Girl’s Game In Downward Trend-Shocking Reason For Decline In Girls Basketball Participation!

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Women’s Basketball Participation Disappointing Downward Trend  


 Schools Struggling In Keeping Girls Basketball Programs

In the 2000’s that prehistoric age when there were only three Jurassic Park movies instead of five and kids listened to music on iPods instead of iPhones. Girls didn’t think about having a season off. They just turned to the next sport. Around twenty years ago, multi-sport athletes were starting to fade away.This problem is worse currently in 2020 and girls basketball is paying the higest price for this decline.

So what Is Really At The Root For The Steady Decline Facing Girl’s Basketball Participation?

Understanding the overall important inplications for sport participation is recommended to inform evidence-based strategic planning andpolicy development of sport. Participation in sport can contribute positively to a range of physical, mental
and social health dimensions. Therefore, people who maintain participation in sport throughout childhood reportedly have higher health related quality of life sustained analysed to those that  do not participate in sport for some reason or another ,
and are more likely to be active as adults.Comparitively  it is acknowledged that not everyone is attracted to sport, and that people can be active through other leisure-time pursuits . Furthermore, sport is not always inherently healthy, as it has been associated with an increased risk of a range of detrimental effects, including injury body image issues  and negative aspects of the focus on competition . Nevertheless, notwithstanding these risks, on balancethe contribution of sport participation to public health and welness as a whole is important for a long healty life.


The Big Question Is Why Participation In Women’ Basketball At Such A Low Number? 

Some programs that at one time needed to make cuts at the moment are working just to subject enough teams to compete. Others are scuffling with just to keep varsity women basketball alive at their college.
Wayne North has been a fixture around the brand new Auburn location for many years. A 1985 graduate of latest Auburn high faculty, North has coached varsity girls basketball and soccer inside the district. North took over the girls basketball application from long-time Trojans train bill Peterson in 2012. New Auburn went 1-19 in North’s first low season at some stage in the 2012-thirteen off-season before canceling its varsity time table for the 2013-14 off-season, mentioning a lack of skilled players to play at the varsity stage. the program as an alternative performed a schedule of junior varsity video games.
Despite enrollment numbers that have stayed noticeably even for the brand new Auburn school district over the past decade. In reality, North stated the numbers are in keeping with where they were whilst he graduated almost 30 years in the past.The trouble isn’t always simply in rural areas. The Pittsburgh Gazette surveyed participants of the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League, which includes colleges in the Pittsburgh vicinity, to discover whether recent  trends  like this one have been norm .

Out of 112 excessive colleges that spoke out inregards  to a  publish-Gazette survey, 20 percent stated they did not have enough gamers to area a junior varsity crew, and none have freshman groups (even though 55 colleges have them for boys). The Gazette written  piece suggested 28 percentage of schools saying their teams, grades nine through 12, had a collective roster general of 13 players or fewer. The trouble became most acute at smaller faculties, however some larger schools had been having trouble filling their rosters as nicely. No surprise my 15-12 months-old daughter, as a freshman final 12 months, became being recruited out of her health club elegance for the basketball group after showing a few competencies.
This isn’t always a fashion that passed off suddenly. according to the NCAA, girls’ basketball participation peaked in 2003-04, at 457,986. In 2013-14, that number is at 433,344, which truly represents a very mild uptick from 2012-thirteen’s 433,120.

Even  still, women’ basketball lost its standing as the No. 1 participatory sport for high faculties women in 2008-09, when it become overtaken by using the sport that also ranks first, outside tune and discipline, consistent with the NFHS. (girls’ basketball nonetheless has the most schools, 17,754, playing it.) And it can slip to 0.33 soon — volleyball, in 2013-14, with 429,634 contributors and growing, became most effective approximately four,000 in the back of women’ basketball. Even my basketball-mad domestic kingdom of Indiana isn’t always immune: the NFHS reviews 8,280 girls players at 402 colleges in 2013-14, down froma height of 10,316 (in simplest 383 schools) in 2004-05.
many of the motives coaches and others are throwing out for the decline:

Falling enrollment overall has played a factor  .Mainly in rural regions. There are also money matters that have some students that come from middle or low income families selecting after college class jobs over sports. For the first time in 50 years, a majority of public schools are low-income, as measured by means of the number eligible free of charge or reduced-price lunches for student members.

