Jordan Women Shoes- Extravagant WMNS Air Jordan Latitude Kicks Unveiled

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Extravagant Jordan WMNS Air Latitude 720LX Colorway Released

Jordan x Swarovski® Air Latitude720 LX Comes With Crystals

Women’s Exclusive Jordan WMNS Air Latitude 720 LX.

Swarovski®x Jordans WNMS only red colorway is a collabo with Jordan Brand Women’s exclusive Jordan Air Latitude 720 LX with Swarovski® is elegantly flooded red upper and shines brightly with the application of 1,000+ dual finished Swarovski(®) crystals placed on the Air Jordan 8 inspired straps, further evolving the Jordan Brand Flight Utility silhouette to a higher level of class. A first of its kind Jumpman x Swarovski® hangtag adds to the elevated craftsmanship of the limited edition style.The Swarovski x Jordan WMNS Air Latitude 720 LX releases globally on eBay. The women’s specific Jordan Air Latitude 720 is the latest lifestyle offering from Jordan Brand. Containing nods to the Air Jordan 8’s distinct crossed midfoot straps, the luxury factor is elevated with the rather lavish application of Swarovski crystals.

According to Jordan Brand, there are over 1000 crystals encrusted behind the straps. Impressively, Swarovski have figured out how to apply them in such a way that the straps remain flexible. The colourway is all red, if the addition of crystal straps wasn’t attention grabbing enough. They should start hitting stores now, but the $300 RRP and limited edition nature means local suburban malls likely won’t be carrying them.

Jordan Brand

Phil Knight famously cited that he wasn’t in the shoe business  but rather  in the entertainment business. Luckily for Phil, when Nike
signed Michael Jordan in 1984 they secured the greatest entertainer the  NBA has ever seen. That landmark deal has since become basketball folklore. Nike agreed to pay the rookie player a vertiginous $500,000 per year plus stock options! Fine print stipulated that Nike could walk away if sales didn’t reach the ambitious total of $4 million by the end of the contract’s third year


Fuelled by MJ’s charisma and effortless showmanship, cash registers racked up over $70 million in sales just two months after the first Jordan shoe was released in 1985. If basketball is defined by statistics, the numbers on these boards may just be the
most impressive of Jordan’s career. The ‘Air Jordan’ brand would go on to become the most influential partnership in the history of
basketball  and sneaker culture. Endorsed by the hood, MJ embodied the spirit of the nascent hip hop generation. As each new Jordan model released, layers of mythology and product storytelling added cultural depth to the brand. By precisely engineering supply and demand, Nike continues to create Jumpman hysteria to the tune of $3 billion annually.



Following closely in the coveted colorways of sneakers past, the Jordan Air Latitude 720 LX dresses up in a full red scheme, creating a pair luxe though most certainly informed by streetwear sensibilities. Design, as one of the more outlandish shoes of the line-up, is effectively unlike anything prior though with contemporary Nike innovations resting right at its sole in matching tint, but this collaboration with Swarovski sends the silhouette into the tiers of luxurious glitz and glamour. Beneath the crossing straps is an applique of over 1,000 dual-finished Swarovski crystals, teasingly revealed through the perforations on the strap. Additionally, the first of its kind Timberland like hangtag features the Jumpman emblazoned with the shiny stones. Grab a detailed look at the pair right on eBay

Sneaker Drop With Some Style And Fashion

The set to release in an all-Red makeover.The Jordan Air Latitude 720 built  is with luxurious material that are actually  really  precious.This offering of the shoe takes on a much sleeker look featuring a nylon synthetic upper with perforated smooth leather on its
Air Jordab 8 inspired criss cross straps. Matching Red tonal branding, Air Max 720 sole unit and Gold detailing completes the design.


Gold Detailed Design.



Previous Jordan WMNS Air Latitude 720 Itations

Air JordanJordan Air Latitude 720 ‘Fossil’

Jordan Air Latitude 720 Fossil AV5187-002 Release Date Info

Jordan Brand  released a new lifestyle shoe part of their women’s lineup, known as the Jordan Air Latitude 720 Fossil.

With over 30 years of heritage, Jordan Brand have plenty of sources of inspiration for new silhouettes. Look long enough at the women’s Air Latitude 720 and you will see where the old-school references kick off this latest design.

This, of course, being the prominent midfoot straps that cross over to ankle lockdown sections, à la the Air Jordan 8. Everything else is
modern sneaker design, with foot hugging mesh uppers, bootie tongues, and the glittery Air Max 720 sole.

It’s a bold and modern direction for Jordan Brand’s continued foray into lifestyle sneakers.

This Jordan  colorway which comes dressed in a Black, Fossil and Mushroom color combination. Featuring a large Air Max 720 Air unit thats covered in Iridescent Purple. Following we have the crisscross straps which are taken from the Air Jordan 8. Fossil and Mushroom runs across the upper while Black detailing completes the look.


