparison of the Heiress Air Jordan 11 vs Space Jam Air Jordan 1. Because it is new take on the retro shoe of which His Airness wore in the Space Jam movie . The velvet is made in a girls’ basketball shoes version of the Space Jam Air Jordan 1. So its natural, and hard not, to compare if you know a little about Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan Brand shoes evolutionary back story .

The latest addition to the Heiress Collection released on May 20,2017, is the Air Jordan 11 Low Heiress in white and pure platinum. The shoe was originally called the Frost White Air Jordan 11 Low. Also, part of this release pack is the Air Jordan 1, Jordan Eclipse, and Jordan Trunner with similar colorways and textured details.

Jasmine Jordan created the Nike Air Jordan brand Air Jordan XI Heiress. A feminine version of the Air Jordan released for the 2017, Holidays. The almost black velvet material with unique kind of diamond shine elevated the look to make the shoe l really sleek incorporated into the all black is an excellent girls’ basketball shoe.






Future Of The Heiress Collection

The Jordan Brand :Heiress Collection message of the shoe and it’s legacy stayed the same: Motto says the shoe or apparel is all about being worn with confidence and swag . Jasmine Jordan herself states that anybody and everybody can be an Heiress. Heiress isn’t just true to its actual definition. In all reality anyone  could  be an heiress because it is just another way  of being a boss and not a worker . You just be yourself, grab control and  independence. If I’m able to let people know one thing, it’s be whoever you are because you can claim it and own it. It is not hard but you gotta work for it. In this author’s opinion the Heiress gives women a sense of identity from the mens line that the designs remain true to the Air Jordan Brand with shoe providing the owner a feel of a high quality exclusive value for the money. Because a pair of Air Jordans can run from about $75 all the way up to $20,000 easily. I bought a pair of Jordans from an airport in the Caribbean in a duty-free shop for $250 US back in 1993. Its now the year 2018 many brands and pairs of running shoes have donned my feet since then. From Ralph Lauren Polo, Converse,Vans Off The Wall to Adidas shoes. In all honesty none of those shoes have felt as comfortable and contours to the shape of my feet like a pair of Air Jordan sneakers.

You are paying a premium for a pair of shoes but its not an investment you will ever regret after slipping on a pair of Air Jordans. Mind you the legend and the mystique of the man himself whom the shoe brand is synonyms with has a lot to do with the popularity and the massive worldwide circulation of the shoe no doubt about it. But if the shoe was ordinary they would not have had this tremendous staying power for this many decades and going on strong. A good illustration of this compare other amazing basketball players who have had great careers that had there own shoe line. How many of them can say they have had an impact when it comes buying power of a consumer’s decision in purchasing a pair of sneakers like Jordan Brand has. Nike and Jordan Brand still lead the number shoe sales numbers over Adidas .

Declining Nike and Under Armour shoe sales, combined with strong Adidas shoe purchases as reasons for the striped brand’s ascension. In Adidas’ sport footwear sales grew more than half for the month, as reported, and shares grew by to 13% in 2017.

Still, Adidas didn’t have enough to earn the top shoemaker’s position. That honor still belongs to Nike and Jordan Brand Perhaps next year Adidas.




If you consider yourself as a passionate online shopper like myself, eBay  has amazing  deals on the best products.I hoped you enjoyed the The Heiress-The Air Jordan Brand Girl Basketball Shoes article and if you have any questions want to leave a comment or want to leave your own personal review,please leave a comment below .

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Erick’s Back Story

The Wonder Years

I grew up during 80’s in Toronto, Canada when laptops  or iPhones  were not yet  widely available yet  .In fact in  those days only professionals  such as Doctors and Lawyers owned cell phones. The neighborhood  was mostly filled with lower middle class families but was  rich in spirit located in the suburbs . There was so much  affection and kindness that each amazing  family showed to each another.

