Nike SNKRS-Sneaker Culture Buying Experience Changed By New SNKRS App

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Nike SNKRS App Helped Changed How Sneaker Makes A Purchase



The Nike SNKRS App Helps Avoid Long Line Ups And Violence

Sneaker collectors and fans  would to  camp out all night  in front of stores for hours like as seen in crazy scenes for Black Friday and Cyber Mondays deals .In a few cases  it could be  days to get the latest kicks that just dropped .There has been concern with violence on occasion  with large forming crowds in front of stores .I touched on this subject in a previous article



For Nike Digital Apps Are Way of The Future

Nike has always been the front runner when it comes to being  creative and innovative .The brand has been forging ahead in the digital space as it sees it as an integral part of of its marketing strategy .Compared to the  Under and Adidas brands ,who have more focused on opening more phyisical store locations .

Smart phones and social media are  influencing sneaaker  buying trendsgreatly  .Future growth will come primarily  from online purchases. The  world of omnipresent retail is coming soon .

Nike Aims To Maintain Connect With Sneaker Community 



Sneakerheads remember  story and experience  of how they got that coveted  shoe. Not only just getting the product.The one thing sneaker heads will  miss with a digital world purchase upon us is that thrill of the chase of hunting down the latest  kicks that just dropped .

Maintaining that community aspect is something Nike is eager to retain and hopes not lose in going totally digital.

Nike has tried contain  stories to maintain and creating connections  between  its fan base,ambassadors and professional athletes who wear the brands apparel in their respective sporting arenas . Nike created the “Pigeon Dunk” shoe event  first released in 2005 in NYC and caused riots, resulting in police shutting down the event.






In collaboration with Jeff Staple, the Panda Pigeon colorway is a previously rejected sample. This is the third official Pigeon release, and the fourth time the Pigeon has been featured on an SB Dunk. The white and black silhouette features a green bamboo graphic on the sockliner, hits of reflectivity and graphics on the outsole paying tribute to the newspaper headlines after the infamous first SB Pigeon launch. The ‘SAMPLE’ stamp on the collar typically found on early versions
Consumers had multiple ways to purchase the updated sneaker. There were specially designated newspaper stands in NYC and photos shared on social media allowing the public to secure these coveted kicks from anywhere in the United States.

Jeff Staple, owner and designer of apparel brand Staple Pigeon, collaborated with the SNKRS team to ensure a smoother release with second shoe drop.





Without the original 2005 “NYC Pigeon,” sneaker culture wouldn’t be what it is today. Jeff Staple envisioned a shoe to represent his city, and felt the ubiquitous bird did it best. He introduced the shoe at his store Reed Space. Word spread, lines formed, Dunk mania kicked off and sneaker culture was never the same. The shoe itself is one of the ultimate grail. It’s long-awaited return has come in time for both the 15th anniversary of the SB Dunk and the 20th anniversary of Staple Design. Jeff Staple presents a blank slate of simple black to “just let the Pigeon be the story,” as he puts it. Coming in a pink box as a nod to its original era, the “Black Pigeon” represents limitless possibilities for the future of sneaker culture.

Jeff Staple, streetwear legend and Staple Design founder, who turned sneaker culture on its ear with his iconic 2005 design, returned with a few new “Pigeon” releases over the past few year.

In 2017, he debuted the “Black Pigeon” SB Dunk Low featuring a Black upper with Red contrasting accents and the famous pigeon embroidery on the heel.

Very recently in 2019, the “Panda Pigeon” SB Dunk Low was debuted. It comes in a White upper with Black accents atop a translucent outsole and the pigeon heel logo.



Other Brands Following Nike   Digital Trend



Competitors are always seeking to gain an advantage, now more so in the smartphone era. Adidas has it’s own app titled ‘Confirmed’ and Footlocker uses a reservation system built within their ‘Launch Locator’ section.

“I think the apps are all very 1.0 versions of what things can be.

“Each offer a solution to some of the pain-points of online sneaker purchases, but I don’t feel either have really changed the game. The apps look cool, but the innovation has yet to come.”

