Erick’s Back Story

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The Wonder Years

I grew up during 80’s in Toronto, Canada when laptops  or iPhones  were not yet  widely available yet  .In fact in  those days only professionals  such as Doctors and Lawyers owned cell phones. The neighborhood  was mostly filled with lower middle class families but was  rich in spirit located in the suburbs . There was so much  affection and kindness that each amazing  family showed to each another.

All the kids  pretty  much went to  through each   local school levels together. From public, junior high ,high school  and even College.To this day we still stay in touch and  social media has made it easier to stay  in communication   Some even later attended university and college together  . There seem to be a real oneness and bond if you will among most of the families. As some parents were good friends who  looked out for  the other parents  children. We had a gathering place to play have fun which  was the large play ground  a gathering place to get together usually after school or during the lazy summer holidays   .It had a playing  grass field  regular  kids slides , swings, a swimming pool and  basketball court  . Some of the  kids would found playing a popular  type of ball game of either basketball or football.There could be heard loud  blasting music on a massive portable cassette player.A few of the parents could  be spotted shooting the breeze about things  going in our area of Toronto or just  life in general .

I can  still  remember  those care free times in our  community playing a game of horse  from dusk  till 1 am at  the  what we called  bottom garage ball court . Yes there was a top garage where primarily played   ball hockey.  Our parents  would have to  send out search parties to track us down,usually other it was other  siblings.Now I play when can between work and building a business  at  the neighborhood  YMCA or  I might catch a Toronto Raptors game live at the ACC. My goal is to see young girls’ and at risk kids  use basketball as means to stay active and possibly build new long-lasting friendships through community partnerships with grass programs .That will allow these  children to hopefully avoid any negative situations in their lives .With girls’ college basketball  programs  in Canada and the NCAA  league  in the  USA girls basketball   game is thriving on both sides of the border. And more so with the emergence of a league for girls basketball  , the WNBA. The league was founded on April 24, 1996, as the women’s counterpart to the NBA and league play started in 1997.




Inspiring All Girls to be Strong, Smart, and Bold

Girls Inc. And The WNBA  Partnership

The Partnership
Girls Inc. and the WNBA have committed to a multi-year partnership to contribute to the Girls Inc. mission of inspiring all girls to be strong, smart .One of the most important goals  of The WNBA is  to reach out to their communities and making a positive difference in the lives of their  young fans. More specifically, this partnership will help Girls Inc. increase exposure to our mission, vision, programs and public education efforts while also creating opportunities for the WNBA to provide role models for girls .And actively  participate in their communities, build loyalty and interest in their league and teams, and grow the WNBA brand . The program is created to test what we can do on a bigger scale in future years, but none the less, weˇre forging ahead with some initial concepts.Please also know that although this year our initiatives may concentrate primarily on national visibility for Girls Inc. and local ties between those Girls Inc. sites that are in closest proximity to the WNBA team cities, our intention is to find ways over the course of the partnership to ensure that all Girls Inc. member organizations benefit from programs. And for those Girls Inc. member organizations that already have relationships and initiatives with a WNBA team near their sites, we look forward to working together to leverage each otherˇs knowledge and experience to help make the partnership stronger throughout the country.


Why  I Love Girl’s Basketball

I think its important for the girls’ basketball game to be on even footing the male game  in relation  to equal media exposure and tremendously  rabid ever  growing  fan support base worldwide. The WNBA even has women dunking in games now . Who would have fathomed just 30 years ago that there would be a professional league for women to play let alone dunking involved  times have really changed.That in itself is a major step in the right direction to encourage the growth of the sport but there needs to be more cultivation from the grass roots level to get more girls’ involved in the game of basketball. Not only will they get more fit physically but will also build self esteem and team building spirit that may be transferred in day to day life interactions with other peers . Also, they will build  fond lasting memories as they become adults later on in life meeting new people who share the love the sport.Some of my current friendships today were cultivated through camaraderie  achieved playing sports’ with those in my peer group at that time.

The Mission  Goal Of  This  Site

The goal of GIRLBASKETBALLSHOES.COM is to get more young girls off the couch and power down the electronics.For older girls  helps them get away from day to day responsibilities  in the rat race to  get them on the  court staying active and having  fun while playing a great game of  hoops. My hope is  that the ever growing  game of  girls basketball eventually explodes worldwide like soccer/football has Globally and become a real major force in the sports’ arena through its excitement and amazing  popularity throughout the fan base .

If you ever need a hand or have any questions.Please  feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Erick Darke


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8 thoughts on “Erick’s Back Story

  1. I think this is a really inspirational and motivating website. I really love the Mission goal of this site. I often wish that my daughter’s would be more active and not sit in the couch all day on cell phones and Ipads. I found much pleasure reading about the lack of female professional basketball shoes. It’s so relevant yet I had never given it much thought. This article was a real eye-opener. Thank you for the information.

    1. Thank you so much Jenny glad you liked the site .We so need our children to exercise more just put down the electronics for just a moment for something that promotes a balanced and a healthy lifestyle overall

  2. Happy to know that you have a passion to have a website for girls basketball. Telling you the truth I played basketball in my colleges life. In my Department we are only 8 women from freshmen until fifth years. That was a join effort of Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Department. we played hard to won the game despite that we are only 8 players. We won that time against commerce department that 95 % are woman. Happy thinking the yesterday of winning the game that not good as we are . We won just because of team work and cheers from Marines Department and of course Engineering Department.

    I was popular that days not because I was good on played basketball. 🙂 My name clear in my ears in the air while treble the ball . They know me because of being an Electrical Laboratory Assistant and Computers Lab assistant. That in every semester test I was one of the proctor. I was very kind to the students let them sometimes shares their answer to each others. : )

    My boys learned from me how to played basketball. My youngest son scared to hold and played the ball when he is 10 years old. Start then, he fight his fear playing basketball and guest what. He is a good player as one of the varsity player in his middle school and High School year.

    Continue on what your dreams ahead. And wish you all the luck.

    1. admin

      Thanks Nila for sharing your kind and interesting experience learning and playing the game of basketball in college .I am pleased that your son got over the fear of basketball and seems to enjoy the sport as it should be it is my pleasure helping to bring more exposure to the wonderful game of women’s basketball.

      You can always comeback to check out this site for more girls basketball updates .
      I appreciate you stopping by and reading my latest blog post have yourself an amazing day Nila

      You have my permission to share my posts and always come to the site for more girls basketball updates

  3. I love that you’ve created this site. I think it’s an important subject and it matters. Keep up the excellent work!

  4. admin

    Thank you Tan for the feedback and positive comments on my recent post .Keep it locked to this site girl basketball for further upcoming blog post

  5. I am an Advocate for Women’s Sport Worldwide.
    The More We Encourage Early Learning – The Better.

    1. admin

      Thank you Rique Wolf for the positive thoughtful kinds words. I appreciate you stopping by my article and taking the time to check out my latest post . Have a good day.

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