NBA Shoe Color Restrictions-Express Yourself: NBA Softens Rules

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First Time In League History NBA Allows Players To Wear Any Sneaker Color

In the past the NBA restricted the colors of sneakers to have team color accent which depended on whether a team was the host or the visitor and either 51 percent black or white . Considering the many variations of color, styles, designs, and colorways that exist in today’s basketball shoe industry.The previous league shoe color rules flexibility just wasn’t enough for today’s modern players.A majority of the NBA’s 72-year history, footwear worn by all of its players has gone through a series of varying restrictions.

Each team in the league can however have its own shoe color policy beyond the league’s new guidelines. 

Only ongoing restrictions will regard third party logos, that have to still be preapproved by NBA league office previous to worn on the court. Last season there was a huge spike in custom hand painted sneakers, usually made just days before being worn on the court. Third party logos, the league will continue to look at closely as last season saw everything from non approved movie cover artwork to podcast logos to charity organization icons appear.

And there still are restrictions against any ‘sharp protruding objects or reflective elements,’ such gleaming chrome.

History of NBA Fashion Restrictions

The NBA isn’t the most conservative professional sports league off the court or on court not by any estimation. They have however been forced to react historically by introducing restrictions on the uniforms, shoes and clothing that the players used to express themselves. The memorable cases was the league in the 1984-85 season banning Michael Jordan‘s black-and-red Air Jordan-branded sneakers . And by Allen Iverson‘s off-court attire a more recent example was the dress code the league enforced in 2005 for players not participating in the game. Nike leveraged the Jordan ban with a marketing campaign. . No doubt, Nike will be positive in terms of empowering teams and players to be more expressive with their fashion choices on the court, and no doubt the league will decide what’s acceptable and what’s not.The rest as they say is history.

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10 thoughts on “NBA Shoe Color Restrictions-Express Yourself: NBA Softens Rules

  1. I had no idea there were so many rules regarding fashion in basketball. At first I thought it seemed kind of silly to regulate what people are wearing but it makes sense because these people are professionals and represent the team. It also makes sense that they can’t wear things that could potentially sabotage another player.

    1. You are on point here Mariah because being a professional is the key factor here.It is okay to express your self but do not go too over the top with leeway that is now given to the players by the league.Thanks for reading my blog Mariah and have a good week.

  2. I find this very interesting. I really didn’t know about the rules before this post. I am glad they have changed their minds and let the players have some individuality. 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my most recent post Shyla.As I see it the league is somewhat influenced by the sneaker companies and as a whole it evolve so this decision is healthy for the NBA and its relationship with its fans and players will only be enhanced with this policy change.

  3. well, I am old fashion and prefer to keep thing simple, and I don’t really like the trend to have such a colour shoe and worse, different design on each pair of shoe. NBA should not soften the rules, rather they should insist the shoe on right and left must be of same colour and design.

    1. Teo Chee Shi I understand your point of view and share it to some degree because you do not want players wearing something outrageous on the court that is inappropriate and that is distasteful on the court.As it might hurt the image of the league .Thank you for reading my latest blog post.

  4. When His Airness started wearing Air Jordans back in 1984, the league had no idea the brand would grow to what it is today. The sneaker companies are so heavily invested in the NBA that it would be foolish for the NBA to restrict any exposure by these brands.

    1. Thanks for reading my recent article Courtney .Most definitely the shoe companies want more exposure for their brands to be showcased on the court.You have some that are painted on the shoes that really looks kind of tacky this is where you run into ridiculous designs .Iam sure that most of these custom painted pairs probably was not designed by a major brand. That is where the NBA and individual teams should have a say about what type of apparel is allowed on the court .

  5. Steve

    Adam Silver has definitely been more lenient than his predecessor, David Stern when it comes to the dress code. It’s nice to see the players be able to express themselves more, although I think it’s the shoe companies who are expressing for them. I am kind of partial to the shoes matching the team colors, I think it helps to build the team. But as we have seen the NBA players aren’t very loyal to anyone except themselves. Anyway, not to get too far off topic, it’s an interesting article and things are definitely trending more that direction.

    1. admin

      You hit the nail on the head Steve here .And by the way thanks for stopping by to comment on my blog post , sir. The sneaker brand hunchos definitely have some say and influence first with the players and in what direction the NBA it self takes when it comes with some of the decisions it makes to evolve the league brand as a whole no doubt about it Steve .

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