Nike UK Outlet-Nike All In For Youth Sports Partnerships

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The London Youth Games Partners With Sports Apparel Giant Nike UK

The London Youth Games held in London, England.It is an annual multi sport event

The London Youth Games offer competitive opportunities for young participants  from ages 7 to all the way up  18 yrs old .They are involved in 30 sport The London Youth Games are contested between the the City of London and its 32 London boroughs take place at venues around the city through out the year .

National Sports Centre in Crystal Palace being a finals weekend at . The finals weekend traditionally takes place on the first weekend in July and they are free and open to all young people living in or going to school in London.Over 125,000 young Londoners take part in the London Youth Games, making it the largest annual youth sports event in Europe

These London Youth Games are ran annually  and controlled by London’s government officials with a huge chunk of the work done by 2,000  local volunteers  .There is a full-time staff .This is a small team that help with the coordinating the London Youth Games volunteering program ‘Games Force . Together with volunteering agencies help to train ,recruit and  create  opportunities in events,sports,officiating and team leadership and the  media for young individuals aged 16 and up at the London Youth Games.

Primary funding of The London Youth Games made by  Thames Water , Balfour Beatty, Sport England National Lottery. Now Nike UK and Virgin Sport are coming aboard to help assists London youth development.  The London Youth Games are organised and managed by the London Youth Games Foundation,  a registered not for profit charitable entity.

Nike UK Celebrates Local Youth Project By Inviting London Sports Celebs

Invitees included multiple gold winning Olympian track star Sir Mo Farah and the soccer players that turned up were Raheem Sterling,Jadon Sancho, Alex Scott of Arsenal Ladies team, Jordon Ibe, and Ryan Sessegnon. This event brought together the biggest cultural and sporting names in the capital to show the scale of Nike’s commitment and financial reach .

Nike UK All In With London Youth Games Relationship

Nike has also partnered with Virgin Sport in a long term partnership aimed at providing opportunities in sport to the borough of Hackney.
In addition to  the London Youth Games.More commitments have been created with youth football charity, Football Beyond Borders, Gloves not Gunz, a Croydon community project mentoring young people and Love Basketball, London’s biggest girls only basketball club, as new Nike partners. Nike’s global commitment to get young people to live happier, healthier and more successful lives.The ‘Made to Play’ initiative will greatly benefit from these latest partnerships by Nike internationally  and in the UK as well of course .

Because sport is about more than physical fitness.

In an effort to help in  curtailing youth  depression while promoting a very  active lifestyle  and boosting  mental wellness .All of  will  improves academic achievements and social skills. That’s why, when you show your support for the London Youth Games,you are also supporting every aspect of their lives as well as  a young Londoner’s sporting activities .


The Partnership Aim Is To Create Ongoing Opportunities For Every Young Londoner To Play Sports

Nike has also committed to a multi-year partnership with Virgin Sport to offer opportunities in sport to the borough of Hackney. In part, this is realized through Hackney Festival of Fitness (taking place from May 17 to 19), which is the city’s most diverse sporting event. At Nike UK there is a great ambition to encourage 10,000 Londoners to take part on their first 5k.  For those willing to push the boundaries further will be  offered 1,300 Hackney Half bibs in 2020 and 2021.A group that has been at the heart of Hackney Half since inception is Track Mafia, will help with sustaining engagement with runners


With a goal of getting more young people moving playing sports throughout  the city of London .Nike announced a long term partnerships proposal with the London Youth Games  a multi year engagement commitment  .

With Nike’s involvement, the goal is to by 2022 power up the capabilities of the London Youth Games and increase long-term participation by serving more than 200,000 young people . “Creating opportunities for every young Londoner to play sport is an unwavering belief we both share. This unique partnership with Nike represents a game-changing moment for London Youth Games and will allow us to inspire and enable more young people to play sport more often,” says Nicky Affleck, interim CEO of the London Youth Games.


Another  organizations have also been announced as Nike partners:
Croydon-based Gloves not Gunz, Football Beyond Borders and London’s biggest girls only basketball club  Love Basketball.

Together, these new partnerships extend the purview of Made to Play, Nike’s global commitment to get young people to live happier, healthier and more successful lives, and join previously introduced programs such as Marathon Kids, Active Kids Do Better and Active School Hero to London to provide the broadest possible opportunities for sport and movement across the city.

