Diversity Jobs-WNBA Is The Higest Rated Diverse Hiring Sports Organization

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For Inclusion And Diversity- The WNBA Tops All Sports Leagues


The WNBA continues to lead all professional sports leagues in hiring women and minorities for coaching and front-office positions.Through WNBA Cares,  partners , players and teams are committed to creating programs that improve the quality of life for all people, with a special emphasis on family youth and education,  health and development and wellness. Having  to partner  with schools or community based organizations, cooperating  with service-based volunteer organizations,.WNBA teams are encouraged  all year round to maximize their impact in the local community as a whole.

The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports (TIDES) gave the WNBA  an overall A-plus grade as well as A-pluses for racial and gender diversity in its hiring practices, according to a report card issued  by .

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W.N.B.A.’s Seattle Storm Embrace a Role in Social Activism.

These days most sports teams are generally speaking arevery cautious when it comes to  deciding on endorsing  a cause or an organization. However the  Seattle  Storm, who hosted the 2017 W.N.B.A. All-Star Game that was won by the West, 130-121, showed their activist intent when they held a rally on previous to the All Star game,  for Planned Parenthood, raising $41,790 by donating ticket proceeds .

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Teaming with Planned Parenthood, a frequent target of President  Donald Trump’s administration and the Republican-controlled Congress, is certainly not  a cautious choice.

And as Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards, pointed out ,that  the Storm and the league speaking up for the organization reflected not only a historic moment, but also personal histories.

“It’s exciting to make sports history with the Storm,” Richards wrote. “This is the first time ever a professional sports team has partnered with Planned Parenthood.”The Seattle Storm Team Is Also The Best At Hiring Women And Minorities .

Athlete Activism

While athlete activism has received increased attention over the past two years, protests by WNBA players have been going on for much longer and gotten far less consideration.During  the 2016 season, the Mercury   Liberty, and Fever, were fined under the WNBA’s uniform policy after wearing Black Lives Matter shirts. That did not  stop players from  expressing themselves. The  players protested the fines by only talking about the killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling and other instances of police violence  in their post game news conferences. The Minnesota Lynx wore similar shirts, which caused four off duty cops at the game to leave their detail . All players  who  received fines were eventually dropped. The 2016 season also saw the entire Fever team during the National anthem , joined by two players from the Mercury.


The 2017 WNBA season witnessed the Mystics and Sparks  coming together in arms to show unity during the national anthem on a nationally televised game in response to the racially-fueled violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.time.The New York  Liberty organized  a town hall about race featuring members of law enforcement ,athletes and racial justice advocates.





 Starting From Ground Zero And You Can Hire That Way

With the NBA only men’s league comparable to the WNBA  , which most recently received an B for gender hiring and  A-plus for racial hiring .The WNBA is a kind of model of how to do it for all leagues, but in particular now that they have literally, virtually a perfect gender score.They have shown the way that you can find talented people who can run sports organizations effectively if you work hard enough and make yourself committed to that.

Part of the reason is they started later than the other (leagues), so from the start, they were able to make that commitment,” said Richard Lapchick, the institute’s director and the lead report author, of the league that began play in 1997.

If you’re starting from ground zero and you can hire that way from the beginning, then you’ve got a better head start,” he added. “The WNBA has continued to press that as a priority, and I think the effects have been remarkable but also consistent.”

The WNBA set the previous record with a score of 96.5 points in 2014. The league had 93.7 points last year and 95.5 points in 2016.






The study calls the WNBA “the most diverse league in professional sports,” with 52 percent of all team professional positions held by women and 27.7 percent of those positions held by people of color. According to the study, 36 women and 12 people of color are vice presidents or above in team front offices. The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports (TIDES) released a report card on WNBA hiring practices , giving the league a near-perfect score and keeping them ahead of the United States’ other major sports leagues.

The report also found that 14 women and 11 people of color were in team ownership positions this year, an increase of three among women and two among people of color from 2017.