A feeder device that weeds out non-elite ballers at earlier and in advance a long time, leaving fewer women equipped and willing to sign up for a group (specially if they may be by no means going to play) within the excessive college years, and more women finding out at more youthful ages that they’re ill of the game and its demands.
It can be overwhelming to a child trying to be competitive . I surely accept as true with children just get tired of it. mother and father force their child to play AAU in 6th- and seventh-grade, wondering they might be visible by some college.
“They ought to go to practice while their buddies are simply hanging out. … What woman wants to play three hundred and sixty five days a yr, until they are truly right players? I think this is extra about the youngsters who aren’t outstanding ball players, the peripheral kids we are dropping.


A kid who just wants to play some and simply have some fun, however they don’t need to put in 11 or three hundred and sixty five days. Associated with the previous factor, extra demands from coaches in all sports for specialization, which prevents, say, a volleyball participant from becoming a member of the basketball squad .


Cuts in organized faculty sports underneath the excessive faculty stage, which removes entry for relative overdue bloomers who would possibly pick out up the game.

Women being more likely than boys to give up the sports to concentrate on teachers or other activities.
A staffer who works at Colin Powell middle faculty and coaches at wealthy South high school, said the task is retaining the ones  in the sport while their alternatives develop. He has lost a few players to cheer leading, dance and band, whilst others have informed him they desire to pay more attention on their educational studies.
“I think women take a look at it like, ‘i am going to college  besides. I do not need basketball,'” he said. “In a sense, they may be smarter than some of the boys. They may be extra sensible.”

It Is Very  Important To Have Women Participate In Sports

Like the male student athletes .Schools have to put more emphasis on recruiting female athletes as well by simply enticing dad and mom and the players themselves to attend  that school.
If all of these motives sounds related, it’s because they’re also why youngsters participation is dropping in other long-time high profile  sports  such as soccer, baseball, football and golf. Even boys basketball isn’t always immune to decreased student bodies declining to play college sports  . Consistent with the NFHS, boys excessive school participation peaked in the 2006-07 faculty yr, at 556,269, and as of 2013-14 become down to 541,054. In basketball-mad Indiana, participation also peaked in 2006-07 at 14,240 at 383 colleges. In 2013-14, it is right down to 11,124 — at 403 colleges. The quickest-growing sport is  lacrosse with blessings from being related to wealth and upward mobility activity sport. It is for the time being not yet included in  the argument that economics and a declining middle-class is riding down participation in
many sports activities.


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8 thoughts on “Girl’s Game In Downward Trend-Shocking Reason For Decline In Girls Basketball Participation!

  1. Hi , A very interesting and well put together article. Impressed with how much information you have listed here. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a positive comment Alex. Come back for more updates anytime on this blog. Take and have a great week Alex.

  2. Hi Erick,
    Thanks for sharing your site, I can see this has been your passion for several years. I love your current post. I have a few nieces and a grand daughter who love the game so my heart goes out to all of the female basketball lovers and my hope is that we can keep it alive. I hope to hear more about how things are going and I pray the numbers will rise.
    I like the post and find it to be an important topic.

    1. admin

      Thank you for visiting my site Audrey. I love the game of basketball.Really love being the unofficial Ambassador for girls basketball until it reaches close to parity with the men’s game one day.Actually its the same basketball game just the men dunk more often than women. But there are females can dunk as well.Everything comes with patience and hard work it will happen. It’s important for people like your little nieces and grand children alike that we keep promoting the game .And that we fight to keep these girl’s basketball programs in our schools and community centers.Keep it locked to this site for new content on all things related to girls and women basketball.Have a great week Audrey!

  3. I see your passion for basketball and can relate, I played basketball from the age of 10 all the way up to around 20, some of the most memorable and fun times of my life! I hope the trend flips to the upside and more young woman are interested in the game of basketball, it makes you a better person and can teach you discipline, focus and definitely lead to some lifetime friends. Keep writing, and following what your passionate about 🙂
    all the best.

    1. Thanks for stopping by my site Will and leaving a constructive comment.When I was younger played about every sport including soccer/Euro Football and basketball respectively.That seems where the disconnect lies in that most kids in recent times seem to be focusing on just one sport. Hopefully a high amount of female student athletes will specialize in women’s basketball.Eventually help to increase number of players taking up the sport full time.For sure like any other that one specialize in there must be discipline and commitment for student and parents to encourage their kids to play basketball. Good luck in your endeavors Will! .

  4. Jeff

    I actually found your article on girls basketball very interesting, and you have me thinking do you think it is possible the majority of teenagers period are less interested in sports and more interested in sitting around playing games on their home game systems could be another contributor to the lack of girls participating in girls basketball programs.


    1. Thanks for stopping by my site Jeff and leaving a positive comment. Seems like there are a myriad of factors that contribute to less girls getting involved with Women’s basketball and that may be a one of the contributing causes for the participation lower turn outs as compared to a few years ago.

      Take Care and have a good day Jeff!

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