Kids Basketball Shoes-Shoes Specially Made For Kids With Disabilities

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A Shoe Designed To Help Special Needs Kids Put On Their Shoes


BILLY Footwear  brand has a new revolutionary sneaker promoting a  universal designed shoes you can zip all the way around.

The founders Billy Price and Derek Donaldson had the opportunity because of the reality tv show, Quit Your Day Job. Price told New Day, “All we had was a little drawing of the shoe. A little idea and they were intrigued. We took a leap of faith and started moving forward.” Co-founder Billy Price is in a wheelchair after breaking his neck and becoming paralyzed in a three-story fall. He had trouble finding adaptable shoes so he had the idea to make these shoes.The shoes have been developed and brought to market in about a yearImage result for BILLY Footwear brand

It is great for kids with disabilities such as  those who have to wear ankle-foot-orthosis to support weak limbs. It’s also helpful for kids that may have problems  lacing or tieing thier shoes.You can have your foot in and with one hand, put your shoe on


BILLY Footwear which  has created a shoe that has a “universal design” for people of all abilities. This new sneaker is a step in a positive direction which shows both a functional and inclusive way to make shoes accessible for kids with disabilities.

BILLY brand created a groundbreaking shoe based off of his childhood experience of Billy Price .With a mixture of low and  high top kicks selections.


As a child after falling three stories down resulting in him becoming paralyzed, Price had  broken his neck . The results of his trauma, the shoe design  helps current children  who have a disability to be able to lace up a  pair sneakers.



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4 thoughts on “Kids Basketball Shoes-Shoes Specially Made For Kids With Disabilities

  1. Jody

    Great product that will allow children with physical disabilities to live a more normal life!

    Goes to show if we expand our minds and think of possible solutions to problems anything can be possible!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. The mind has endless possibilities and we should always to use it for good .In that spirit, Jody, we will find solutions.Thank you for the positive comment left on my article .Have a great week!

  2. These are ingenious. This will make a difference in a child’s life that has a hard time putting their shoes on themselves. What an awesome feeling of freedom they’ll have being able to put theses shoes on themselves.

    1. admin

      Thank you for you comments Maria and for reading my post .It will most certainly help children who need assistance who may have trouble lacing up shoes. I certainly have enough trouble keeping my my own shoes laced properly .

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