High Top Basketball Shoes – Best Basketball Shoes With Ankle Support Review

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Shoes For Ankle Support

 Almost everyone who has played basketball have most likely experienced that scary moment after coming down from a layup, when you are not quite sure how to come down and land while wondering what will become of your ankle. You have landed rather awkwardly on your foot, something most of gave way. Thinking to yourself is it broken? , twisted? or is it sprained? Scouring around town trying to find the best basketball shoes with ankle support should be a high priority if you’ve ever viewed yourself as a vary active hoops player and has experienced an ankle injury or let’s say for arguments’ sake even if you haven’t!

Considering the constant amount of jumping involved in the sport of basketball, it is essential to pick up a pair of basketball shoes with excellent ankle support.After doing some research on your own and finding a pair that matches your style and size  . Doing that little  re-con mission  may aid in  keeping  you off the injury list and on the ball court  for the long run. I decided to assist in providing info that will aid when purchasing basketball shoes with excellent ankle support, to assist you in making the right choice with regard to ankles safety .


What A Buyer Should Know About Basketball Shoes Ankle Support?

First thing to do is avoid all mid cut and low cut shoes, as a high cut style will help ankle movement limited, therein making it quite a bit harder for any ligaments to stretch too far or for other ankle injuries to occur. With this, we will be cutting away about half of all basketball shoes on the market, slicing down to the best of the best shoes will have factors in them that will cut right to the root of the cause—coming down awkwardly off of a jump. In a similar vein, shoes that can absorb the energy coming off of a problematic fall will start off with a high ranking on this list.

From there, we will be looking at a few different shoe elements that work into the ankle support conversation, but with a little less urgency. The most important of these is traction, which will keep any player from slipping and putting their ankle in harm’s way. The final specs that should be brought into consideration are those smaller features that solely into the quality of any shoe, not necessarily relating to ankle support. These are comfort and style 

8 Best Basketball Kicks For Ankle Support

  • Nike Kyrie 2

The Kyrie 2 feels pretty supportive, especially at first, due to the strength and rigidity of its materials. If you do play a lot in these, the material will break in and lose some of its sportiveness, but even then it is still a decently supportive shoe.





  • Under Armour Clutchfit Drive Highlight 2 

The Clutchfit is a very thin, yet strong, material that feels supportive while still allowing the foot to move easily.




  • Jordan XXX

The Jordan XXX is a high top that feels very comfortable and gives you insane lockdown which is a big part of providing ankle support. It is one of those shoes that you don’t really need to use a brace since it feels nice on its own.




  • Nike Hyper Dunk React 2016

The Hyperdunk 2016 is a high cut shoe that provides good lockdown and it feels pretty supportive with a brace, the Hyperdunk 2016 is very supportive and strong.




*Adidas D Rose 6

D Rose 6 provides incredible ankle support by means of a strap system that straps in your foot from ankle to heel as well as a massive amount of padding to help hold your ankle and stress.







  • Under Armour Curry 2

If you wear a brace with the Curry 2 it is one of the most supportive shoes you can buy, and that is no accident as Stephen Curry wears braces on both ankles and the shoe was designed to work with a brace.




  • Nike Lebron  13 

The Lebron 13 upper are pretty highly cut, but not very restrictive. The insanely strong upper pieces hold your foot hostage without moving, and it feels supportive even without a brace


  • Nike Lebron  Soldier 10

The strap system combined with the tight fit of the Lebron  Soldier 10 you get the best ankle protection currently available in a basketball shoe on the market .




If you consider yourself as a passionate online shopper like myself,Ebay has amazing  deals on the best products.I hoped you enjoyed the High Top Basketball Shoes – Best Basketball Shoes With Ankle Support Review article and if you have any  questions and  want to leave a comment or want to leave your own personal review,please leave a comment below .

Thank you.

Erick Darke

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6 thoughts on “High Top Basketball Shoes – Best Basketball Shoes With Ankle Support Review

  1. Cool reviews – thanks.
    I can’t tell you how many times I have almost twisted my ankle from messing around wearing the wrong shoes.
    A good pair of shoes (regardless of what the occasion is), specifically designed to take the rigours of sport into account, is money well spent and an investment in the longevity of your bones.

  2. Hi Erick
    I have enjoyed looking through this page and line the wright up and agree that the ankles need to be supported when play basketball. having played this many years ago my self. I also liked the way you have a short write up of the different shoes showing them.
    I would say that this great and will help your site grow.
    all the very best Lawrence

  3. Hello Nigel, thanks for sharing this wonderful blog with your audience. I don’t really play basketball like that no more, but I do plan to get back in the sport very soon. The Nike LeBron 13 would be something of interest for me, and I have been meaning to purchase a pair of those. LeBron sneakers are very supportive in my opinion. Thanks again, and continue to do what you do!!!

    1. Nigel Francois

      Thanks for the honest appraisal of my blog .I do not play too much anymore myself not enough time in the day.Cheers Ahmad !

  4. Hey Such rich content I really couldn’t stop myself from reading you have taught me something that I didn’t know about basketball thank for that.

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