Consumers will always want the latest products on the market, yet batting 1.000 is simply not realistic.


Nike SNKRS Travis Scott  Air Jordan 1  Glitch



Sneakerheads were extremely upset  on Twitter  after the launch of Nike’s coveted new Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1s went really side ways .

Nike makes many of its new-release shoes available on the Nike SNKRS app, but countless customers received payment processing error messages as they hurriedly tried to place orders before the shoes went out of stock.

The Air Jordan 1 High OG TS, hip-hop artist Travis Scott’s latest highly anticipated shoe collaboration with Nike sold out hours after its general release on Saturday May 11,2019.

A pair of the high-top sneakers was priced at $175, and its resale price is soaring across the internet . Re-sellers are already asking more than $1,000.

Scott tweeted a picture of the sneakers  around the time of the general release at 10 a.m. May 11,2019 Est. Travis Scott
has 16.7 million Instagram followers.He posted pictures of the kicks  on his personal  account.

Many sneaker lovers hoping to get the kicks via the Nike SNKRS encountered error messages. With the shoe had one of the buzziest releases of the year, it seemed the app was unable to handle all the traffic high volume .

If you consider yourself as a passionate online shopper like myself,eBay  has amazing  deals on the best products.I hoped you enjoyed the Nike SNKRS-Sneaker Culture Buying Experience Changed By New SNKRS App article and if you have any questions  want to leave a comment or want to leave your own personal review,please leave a comment below .Thank you,

Erick Darke



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10 thoughts on “Nike SNKRS-Sneaker Culture Buying Experience Changed By New SNKRS App

  1. That was right to the point not to long,very informative.writing was good picture was very good and it’s a true story. Yes our future is internet all the way,no more pushing and shoving to get out of the store,I hate stores,I’m about ready to get my grocery’s on line and delivered. Great job and keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for stopping by my site Alena and leaving a positive comment .Absolutely the future looks to be digital for sure.I appreciate your kind appraisal of my website .Good luck in your business journeys going forward.

  2. Jamaar sampson

    Was thinking about purchasing the travis scott kicks they are so nice to me thanks!

    1. Thanks for your comments Jamaar .These sneakers are off the chain they are a collectors item no doubt .I appreciate you stopping by my site and leaving a comment.You can purchase through my link if you wish, as eBay still has a few available . Have a great day Jamaar

  3. Thais Gomez

    Wow that’s such an amazing idea to have an app to buy shoes. Specially sneakers that could be for walking, running, different sports and activities. I’m looking for a good pair of sneakers to do exercise at home. I think maybe Nike could add some augmented reality technology with the app so users can see the shoes in 3D before buying. What do you think, something like that would be appealing to Nike’s customers?

    1. Thanks for leaving a positive comment Thais .Nike has actually made 3D shoes in their factory with the Super 3D technology in 2018 .The video covers full factory video on how Nike made 3d Printed shoes in their factory. Using Super 3D printing technology and Future of 3D printing techniques .

  4. Nice article about the Nike shoe world. I had no idea that Nikes were so coveted! I seem to be learning something new every day. I had to LOL at “sneakerhead.” I didn’t know people who loved shoes were called that.

    1. Hello Kimberly thanks for stopping by my site .I really appreciate the positive feedback you provided .Its good to exercise the brain now and again I have heard. Sneaker heads and Jar Heads are have few of the coolest names/monikers that many people are not aware that exist and their meanings

      Urban Dictionary: jarhead
      Because of their single-minded willingness to put their duty before themselves, Marines are said to have jarheads…hard on the outside and empty on the inside

      Have a good week Kimberly

  5. It’s so much easier to shop online these days and these look like really nice sneakers. We see so many bricks and mortar stores closing down and focusing their attention to selling online. It has become a way of life now as we all live such busy lives. Thanks for a great article.

    1. I must agree Helen there seems to be a serious trend towards more increased online purchases Thank you for taking advantage of a moment to leave a positive comment on my site is really appreciated Helen .Have a great day

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