Jordan Air Latitude 720 Fossil  Details

The Jordan Air Latitude 720 ‘Fossil’ . You can expect this pair to arrive online at eBay on August 22nd. The price is set at $249.

Jordan Air Latitude 720
Color: Black/Fossil-Mushroom
Release Date: August 22, 2019

Jordan Air Latitude 720 Fossil AV5187-002 Release Date Info

Jordan Air Latitude 720 Fossil AV5187-002 Release Date Info


Jordan Air Latitude 720 ‘White Aqua’


Jordan Air Latitude 720 White Aqua AV5187-100 Release Date Info

Jordan Brand is releasing the women’s exclusive Jordan Air Latitude 720 this month and one of the first color options is the ‘White Aqua’ which is inspired by the Air Jordan 8.

This release comes dressed in a White, Varsity Red and Metallic Silver color combination. Highlighted with White across the upper while Silver runs across the straps. In addition we have Yellow on the lace loops while both Teal and Purple make for the Aqua theme. Finishing the look is a 720 Air Max unit.

Jordan Air Latitude 720 White Aqua Details

The Jordan Air Latitude 720 ‘White Aqua’ released online at eBay

Released July 6th in women’s sizing . Below you can see additional photos for a closer look.

Jordan Air Latitude 720 WMNS
Color: White/Varsity Red-Metallic Silver
Release Date: July 6, 2019

Price: $284 on eBay

Jordan Air Latitude 720 White Aqua AV5187-100 Release Date InfoJordan Air Latitude 720 White Aqua AV5187-100 Release Date Info

Jordan Air Latitude 720 White Aqua AV5187-100 Release Date Info

Jordan Air Latitude 720 White Aqua AV5187-100 Release Date Info

Jordan Air Latitude 720 White Aqua AV5187-100 Release Date Info

Jordan Air Latitude 720 White Aqua AV5187-100 Release Date Info

Jordan Air Latitude 720 White Aqua AV5187-100 Release Date Info

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Erick Darke

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  1. Hi There

    Wow those are some pretty spiffed up foot wear. You’ve done a great job highlighting the the Jordan brand. This brand has been around for as long as I can remember and from what I gather are still going strong. I’ve never owned a pair of Jordan’s but from what I’ve read and saw they do look like they are pretty durable and are great quality.


    1. admin

      Thank for your comments Tracy I really appreciate the kind words on the article . This is a really great pair of sneakers .I am just so happy for being able to witness Jordan’s are finally catering to female basketball and sneaker lovers alike. Where just a few years ago that was not the case . So it it is a pleasure and gives honor bring more exposure to the forefront regarding seeing women’s interest respected and the sport of basketball highlighted .as well everything that is geared around the game as a whole.

  2. Jesse Lee

    Cool post!
    I like how you talked about how the Jordan brand came to be and how significant Michael Jordan has become for the world of basketball. I remember buying basketball shoes that looked similar to these when I was younger and how they helped my game a lot.
    You really covered all the angles with these great pictures!
    Thanks for a solid post!

    1. admin

      Thanks Jesse for the great comments ,regarding my latest post. Yes everybody knows and sees Michael Jordan as the greatest player that ever lived.I think it is about era you lived in because Bill Russell who played with for Celtics has like 11 rings.And he is not in the conversation of greatest players ever you tell me. I appreciate you stopping by my website Jesse have a good day sir

  3. Hi there
    I don’t know an awful lot about basketball shoes, but I enjoyed visiting your site and finding out.

    I also like your back story and how you are trying to influence young girls to take their fitness seriously. I do know who important it is that the younger generation refrains from overly using electronic devices and gets out in the fresh air.

    As a psychotherapist, I do know that electronic devices have been shown to have a negative impact on our health and wellbeing, social media trolling leads to stress depression, anxiety and other anxiety-related issues and sometimes even suicide. So anything we can do to encourage people to get out and take up a sport is extremely important.

    I am also an anxiety specialist and I do encourage my clients to take up a physical activity which means that they are producing the natural endorphins which keep the anxiety under control because when you do partake in any form of physical activity you are controlling your anxious thoughts and feelings.

    Overall, I really enjoyed the content on your site.

    To Your Ultimate Success

    1. admin

      Thanks for leaving such a uplifting comment on the blog Sandra.If you learned more about basketball through my articles then that is at least one who has been enlighten about the finer points of the game of basketball.The fact that you read through previous articles and gleaned something from is also a major plus.For sure getting kids and adults more active is certainly a way to burn off calories as well the nervous or anxious energy as you called it.I myself have not got out to exercise as much as I should due to a busy schedule.
      Have an amazing rest of your week Sandra

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