Nike React-A Shoe That Cut Injury Rates In Half

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Are Most Injuries Actually Avoidable Or Inevitable?

We all would like to live in a world where every runner gets faster. Pretty exciting. But also a hearty challenge, given the presumed hurdle of injury. But are injuries actually inevitable? The question spurred Nike to focus efforts on the potential of reducing runner injury, and its newest running shoe, the Nike React Infinity Run, is a step toward that objective.

When Nike debuted the Zoom Vaporfly 4% in 2017, racers cheered; the shoe was built for notching PRs and breaking limits privileging running economy. The same year, Nike React,a proprietary foam offering game-changing cushioning and energy return debuted. In running, the technology answered for a near impossible desire: A feel that was soft, resilient, lightweight and durable.

The Nike React Infinity Run encompasses the best qualities of those two technologies — a fine-tuned blend of bio mechanical efficiency and cushioning — for a breakthrough shoe that offers a more democratic solution to stability, and an advance from traditional motion-control designs.

The Infinity Run provides a soft, responsive platform and delivers it with a widened midsole. Similar to the geometry
of the 4%, the Infinity has a rocker-like bottom that yields a more fluid transition from foot strike to toe off.

This inspired combination has an instant impact on a runner. Slip the shoe on, and it feels at once stable and energetic, the spring in the React foam ready to fuel miles.

The Infinity’s rocker-geometry encourages a slight lean forward, moving a runner’s foot strike from heel to midfoot, or even forefoot; this creates a natural forward feel of propulsion. The wider platform, and the supportive foam that accompanies it, provides a reassuring feel — the shoe gently guides the foot in a smooth, straight line, reducing side-to-side wobbling and

These attributes make the Nike React Infinity Run ideal for the kind of runs that don’t fall into the silo of interval or
tempo, long run or race. This shoe matches best to base-run days, those middle-mileage, moderate efforts. In fact, an external study by the British Columbia Sports Medicine Research Foundation (BCSMRF) on 226 runners in the Nike React Infinity Run and the Nike Structure 22, a traditional motion control shoe, showed that runners in the Nike React Infinity had a 52 percent lower injury rate than in the motion control shoe, with wearers confirming that they felt less pain in their knees and feet.



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Why Are Sports Injuries So Hard To Prevent

Part of the reason why injuries are so hard to end forever is because every runner’s bio mechanics are different, and while some
injuries do come from the bottom-up, others are top-down problems, so to speak. While many shoes aim to help runners find more stability by packing the mid-sole of the shoe with foam that adds space between the ground and the foot, thus helping to correct pronation, the Infinity actually places the foot deeper into the shoe with a little bit of a clip” around the perimeter, aiming to
smooth out a runner’s stride versus correct it. Really, this shoe is not about controlling motion, controlling pronation, it’s just helping
to smooth out and guide that foot through the transition.

The result is a really soft and lightweight shoe with a cushioning foam that absorbs impact. To improve stability without getting the way of motion control, Nike widened the mid-sole of the shoe and added rocker geometry” that helps the foot glide from heel to toe seamlessly. We know that running injuries are a big deal, especially to runners, and how devastating they are. Jay Worobets, footwear research director at Nike Sport Research Lab said . We listened to the voice of the athlete.


Over 40 Years Nike Has Been Analyzing Why People Get Injured

For over 40 years, Nike has been studying why we get injured, and with the launch of the new React Infinity Run shoe, the brand is set to take the first step in helping combat this. In an external study, researchers at the British Columbia Sports Medicine Research Foundation found that 226 half-marathon runners (who collectively logged 60,000 miles,  NBD) cut injury rates by 52 percent while wearing this sneak as compared to another Nike motion control (read: stability) model. “There is kind of this fear of injury that’s plagued runners in our sport for a long time, and really been one that, ourselves included, haven’t really been able to find the right solution,” say Bret Holts, VP of running footwear at Nike.

Launch Shoe Nike addressing training programs and
education  between soreness and injury.

Nike endless strive towards perfecting the running shoe is driven by the NSRL, where data compiled by direct insights from athletes is
translated into modern and effective footwear. This dedication to science and the athlete has allowed the Nike Running team to experience huge wins on a regular basis; their Zoom Vaporfly 4% continues to dominate the marathon circuit, while Eliud Kipchoge’s sub-two hour marathon in Vienna completed an ambitious mission set out two years ago. It’s clear that the runners are in their best condition and the shoes were built to perform, but what no man or machine can truly account for is the frequency of injury that occurs in the sport.

This obsession with 26.2 miles fueled the creation of what may be the most impactful running shoe on the market because of its emphatic approach towards reducing injury. The Infinity React Run is Nike’s most tested running shoe to date (over 16,000 miles) and was the subject of a unique running epidemiology study by the British Columbia Sports Medicine Research Foundation, which found that the shoe reduced injury rates by a whopping 52% compared to the Structure Triax 22. This finely tuned experiment yielded shockingly positive results for all distance types – not just the marathoners.

Structurally, the Infinity React Run boasts 25% more foam than its predecessor and has a similar wide-base geometry as the aforementioned Vaporfly 4%. The upper consists of an engineered lofted Flyknit built specifically for this silhouette, while the heel-to-toe rocker provides a sensation of propulsion while allowing for quick transition.

The Nike Infinity React Run releases on January 3rd, 2020 for Nike Members and January 16th worldwide for $160 on eBay .

Nike Infinity React Run
Release Date: January 3rd, 2020 (Nike Members exclusive)
Release Date: January 16th, 2020 (Global)

If you consider yourself as a passionate online shopper like myself,eBay has amazing deals on the best products.I hoped you enjoyed the Nike React-A Shoe That Cut Injury Rates In Half article and if you have any questions want to leave a comment or want to leave your own personal  review,please leave a comment below .

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  2. A most comprehensive overview of the Nike React! I can’t help but feel that this is what we have been looking for ! My daughter is a member of her school’s track team and is doing quite well. I am sure the Nike React will be ideal for her.
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  5. Very insightful read. As a dancer whose had a few foot injuries, finding the right trainers was an absolute godsend for me in rehearsals. I was recommended the brand Hoka which has done wonders in terms of protecting my feet from injury. I do miss my old Nike’s though, so maybe I’ll take another look at the brand and see if I can find some which have a similar set up. Thanks for the info.

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      Thank you for your excellent comments Natalie. I really appreciate it alot.Yes totally agree it is so important to find the the correct footwear to help with performance and avoiding injuries.Have a great day.

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