Federal Courts Allow Women’s Basketball Sports Betting-To Bet On Sports

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Supreme Court Struck Down A Federal Ban On Sports Gambling

In May 2018, the Supreme Court struck down a federal ban on sports gambling,

The MGM Resorts International and WNBA along with the NBA have struck a new long term deal that will make MGM the official gaming partner of  both  the NBA and WNBA respectively .

MGM Resorts is a proven gaming leader for us to work with on this groundbreaking partnership, commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement. This partnership should will result in the best possible gaming and entertainment experience for consumers through the collective efforts to maintain and enhance the integrity of our games will use of accurate, real-time NBA and WNBA data.


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Silver has been vocal for a few years now about the potential role the NBA could play as sports gambling becomes legal in more states across the country. The leagues will work with MGM to make sure the integrity of games is not hindered thanks to the introduction of legalized gambling.

The WNBA and NBA respectively have always been at the forefront of sports evolution an innovator and MGM Resorts is thrilled to partner with the league to revolutionize sports betting in America, explained MGM CEO Jim Murren said in a statement. Having official NBA data showcased across the MGM Resorts platforms will provide us with a distinct advantage and instill more confidence in knowing that our data is directly from the NBA as we integrate the NBA’s assets.

NBA, WNBA Become First Major U.S. Sports Leagues to Sign With Official Betting Sponsor

The NBA has become the first major U.S. sports league to partner with a sports book operator as legal wagering begins to expand into new states.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced the deal that makes MGM Resorts the exclusive official gaming partner of the NBA and WNBA. MGM also receives the rights to use league highlights, logos and a direct data feed from the NBA that will be used to help fuel the company’s growing sports betting portfolio.

Reliable sources said the deal to be for three years and at around $25 million threshold.

Silver said teaming up with the NBA will give MGM an edge over its competitors and produce a superior experience for customers.

  • Previously an NBA ref admitted to betting on games and U.S. sports leagues were suing New Jersey. Now states are legalizing it.

Sitting next to Silver, It’s a historic deal.said Jim Murren, CEO of MGM

The foremost mission is to maintain and preserve the integrity of the game, the fan experience for the NBA fans. In fact to help catapult further the global presence of the NBA,” Murren said. I feel MGM has an opportunity to partner with the NBA.As a global entertainment company .

MGM casinos will be able use league and team logos on odds boards at sports books, something not currently done in Las Vegas. NBA logos and league highlights also will appear on an MGM sports betting app, which will be available to states that approve online sports betting. As of now, only Nevada offers legal mobile sports betting, but sports betting operators in New Jersey are expected to launch mobile apps at some point in August. Murren said the MGM sports book at the Borgata in Atlantic City would start offering mobile sports betting at the end of the week, but no official date has been announced.

The partnership represents a dramatic shift in how American sports leagues look at betting. For decades, the leagues vehemently opposed the betting on their games and fought for six years to stop New Jersey’s efforts to legalize sports wagering, before ultimately losing in the U.S. Supreme Court.

The NBA’s pioneering move comes less than three months after the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, the federal prohibition that restricted full-scale legal sports betting to only Nevada. The ruling opened a path for states to decide whether to legalize sports betting. Delaware and New Jersey began accepting bets in June, and some Mississippi casinos will open their sports books Wednesday.

The NBA, along with Major League Baseball and PGA Tour, has been lobbying in states looking to legalize sports betting, asking that leagues receive a fee, sometimes called an “integrity fee,” based on the amount wagered on their respective games and events. States, to this point, have not given into the sports leagues’ requests.

The NBA believes that gaming partners should compensate the league for the commercial value of its intellectual property, and sources said that MGM did that in this deal. Silver did not give specifics but denied that any of the proceeds were based on the amount wagered on the NBA, like the proposed state fees would be.

“I think we’re still having our discussions with our states about so-called integrity fees based on (betting) handles,” Silver said. “[T]o me, there’s many different ways to skin the cat, so to speak; and we decided here, rather than sort of re-litigating the integrity fee, which is still being hotly discussed state by state, let’s find an approach which is unique to us and where we both feel that we’re being fairly treated.”

MGM operates in Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey and soon in Massachusetts and New York and has been aggressive in the newly expanded sports betting landscape.

MGM and GVC Holdings announced a $100 million joint venture for online gaming experience and also formed a partnership with Boyd Gaming.

The American Gaming Association, which represents the casino industry, applauded the NBA-MGM deal.

“Sports betting deals should be done through contracts — not statutory obligations,” Sara Slane, senior vice president of the AGA said in a statement. “Today’s announcement highlights the symbiotic partnership between casino gaming companies and sports entities. We anticipate this is the first of many to come.”

The most lucrative opportunities figure to come in three to five years when it is projected that more than 20 states will have legalized sports gambling. In the meantime, the NBA and MGM are expected to promote the direct data feed relationship as a way to enhance the live betting product. Already in the United Kingdom, where sports wagering has been legal for decades, more money is bet during a soccer match than is bet on the match prior to kickoff. The U.S. sports betting market also is expected to gravitate toward more in-game wagering in the future, and the speed and reliability of data will be key.

“[Now], we have tremendous data analytics information from the NBA — and that will determine who wins and loses in this arena, the sports betting arena, in the United States,” Murren said. “And I think MGM’s going to win.”

Basketball is the second-most popular sport to bet on in the U.S., behind only football. Nearly $1.5 billion was bet on basketball at Nevada sports books in 2017. Nevada Gaming Control does not separate the NBA and college basketball on its revenue reports. Sportsbook managers say the NBA accounts for 40-50 percent of the amount bet on basketball.


Betting on sports, the regular baseball malaise can get a little old and boring,which makes now the perfect time to try something different new: and that something new like WNBA odds.

To some the WNBA action as a whole may not carry the hype and same large fan base as it’s NBA brother .However it sure as hell holds a lot more betting value. As a small market leagues, the WNBA odds are ripe for the picking simply because it flies under the radar of both books and public bettors.

NBA or NFL, the lines are more carefully crafted by odds makers, with WNBA there’s a larger margin for error in those numbers. Minus the wall to wall media coverage and analysis, news and notes don’t bubble up into the spreads and totals like larger organizations.

While the casual bettor may turn their nose up to the WNBA and laugh it off as a bad bet – and you did, I heard you. Admit it – the summer months are shark-infested waters with wiseguys looking to cash in on the WNBA. Ask any serious sports bettor, and they’ll tell you women’s hoops can be a gold mine if you know what to look for.

If I’ve peaked your interest in betting on the WNBA odds, here are a few tips and tactics to take with you:

Follow the steam

You’ve never seen line moves like the ones in the WNBA. Sharps hammer the opening numbers, and push the spreads and totals all over the place. And because books know the only guys betting “The Dub” are the ones in the know, they’re aggressive with their adjustments. If you can spot a line on the move, jump on that side and try to get the best number you can before the value is dried up.

Pay attention

Look at box scores, read some articles, and for god’s sakes, would it kill you to watch a WNBA game now and then? Since the league gets about one 18th the amount of coverage the NBA receives, what extra info you can get on a team, its players, and coaches it extremely valuable. Often times, key injuries and lineup moves are undervalued by odds makers, so doing your homework can really pay off.

Don’t tread on trends

In smaller market sports, betting trends tend to stick around longer than those leagues under the microscope. That means that if WNBA road teams keep covering or the Over is the hot play, you can go ahead and lean on that trend a little more than you would if it was happening in the NBA, where these patterns have a limited lifespan.

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