First Time Ever WNBA Players Are Featured In A Video Game -NBA Live Online Game

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First Time WNBA Players Featured In A Video Game

Coming off a four year hiatus since 2013 Ea Sports relaunched their “NBA Live” series , previously it did not match up very well at all against the juggernaut the NBA 2K” video game series. . Now they are hoping it can fully compete doing something never done before in a basketball video game by including WNBA teams and players in the game.

WNBA stars scanned into the game

Head scans of WNBA players were conducted over the past year. The developers held motion capture sessions with No. 1 draft pick Kelsey Plum of the San Antonio Stars, among others. The WNBA players featured are past MVPs Elena Delle Donne, Maya Moore, and Diana Taurasi, as well as 2016’s Rookie of the Year Breanna Stewart.

The game’s creators fine tuned player skill moves and ratings. It also features WNBA play mode that allows gamers to pit two WNBA teams against each other with current rosters and authentic on courts jerseys

Innovation Is Deeply Rooted In EA Sports’ History

This is not new ground for EA Sports adding females to its game. FIFA 2016 included the U.S national team and 12 other women’s soccer nations in the 2015 game.

The “NBA Live” series has been known for doing new things, as they regularly included international teams playing under FIBA rules for many years in games.

EuroLeague play last appeared in “NBA Live 09” before being added to “NBA 2K14” for the first time back in 2013.

Back in 2015, EA Sports also added female players for the first time in their “FIFA 16” video game. They added 12 women’s national soccer teams to the game that year and had American Soccer star Alex Morgan share the U.S. regional cover of the game with Lionel Messi. Now with “NBA Live 18,” EA Sports has once again taken the opportunity to innovate and expand basketball to more people by adding the WNBA to their game.

WNBA Players Are Part Of The Digital Basketball Future



The rosters of all 12 WNBA teams and their players will only be available to play in “NBA Live 18.” There will be a new WNBA Play Now mode added to the game so that the teams, along with authentic courts and jerseys, may be used.

Only One Drawback

Sean O’Brien executive producer of the game, stated “This is only a taste of what we have in store.” He also said that they are looking forward to doing more partnerships with the WNBA further integration to the game in the near future.

The lone drawback with the game is that it does not allow for players to give WNBA players the ability to customize fully unlike NBA or user created male players. Though moving forward that is going to change in future versions of the NBA Live video game. The WNBA being part of the game is something that we’re absolutely committed to going forward,O’Brien added .



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