Nike Air Max 1 Premium-Solar Daisy Sneakers Flying Off The Shelves

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Solar Daisy Got the Flower Power Treatment

If any one  knows the power of the ‘90s,it’s Nike so they reached into their design archives to relaunch  a cool retro print.The  sneakers immediately sold out almost as fast as the stores could stock the shelves . Everything old is new again  as they say . Trends are cyclical; one year we’re celebrating everything ‘60s, the next we’re scouring antique shops looking for some ‘80s style merchandise . The ‘90s vibes have been going strong for a few years now, with everything popular from that period  coming back in vogue.

nike air max 1 premium solar daisy sold out

Solar Daisy Brightens Up Your Day

Launched in 1987, the Air Max was renowned for  the Air-Sole comfort  cushioning that provided a seeing-is-believing experience with “air” that was visible in the heel. This artsy rendition of the Air Max 1 Premium continues with the same blueprint—the lime green “visible air” installed in the heel. The print was created in the late ’90s for All Conditions Gear apparel by Nike pattern designer Amanda Briggs.

Designed By Amanda Briggs Nike’s New ’90s Floral Sneakers Caused a Shopping Frenzy

Nike, which resurrected the floral print  pair of sneakers of course, sold out soon after launch.Solar Daisy is now available to purchase on Ebay floral theme across the  upper features a mixture of crimson, spruce and tonal black hues, while the Air Max branding on the heel has been updated and colored in neon. Finally, a white midsole and neon yellow Air Max bubble, and black in a and it’s highlighted with an all-over floral print.

Iconic Air Max 1 Reboot

The Nike Air Max 1 Premium Solar Daisy sneakers Were Released on 10-13-2018.

On the streets, these kicks will offer a surge of color in the urban gloom of the fall season are now available at eBay


The meshed  earthy red and green floral print on a pair of Air Max I  sneakers , which retail starting at $195, and Nike aficionados snapped them all up right away. The shoes however are currently sold out in stores but new pairs are still  available  at Ebay while they last


If you consider yourself as a passionate online shopper like myself,eBay has amazing deals on the best products and exercise equipment . I hoped you enjoyed the Nike Air Max 1 Premium-Solar Daisy Sneakers Flying Off The Shelves article and if you have any questions about the post want to leave a comment or want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment below thank you.

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10 thoughts on “Nike Air Max 1 Premium-Solar Daisy Sneakers Flying Off The Shelves

  1. Nike’s shoes has always been a top quality brand shoes. Long lasting and confortable too the only thing about Nike’s shoes is they are so expensive compared to other brands agree there is some models from Nike that are more affortable but they are always worth the money since the last a long time.

    1. It seems Nike aim for luxurious style when designing their shoes I totally concur with that assessment they are a cut above for sure .Thanks for reading my article post Yanick have an amazing day sir

  2. Cathie

    Hi Erick, yes it does seem like all the old decades are coming back and I remember how popular Nike was back in the 90’s. The Nike store in downtown Seattle was always packed with customers. That particular floral pattern is not my cup of tea, but I imagine for the younger crowd they would love them. Great reading and look forward to your next article.

    1. I appreciate you reading my blog Cathie . Those stores are still the rave here in Toronto they are usually packed when I visit the Eatons Centre shopping mall.Maybe it it could be something to do with all the tourists always coming through the city none the less Nike is still a huge brand here in the four one 6ix. Yeah that design is pretty unique keep it locked to my blog for articles on other styles and different brands coming soon.

  3. I personally love the brand Nike. I have never seen a pair of floral shoes from them. Might consider getting some myself. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank for your the insightful response Alissa.This color way is definitely geared towards lovers of floral and flower child.
      You can always comeback to check out this site for more girls basketball updates or visit the eBay through this link for these floral sneakers .
      I appreciate you stopping by and reading my latest blog post have yourself an amazing day Alissa

  4. These are awesome, definitely a good Christmas gift for my niece who loves Nike. Such a good brand and I love most of their products, thanks for a great review! Will be back for sure!

  5. Furkan

    I can get this shoe as a present for my brother. However I wonder how is the quality price ratio of Nile Air Max?

    1. admin

      Thanks Furkan for reading my article Nike Air Max 1 Premium- Solar Daisy .Your brother will love this pair of sneakers.

      The vibrant floral pattern has been updated .The design makes pair of kicks is great value for money Furkan

      Starting at $190 on eBay

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