There also were six women who were team CEOs or presidents, one more than there were in 2017 and matching the high that was established in 2010. And there were four people of color in CEO or team president roles, an increase of three from last year and equaling the high set in 2015. There were a few notable declines, though. The league had only three head coaches of color, matching its lowest number since 2006.

The percentage of women in the WNBA league office fell for the third consecutive year, from 54 percent in 2017 to 50 percent. And the percentage of people of color as assistant coaches dropped from its record of 53.8 percent a year ago to 50 percent. Among women assistant coaches, the percentage dropped from 61.5 percent last year to 59.4 percent in 2018. While the overall scores are high for the WNBA.  The league recognizes that there’s still room for improvement.  One could  can argue that since it’s a women’s league, that there should be a higher standard for hiring practices for women in the league, and I would probably argue that way particularly as it can be a model (league),Seeing a league that’s so committed to these values is critically important.And this is the reason the WNBA is heading in the right direction in  assisting the advancement of  women.



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11 thoughts on “Diversity Jobs-WNBA Is The Higest Rated Diverse Hiring Sports Organization

  1. Diversity and inclusion are a proven way to increase profits, generate new ideas and promote cooperation. It looks like the WNBA has known this basic business fact and has been implementing it from the start. From your article it looks like the league is slowing reaching a certain level of parity. They cannot let their eyes off the ball! They need to make sure that they are deliberate about mmaintaining the diversity and sustaining the hiring practices that they have been so successful with up to now

    1. I appreciate your feedback Mike.Thank you for reading my recent blog post Mike.I agree the WNBA is doing an amazing job of diversity hiring practices.Putting the most qualified man or woman in position that they are suited for to help the league grow

  2. Will you believe me if I tell you that I used to play basketball for a total of 4 years in high school?
    I’m saying that regardless of my sports background, I didn’t have the first idea about everything you present in this article!
    It feels good to learn so much about the inner ways the sports work as well.
    Most of all, I really like the idea of social activism taking a big part of the sport too.
    I hope this post reaches tons of people, I learned so much thanks to you.
    Keep spreading the word!

    1. admin

      Thanks Boby for reading my recent blog article .I am pleased to bring insightful information regarding girls basketball.Keep it locked to the girlbasketballshoes.com website for interesting posts coming soon

  3. Tim

    I love this article. Just learning the simple fact that WNBA teams are pushing activism and standing up for what is right is amazing. Coming from someone who doesn’t watch sports that often, I had no idea these events took place. I also want to acknowledge the facts about the diversity of the WNBA league which should set an example to every other pro league in the world.

    Thank you for the great read!

    1. admin

      Thank you Tim for your kind words .I appreciate that read my blog and correct about the direction the WNBA is going

    2. admin

      There is too much over saturation of sports on TV these days Tim .The WNBA currently is the standard in pro sports when it comes to diversity hiring.

  4. This is a great post. It looks like the WNBA is setting a good example of how to “fairly” run an organization. I think that the glass ceiling in the men’s sports leagues will be a tough nut to crack for women.


    1. admin

      Thanks for the feedback Courtney and reading my blog post .Have to say the WNBA is not trying to be paid the same as the average NBA player or super star they just want to be paid enough so they do not have to work two jobs i,e traveling over seas to supplement an income .
      Basically WNBA players just want to make at least the NBA veterans or the rookie minimum which is between $1-$2 million a year.That should not be too much to ask for .

  5. It is understandable and stand to reason that women dominate the workforce on and off the court. However, the diversity in the WNBA’s involvement with organizations that have a moral and humanitarian interest. ThIs ongoing process within the WNBA is a testament and torch for other businesses to follow. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Women should have equal opportunity for a job on and off the court Maurice.Precisely The WNBA is a example for other organizations to emulate as far as diversity is concerned i sports and other workplaces .

      Thanks for reading my article Maurice take and have a good week sir

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