Fake Basketball Shoes Is Now A We problem-New App Catches Counterfeit Kicks In Seconds

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New App Able To Spot Counterfeit Kicks In Sixty Seconds


Thanks to recent smart technology .Consumers may be able to check the authenticity for pairs of Nike and Adidas sneakers in seconds. This new technology is making it much easier for sneaker heads to sort through fakes in no time that is wasted .

Entrupy Inc. develops a material detection device for detecting the authenticity of materials ranging from canvas, leather, fabric, wood, paper, and metals. The company was incorporated in 2012 and is based in New York, New York.


  • This authentication technology company goes by the name of Entrupy It has  released its Legit Check Tech (LCT) solution in February 2020. The process utilizes artificial intelligence that concludes if a pair of running shoes is counterfeit or the Real McCoy
  • This new innovation is aimed  at equip high-level resellers and marketplaces with a quick way to authenticate sneakers.
  • Counterfeiting is a big problem for sneaker resellers. US Customs and Border Patrol recently busted a counterfeit operations with a street value of over half a billion dollars were destined for USA  sneaker market.

One of the biggest problems in the sneaker resale market may now be more manageable.

Product authentication technology provider Entrupy in February 2020 released its Legit Check Tech (LCT) solution, a device that uses A.I. to determine whether a sneaker is counterfeit or not  and it only takes about 60 secs.


“You have a sense of betrayal when you buy something and you’re scammed off of it,” Entrupy Spokesperson told Business Insider. “And I think that’s really what we’re trying to address.”

Some re seller marketplaces and consignment shops like StockX and Urban Necessities use trained human authentication specialists to verify sneakers in-house. But for independent resellers that don’t use middleman marketplaces to sell their goods, the threat of counterfeit sneakers is a serious problem that can be detrimental to business.

For Entrupy, which already provides an authentication solution for luxury handbags, the plan is to sell the new sneaker authentication devices to retailers and high-level resellers. Instead of replacing humans, the goal is to equip authentication specialists with the technology to diminish any possible errors in the verification process. According to Entrupy the device is designed to help save high-volume resellers time and money while instilling their business with credibility.

“Nothing has slipped through our system, and we’ve tested hundreds of fakes of multiple different qualities,”  said Entrupy Research & Development  Team Designers.At the time of this article , Entrupy has not released details on the price of each device. However a representative said that the company will likely use a pricing model that corresponds with each seller’s monthly transaction volume.

Unintentionally no longer will there be a need  the help of a middleman authentication expert spotter. This great  device will more than like to aid  small re sellers to grow their business without the specialists.

“Maybe with this, everyone can create their own marketplace,”designers of the App from Entrupy  .

Here’s how the device works to:

Its Not That Easy Spotting A Fake Pair Of Kicks As One Might Think.


Entrupy nike

 The Solution Method Designed By Entrupy’s LC  Involves Comparing Each Side Of The Two pairs To determine If they Are Authentic Article Or  A KnockOff  


Entrupy nike

Initially You Will Select A Set Of Kicks May Want For Authentication.  By Thetering A Smart Phone To the Technology’s Web Application.

Entrupy nike

In the App Select The Brand You Want .Choose Either Adidas or
Nike In the app.


Entrupy vimeo


Shoot  A Pic Of The Tags For The Kicks 


Entrupy phone


Then Put A Left Foot Side Pair Inside The Device. One at a time.

Entrupy box

The Box Is Made Of Wood And Equipped With Ability To Snap Images Simultaneously Of The Shoe.


Entrupy box

iPods Are The Cameras Employed Here For This Task.


Entrupy iPod camera

Inside This Proprietary App Within Seconds Eight Images of the First Sided Shoe Pair Populates .

Entrupy image populate sneakers


 And  For The Right Sneaker In The Pair.Rinse And Repeat The Exact Process 

Entrupy nike


For The Images Artificial intelligence  Analyzes To Determine If The Shoes Get Verified In The Result Or Not.


Entrupy verified sneaker


If Unable To Be Identifiable This will Show Up In The Smart Phone Results.


Entrupy unidentified

For Now The device works Only A Variety of Nike and Adidas Shoes. To Complete A Pair’s Authentication.  Roughly The Process Runs For Around 60 Seconds Tops.


Entrupy yeezys


To Improve The technology .The Innovation Team For The App Continue To Iron Out Kinks For Improved  Results Accuracy



“It’s frustrating and painful,” said the app’s designers regarding the feeling of getting duped by a counterfeit good. “And if we can protect someone from that happening to them, it is gratifying as an organization and personally, too.”

If you consider yourself as a passionate online shopper like myself,eBay amazing deals on the best products.I hoped you enjoyed the Fake Basketball Shoes Is Now A We problem-New App Catches Counterfeit Kicks In Seconds article and if you have an questions want to leave a comment or want to leave your own personal review,please leave a comment below .

Thank you,

Erick Darke


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4 thoughts on “Fake Basketball Shoes Is Now A We problem-New App Catches Counterfeit Kicks In Seconds

  1. Erick,

    This was a very interesting and important subject you wrote about. How to prevent counterfeits from getting to the consumer.

    Counterfeits not only hurt the brand but the consumer as well. A consumer buys a brand of sneakers that they trust and value immensely, then find out that it’s counterfeit. That’s a gut punch.

    It costs the the brand a lot of money. And the consumer is left owning a fake pair of sneakers. Who gets the profit from these counterfeits? They go to unscrupulous companies who are usually located in a foreign country (China).

    They take away jobs from legitimate workers, cost the brand millions of dollars and make the consumer less likely to purchase the brand. Trust is lost.

    This is a great subject to reflect upon.

    1. admin

      Thanks you Courtney for the positive comment left on my blog post.Absolutely these rip off artists are costing are costing everyone lost money and energy.The trust factor is also very important point that must be considered.Imagine how many thousands and millions are lost through this type of illegal activity each year.Who are the biggest entities that are profiting the most out of these fake kicks on the internet and elsewhere is not easy to pin point.at this time.

  2. You wrote about a serious concern that is happening in the world today. Fake things are popping up all over the place, especially sneakers. Handbags and paintings have also been an issue. Thanks for bringing this topic to the fore-front, for viewers to read about.

    Please take time out to (Delete) the images that are repeated; because it takes away from a more professional appearance. You don’t want to discourage your viewers due to this error. You may also remove this paragraph of my critic in word press (Comment Section). P.S. – I also took time to view your (Back Story) and I loved the Wonder Years. This was great reading. Blessings to you!

    1. Thank you for most amazing comment left Shatten333.Fake products are a serious problem Worldwide I am pleased to shed some light on the subject at hand.Come back any time to visit my site for more recent updates.

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