School Games

The secondary and primary schools in London come together every year at the School Games. Competing  in four kinds of competition: intra-school, local inter school, county finals and the School Games National Finals respectively .

Promoting Beyond Just Fitness

More than just only playing  athletics,football/soccer ,netball and basketball.
The youth athletes may find the sport that’s right for them.  It’s not just about physical fitness. Additionally it supports boosting  the development of  new social skills as well as promotes positive mental health conditions.

Big Name Past Youth Games Hall Of Famers

The London Youth Games Hall of Fame celebrates the successes of former participants, volunteers, coaches, officials and partner organisations. The list features some the UK’s greatest sports people of the last four decades including Rachel Yankey of The arsenal Ladies team ,Mo Farah, Zoe Smith and David Weir.

Respect For Opposition At These Youth Games


London Youth Games.Respect The Games campaign was launched

The Respect the Games campaign aims to celebrate all that makes London’s Youth great by encouraging all competitors to live up to the values of Fairness, Ambition, Inclusion and Respect during all London Youth Games competitions.

The Way It Works

To  best exemplify these values each  team gets  a nomination form to award to another borough .This greatly promotes sportsmanship.

Whatever team which accumulates the most overall wins at the end of the London Youth Games sporting calendar are awarded the winner .The team with the most votes at that event are recognized as the Respect the Games winner gets the Respect the Games trophy in the  Games conclusion.

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Erick Darke

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8 thoughts on “Nike UK Outlet-Nike All In For Youth Sports Partnerships

  1. It’s great to see that sportsmanship and youth depression are focuses of the event. The combination of sport, exercise and where relevant being outside getting UV are all important factors of development, health and self confidence. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Luigi for leaving a positive comment on the article with Nike and The London Youth Games .Absolutely it is very important for children around the not just in the UK to get proper amount of exercise and proper aid in their development into well balanced adults later on .

  2. Jason

    This is fantastic for the youth, it keeps them out of trouble first and foremost and helps keep them healthy secondly. Doing this type of activity later in life will help keep health cost at a minimum for the future as well. We have things like this here in the US and it does create great sportsmanship amongst each other giving the youth a great sense of pride and respect with each other and others. That is key for the future and hope this can be carried on for future generations.

    1. Thanks Jason for leaving a most amazing comment on my article.It is a most welcomed initiative on behalf of the organizers to put forth the idea. To try and keep the youth on a straight as path as possible .This will also help to build camaraderie. Precisely the fact that they have an opportunity to be a model citizens and have an opportunity career or owning a business later in life is so essential.

  3. Hi,
    It is good news to hear those young people living or going to school in London and over 125,000 young Londoners taking part in the London Youth Games, making it the largest Annual Youth Sports event in Europe.

    It’s not only a rare opportunity for young people from ages 7 up to 18 years to showcase their skills and talents but also a good initiative from Nike and its sports partnerships.

    I look forward to seeing the celebration getting kicked off in the month of July and was wondering if the events will be telecast through TV and if so, which channels should we be looking at?

    Thanks for your information.

    1. admin

      Thanks for leaving a thoughtful comment on my Nike UK Outlet-Nike All In For Youth Sports Partnerships article .

      Yes I did learn so much doing research about this event made me ever more aware of things previously I was blown away by all the work done by all the great volunteers who makes this initiative special . Thanks goes to the organizers and Nike for helping facilitate that youth unto being to have very balanced and to hopefully have great lives in the future.

      Have an amazing day Phomrong.


  4. Great post Erick!

    So good that Nike are supporting the kids and brilliant that depression is part of the discussion.

    So many kids (and adults for that matter are suffering depression and have no meaning in their lives. Jordan Peterson is also an advocate for this kind of involvement from the Big Corporates.

    Really great post and so good to see. You explain the whole concept so well.

    Cheers, Kev

    1. admin

      Thanks Kevin for checking my blog post. It very much needed to have apparatus in place to help those children and adults alike who are prime candidates that may experiencing depression or anxiety issues in their lives .The hope is that help can get them as soon as possible . Have an amazing day mate

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