Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Basketball-The Dawn of Women’s Basketball

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The Greatness Of  Women’s Basketball

There are  some  differences between  women’s men’s and  basketball, many of which have to do with the rules. They also include the style of play . Both the women’s and men’s games is geared around  the players having high skill levels on the court


One of the few sports women’s basketball  developed in tandem with its men’s counterpart.It actually became popular spreading all across America  in large part because of  women’s colleges. Between  1895  and 1970, the term “women’s basketball” was also used to refer to netball,a mixed gender sport which started in the Britain  in parallel with modern women’s basketball.It is mostly popular in the  British Commonwealth.


Ball Size

The size of the ball in women’s basketball ranges from 28 1/2 to 29 inches in circumference. The basketball in the men’s game is between 29 1/2 and 30 inches. Women’s hands are smaller than men’s hands on average, so it’s easier for women to handle the smaller ball. The WNBA ball is  slightly smaller than the NBA . This is a standard size 6 ball. As of 2008, this size is used for all senior-level women’s competitions worldwide.


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Three-Point Shot

The three-point basket is an integral part of both men’s and women’s basketball. In the college game, the men’s three-point line is 20 feet 9 inches from the rim while the women’s arc is 19 feet 9 inches away. Similarly, the NBA’s three-point line varies from 22 to 23 feet 9 inches, while the WNBA arc measures 20 feet, 6 1/4 inches from the hoop. According to the “St. Petersburg Times,” college men make about 35 percent of their three-point attempts on average, while female collegians make about 32 percent.

Style of Play

Styles of play vary widely for men’s and women’s teams, depending on their personnel. Men’s games do tend to feature more above the rim play known as dunking yet WNBA now has players that have dunked in live  games.See my previous blog post about how  any gender can now learn how  to dunk (https://girlbasketballshoes.com/how-to-increase-vertical-jump-how-to-jump-higher-how-to-increase-vertical-jump-for). Free-throw shooting is about even. Men are generally more taller hence why they tend to  play more  above the rim.


Since the 1940s professional level and  Men’s college basketball has been a mainstream sport in the USA . Playing just as long sport  ,Women basketball did not become popular until around  the mid-1980s.Men’s attendance and television ratings are significantly higher than women’s.

Tennessee’s Lady Volunteers regularly sell out and often draw bigger crowds than the men’s team. Connecticut’s Lady Huskies draw sell out crowds, similar to the men’s squad. This is a common differential among many men and women  major college teams.

The popularity of women’s basketball grew steadily around the world for decades. By the 1970s the sport had attracted the notice the IOC (International olympic Commitee), who added women’s basketball as an official sport of the Olympic Games in 1976, the men debuted in 1936. Throughout the 1970s, funding for (and interest in) women’s basketball began to dramatically increase as schools receiving federal funding began to come into compliance with new laws mandating a lack of discrimination based on sex. The sport was also gaining attention at the collegiate level, under the auspices of the Associate Of Intercollegiate Athletics  for Women (AIAW). A major development in women’s basketball occurred in 1982 when the  National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) began to sponsor the sport. After several failed attempts at women’s professional leagues in the U.S., the NBA started  the WNBA in 1996.

Rules and equipment

The most noticeable difference is that the circumference of the women’s basketball is one inch (2.5 cm) less than the circumference of the size of the men’s basketball. In American professional basketball, the women’s three-point line is 1 foot closer to the basket than men’s.Rules for women’s basketball are nearly the same as the rules for men’s basketball.


Court dimensions

The standard court size in U.S. college and WNBA play is 94 feet long by 50 feet wide. The FIBA standard court is slightly smaller at 28 metres long by 15 metres wide (91 ft 10.4 in by 49 ft 2.6 in). For most of its distance, the three-point line is 6.75 m (22 ft 2 in) from the middle of the basket under both FIBA and WNBA rules. Near the sidelines, the three-point line runs parallel to the.sideline, at a distance of exactly 3 feet in the WNBA and 0.9 m in FIBA play. Under NCAA rules, the three-point distance is 20 ft 9 in (6.32 m) for most of the width of the court, with a minimum distance of 4 ft 3 in (1.30 m) from the sidelines. The WNBA, FIBA, and NCAA all use a block/charge arc near each basket, with the WNBA and NCAA distance at 4 ft (1.2 m) from the center of the basket and FIBA using a marginally wider radius of exactly 1.25 m (4 ft 1 in).



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10 thoughts on “Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Basketball-The Dawn of Women’s Basketball

  1. Matiss

    I have to admit, I was completely unaware that there are differences in basketball sizes until very recently. Wanted to know more, and your article helped me with that, thank you.

    For me it was quite a surprise they play on essentially a different field. Which probably means that men on that kind of field would feel out of sorts, at least for a few hours when starting out.

    Overall, I’m really happy that women’s basketball took off. I truly enjoy watching it during the Olympics and in general.
    Thank you!

    Cheers and have a Great One!

    1. admin

      My self as well did not know about the court dimension differential my self mate until I started to do some research.I knew of the ball size difference however.Thank you for reading my article Matiss and have a good day.

  2. This is a wonderful exposure..
    I was caught up in the post, you seem to be passionate about basketball..
    I will have to share this news to my female colleagues at work

    1. admin

      Thank you for the positive comments you left on my recent blog post Abdul Ramon.By all means share the information on my website that would be really appreciated sir .

  3. Tina


    I didn’t realize that there are different court sizes for each gender. I’ve never played basketball myself but I played a good amount of soccer years ago. I don’t remember there actually being a different size to the field dependent on gender or the ball size for that matter.

    Out of curiosity, does the size of the court or the ball make that much difference?

    It’s such a slight amount that I wouldn’t think so but you never know. Thanks for the info!

    1. admin

      Thanks for reading my article Tina.The size of the ball does make a difference because most women’s hands are generally smaller than that of a men’s hands .That is why the ball is made smaller to make it a little easier for women to handle/control the smaller ball.

  4. Nice, I like this article which is very informative and teaches a lot about WNBA and basketball even from back in the 1970s. I never know that their is a difference between men and women basketball games. What really surprised me is how the basketball sizes range smaller for women than men.

    1. admin

      Thanks for reading my article Chrysoula. Yes women’s basketball has a long and rich history. The organizers of the game may want change the size of the ball in the future because some of the current WNBA players have pretty big hands

  5. Hello Erick,
    I had no idea about all this…I am amazed and so impressed. I actually feel like I can go out there and have a conversation about women’s basket ball…and the inner workings of it all. Simply amazing. To think that the size of the ball would make a difference, the shot…man…amazing. Thanks for educating lay-women like me…lol…as you can tell, I don’t play basket ball.:)
    All the best.

    1. admin

      Thanks for the kind feedback on my most recent blog post Michelle.It is realy my pleasure . I love helping spread the information about the wonderful sport of basketball and in this case women’s basketball.
      You can always comeback to check out this site for more girls basketball updates .
      I appreciate you stopping by and reading my latest blog post have yourself an amazing day Michelle.

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