Kids Basketball Shoes-Instead of Celebrating At White House WNBA Champs Gave Kids New Shoes

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Rather Than Going To The White House WNBA Champions Spent Theire Time Donating Shoes To Poor Children

2017 WNBA Champion Minnesota  Lynx made the most of a trip to D.C. with a important charity event minus a invitation from the White House and President Trump .Previously the Lynx had won the 2015 WNBA Championship, members of the team posed with then President Obama for the team’s third trip to  the  White House . They went a day early this time and could of easily taken the day off, but choose not to. Each occasion they have won a WNBA Crown the Lynx have used the trip to Washington the following season to celebrate that championship.

Instead of a fourth trip to the White House — that invitation never came — the Lynx attended a local school, where they gave away socks and shoes and spread goodwill. “We want to serve,” Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve said. “We want to give back, show that this is what champions do.” The Lynx’s community service comes the same week a trip by the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles was canceled by President Donald Trump. He said that if the entire team was not going to attend, then they need not show up at all. To Reeve, though, it’s not about what the team isn’t going to do, but what it will do. She said talk among the players never centered on a White House visit. “We didn’t want to make it about us,” center Sylvia Fowles said. “So we came up with the idea of, ‘Why don’t we just give back?

On Wednesday, the team attended a local school where they gave away shoes and socks to kids in need.

In cooperation with Samaritan’s Feet, a nonprofit organization that provides shoes to children. The day after the season opener May 21, Reeve called them. Just weeks later, Samaritan’s Feet had identified Payne Elementary in D.C. A Title 1 school, 30 percent of its students are homeless and all fall under “low income” level.Along with donations from DTLR Villa ,Nike and Jordan Brand provided new shoes and socks to all 340 of the students. “Once it became the idea, and that it could come to fruition, our business people jumped in and were sprinting with it, pulling it together,” Reeve said. “I’m super proud of the players. They could have had a day off. But they were like, ‘Nope, this is how we want to do this. This is how we want to celebrate our 2017 title in D.C.’ ”.Had they been invited It’s unclear whether the team would have gone to the White House .

The Lynx arrived at Payne Elementary school to distribute new shoes and socks to the school’s low-income students. all the students got invited to their game against the Washington Mystics the following day. Around 30% of students at Payne are homeless, and through their partnership with Samaritan’s Feet Shoes of Hope, the Lynx were able to provide much needed supplies to those in need.

For a long time The WNBA has always been the leading pro league when it comes to community service and philanthropic meaningful work. This occasion was no different. The Lynx took a disrespectful ,negative moment and turned it into an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. 


It’s a positive response from a team who was shunned by the White House when it came time to celebrate their world title. That was a stark difference from the team’s post-championship plans in 2011, 2013, and 2015, where they were the subject of official ceremonies on the South Lawn.

“The WNBA champions Minnesota Lynx may not have been invited to the White House but they showed what true champions are by serving DC kids today,” Sen. Klobuchar posted along with a Twitter video.



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10 thoughts on “Kids Basketball Shoes-Instead of Celebrating At White House WNBA Champs Gave Kids New Shoes

  1. Totally agree, that was heroes do, they serve!
    Great Article, thanks for writing it!
    This is a reading that brings hope, just knowing that in the middle of much wickedness there are still those who persist on doing good.

    1. admin

      Thanks for reading my article Guillermo .It is about the kids and using your energy towards doing something positive instead of thinking about oneself .

  2. I really appreciate seeing professional athletes giving back to the community, especially children with needs like you highlight here. Thank you for the hope and the good Samaritan actions. I am not all that interested in what Washington does, but it is good to see your group with the kids.

    1. admin

      Thanks for the support and reading the article holderbob .It is true there are some athletes that are self absorbed and could careless about giving back to the community.But these WNBA players were very dedicated to helping others in a less fortunate situation.Some times when things look bleak in our personal lives we have to think that are people out there in the World who may have it worse off than ourselves at the moment

  3. Great post! And that was a great idea for the team and very inspiring.

    Any time you can teach kids to give of themselves, you are creating kids with vision and kind hearts, so bravo!

    1. admin

      Thanks for reading my blog post Irma.Yes agreed these pro athletes really did perform a selfless act rather rather than getting distracted by things out of their control and be good servants of the community by helping kids

  4. I didn’t realize how community-oriented the players in the WNBA are. Thanks for opening my eyes. Good for the Lynx for turning around something negative into something positive. They’re much better off helping others instead of visiting the White House anyway!

    1. admin

      I appreciate your candor and for taking the time to read my recent article Christina.So true the WNBA has a pretty good track record of community involvement helping those less fortunate .Even though the players salaries are not the great compared to the NBA players.The Lynx players a lot of class and professionalism not letting a insignificant play a part and giving back to lend a hand to the children who are future men and women of this country.

  5. Hello Erick, thanks so much for this great article! It is nice to see that athletes give back in such a generous way. For sure with their action they will inspire this kids too. What a great way to turn a negative moment
    into such a positive one!

    1. admin

      Thanks for excellent commentary Nathalie and for taking the time to read my recent article.Most definitely the kids in this scenario benefited the most.As they had a chance to meet some great professional athletes and received some much needed items that will serve them in this moment .And the players got a chance to give back to the community in the process and spend the day with some amazing group of children

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