Laceless Nike Shoes-New Era Of Modern Footwear

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Laceless Nike Shoes

Approaching a new era of modern footwear, sneaker technology continues to evolve from a design and performance standpoint.

Jordan Brand latest signature creation, the Air Jordan 33 , and the Michigan Wolverine’s basketball team will be the first to wear these kicks on the court  for the 2018/2019  NCAA  season.

The Michigan Wolverines have two different colorways options in the recognizable maize and blue.

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The New AirJordan 33 is the first basketball shoe to feature FastFit technology, which provides ultimate lockdown to prepare athletes for flight, Michael Jordan said“From day one, we’ve taken pride in the Air Jordan game shoe, where we focus on athlete insights and the latest innovations to create silhouettes that are distinctly Jordan. That balance also allows the game shoe to continually revolutionize both in sport and style.”

Along with other Jordan sponsored teams the Wolverine’s players will done Jordan Brands’s latest signature gear . The previous  season the Wolverines wore the Jordan Retro 32, and various different silhouettes that were  made available  earlier this past  spring in limited quantities to the general public.


Unlike anything footwear designers have ever developed previously these  kicks  feature Nike’s new FastFit technology, a lock-down addition with a updated  modern modified lacing system .


The Air Jordan 33 introduces Jordan Brand’s Flight Utility design ethos according to Nike. At root, Flight Utility is about designing for the future by extrapolating from the core of Jordan Brand DNA and progressing it with an innovation and function-first approach.


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From a performance standpoint FastFit works using  : Nike’s tightening system activates its cables with a single tug of the forefoot strap, creating a full 360-lockdown which takes the place of shoelaces.

With the FastFit technology , the Air Jordan 33 follows a clear Jordan flight  path.Since 1985, Nike Air has been the hallmark of Michael Jordan’s signature line  .It took Tinker Hatfield’s 1988 design for the Jordan 3 to cement its defining attribute. In that shoe the Air technology was made visible, and with it, MJ’s hangtime took on an advanced aura (literally, as he soared from the free throw line in the ’88 dunk contest).

Flight Utility

Jordan Apex Utility(pictured above) and Jordan Proto-React complement the Air Jordan 33. The Air Jordan Flight Utility is about designing for the future by extrapolating from the core of Jordan Brand

The mechanism in Nike FastFit  is visible under the arch of the Air Jordan 33.

Flight has always been part of the Jordan Brand DNA .They considered the NASA space flight suits utility influenced the  design .  Air Jordan 33 was crafted using that inspiration . The shoe features visible technology designed for function, but that also becomes a staple style element similar to those suits.

The Air Jordan 33 progresses the legacy of visible technology in the Jordan line by challenging a different aesthetic norm. FastFit eschews laces and proposes a new system for containment on court.

You can activate FastFit on the Air Jordan 33, by pulling up on the forefoot strap. How  does the Fast Fit works:

  1. Loops on the tongue and heel allow easier entry
  2. The tightening system activates its cables with a single tug of the forefoot strap, creating a full 360-lockdown
  3. Eject by pulling the side loops to release the cables

Steps two and three are easily repeatable throughout game time. Release when resting, activate while in play — it’s all part of a transformative feel that  described by a Jordan Brand designer as just pull on and go. Which means that the Air Jordan 33 is as much a is a shift in construction as it is a visceral experience as well.

Applying FastFit allowed for a balance of art and science in the design. Inspired by how NASA space suits look and function. It’s all very utilitarian, and the various elements and what they do are all clearly called out. That thinking  led Jordan Brand to highlight the pull cord, eject cord and the inner workings of FastFit, and make the function integral to the aesthetic and graphic integrity of the design.


The use of “Nike Air” on the heel tab follows classic Jordan graphic pattern.

Just as  all other Jordan’s  models after  Air Jordan 30, the  Air Jordan 33 also features subtle design taking  cues from the past. The window to the tightening system mimics the original Air window, and the use of “Nike Air” on the heel tab is in line with that system. The extra-large tongue is also the perfect canvas for a Jumpman like  as it was when Hatfield debuted the logo on the Air Jordan 3.

The Air Jordan 33 follows suit with the latest iteration of Jordan Brand’s Flight Speed technology the Nike Zoom Air  unit.A innovative and explosive cushioning system designed for speed and agility. The technology uses pressurized air and tightly stretched fibers to absorb impact and then snap back for fast movement and reduced stress on muscles, joints, and tendons Just under the arch, a circular cut-out reveals the mechanism of FastFit, and how it tightens and loosens. The combined system of the Air Jordan 33 that includes the Flight Speed + Zoom Air + FastFit technology  shows Jordan Brand’s continued  innovation in the women and men’s basketball sneakers .


If you consider yourself as a passionate online shopper like myself,eBay has amazing deals on the best products and exercise equipment . I hoped you enjoyed the Laceless Nike Shoes-New Era Of Modern Footwear article and if you have any questions about the post want to leave a comment or want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment below .


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8 thoughts on “Laceless Nike Shoes-New Era Of Modern Footwear

  1. I love this type of shoe and I can never get my laces exactly how I want them
    Do they remain locked or have they had challenges around this?
    I am definitely going to take a look at the yellow ones as they look so cool

    1. admin

      Thanks for your positive feedback Vicki .Yes it is easy to deactivate the lacing system by ejecting pulling the side loops to release the cables
      Release when resting, activate when you are actually playing.

  2. K

    Interesting! I wasn’t aware of these and they look pretty cool. An informative, in-depth article, with nice professional images. Keep it up!

    1. admin

      Thank you for the kind comments K in response to my Laceless Nike Shoes-New Era Of Modern Footwear

  3. Hello Nigel, another great post!!! I have recently been informed about the Air Jordan 33 (which releases on the 18th). The FastFit Technology is definitely perfect for the athlete on the court, and will provide them with excellent support. I like how they took it back, and placed the classic Nike Air Logo on the heel of the sneakers, brings back memories. I may want to grab a pair of these.

    1. admin

      I am definitely hoping to grab a pair of these Jordan 33 in the near future Ahmad .Also this pair is getting some love from MJ himself so this should be a kicks collectors item for most sneakerheads.Thanks for the comments on my recent article Ahmad .

  4. NICE…I like this and Jordan’s are a definite profit. I like how you explain the history of Nike and promote Jordans; both scream JOB SECURITY. You are very informative about the shoes functionality and you advertise other clothes and products on your website which draws an audience:). Like Jordan, You did not leave the ladies out!:)

    1. admin

      Thanks for taking the opportunity to read and leave a positive feedback on my latest blog post Tasha.No doubt my site is all about giving exposure to the ladies and more specifically women’s basketball development.

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