All the kids  pretty  much went to  through each   local school levels together. From public, junior high ,high school  and even College.To this day we still stay in touch and  social media has made it easier to stay  in communication   Some even later attended university and college together  . There seem to be a real oneness and bond if you will among most of the families. As some parents were good friends who  looked out for  the other parents  children. We had a gathering place to play have fun which  was the large play ground  a gathering place to get together usually after school or during the lazy summer holidays   .It had a playing  grass field  regular  kids slides , swings, a swimming pool and  basketball court  . Some of the  kids would found playing a popular  type of ball game of either basketball or football.There could be heard loud  blasting music on a massive portable cassette player.A few of the parents could  be spotted shooting the breeze about things  going in our area of Toronto or just  life in general .

I can  still  remember  those care free times in our  community playing a game of horse  from dusk  till 1 am at  the  what we called  bottom garage ball court . Yes there was a top garage where primarily played   ball hockey.  Our parents  would have to  send out search parties to track us down,usually other it was other  siblings.Now I play when can between work and building a business  at  the neighborhood  YMCA or  I might catch a Toronto Raptors game live at the ACC. My goal is to see young girls’ and at risk kids  use basketball as means to stay active and possibly build new long-lasting friendships through community partnerships with grass programs .That will allow these  children to hopefully avoid any negative situations in their lives .With girls’ college basketball  programs  in Canada and the NCAA  league  in the  USA girls basketball   game is thriving on both sides of the border. And more so with the emergence of a league for girls basketball  , the WNBA. The league was founded on April 24, 1996, as the women’s counterpart to the NBA and league play started in 1997.




Inspiring All Girls to be Strong, Smart, and Bold

Girls Inc. And The WNBA  Partnership

The Partnership
Girls Inc. and the WNBA have committed to a multi-year partnership to contribute to the Girls Inc. mission of inspiring all girls to be strong, smart .One of the most important goals  of The WNBA is  to reach out to their communities and making a positive difference in the lives of their  young fans. More specifically, this partnership will help Girls Inc. increase exposure to our mission, vision, programs and public education efforts while also creating opportunities for the WNBA to provide role models for girls .And actively  participate in their communities, build loyalty and interest in their league and teams, and grow the WNBA brand . The program is created to test what we can do on a bigger scale in future years, but none the less, weˇre forging ahead with some initial concepts.Please also know that although this year our initiatives may concentrate primarily on national visibility for Girls Inc. and local ties between those Girls Inc. sites that are in closest proximity to the WNBA team cities, our intention is to find ways over the course of the partnership to ensure that all Girls Inc. member organizations benefit from programs. And for those Girls Inc. member organizations that already have relationships and initiatives with a WNBA team near their sites, we look forward to working together to leverage each otherˇs knowledge and experience to help make the partnership stronger throughout the country.


Why  I Love Girl’s Basketball

I think its important for the girls’ basketball game to be on even footing the male game  in relation  to equal media exposure and tremendously  rabid ever  growing  fan support base worldwide. The WNBA even has women dunking in games now . Who would have fathomed just 30 years ago that there would be a professional league for women to play let alone dunking involved  times have really changed.That in itself is a major step in the right direction to encourage the growth of the sport but there needs to be more cultivation from the grass roots level to get more girls’ involved in the game of basketball. Not only will they get more fit physically but will also build self esteem and team building spirit that may be transferred in day to day life interactions with other peers . Also, they will build  fond lasting memories as they become adults later on in life meeting new people who share the love the sport.Some of my current friendships today were cultivated through camaraderie  achieved playing sports’ with those in my peer group at that time.

The Mission  Goal Of  This  Site

The goal of GIRLBASKETBALLSHOES.COM is to get more young girls off the couch and power down the electronics.For older girls  helps them get away from day to day responsibilities  in the rat race to  get them on the  court staying active and having  fun while playing a great game of  hoops. My hope is  that the ever growing  game of  girls basketball eventually explodes worldwide like soccer/football has Globally and become a real major force in the sports’ arena through its excitement and amazing  popularity throughout the fan base .

If you ever need a hand or have any questions.Please  feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Erick Darke