Candace Parker Shoes-Paying Tribute To Pat Summitt’s Influence At Tennessee

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The Tennessee Lady Volunteers Basketball Legend Pat Summitt

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Pat Summitt  coached The Tennessee Lady Vols were  by  for over four decades. Under Summitt, the Lady Vols won numerous SEC titles, appeared in 18 NCAA Final Fours and 4 AIAW Final Fours, and won 8 NCAA titles including an undefeated season. Additionally, Tennessee is the only team to have appeared in all 36 NCAA Tournaments, including 34 Sweet 16s (23 of which were consecutive).Summitt’s teams were known for participating in a grueling regular season schedule, often toughest in the nation, in order to prepare the team for the NCAA tournament.


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Tennessee has  built up rivalries with many prominent teams,including Texas, Stanford, Louisiana Tech, Old Dominion, and, most notably, Connecticut Huskies who are the current dominant team in  women’s college basketball . Like other Tennessee teams, the Lady Vols compete in the SEC, which has historically been the most dominant conference in the sport. Summitt led Tennessee to 1098 victories, with an incredible 84.2% win rate. The numbers at home are staggering , as Tennessee has won 91% of home games and 93.1% of in-conference home games.


Candace Parker A Lady Volunteer For Life

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In the fall of 2004 Parker went to the University Of Tennessee.  Parker would be red shirt freshman in  February 17, 2005, her first season due to a knee injury.

Freshman Year

At the beginning of the the 2005-06 season Parker started for the Tennessee Lady Vols . On March 19, 2006, in an NCAA tournament first-round game against Army, was  the first woman to dunk twice  in an NCAA tournament game.She was the SEC Rookie of the Year (Coaches and AP) and helped the Lady Vols win the 2006 SEC Women’s Basketball Championship.  Parker hit the game-winning shot with 17 seconds remaining in the SEC tournament championship game against LSU. She was named tournament MVP and was named to the 2006 Kodak All-America team, making her one of the few to ever receive the award as a freshman.In the NCAA tournament regional finals against North Carolina, Parker got into early foul trouble and  Tennessee ultimately lost the game.



For the Brazil 2006 FIBA World Championship for Women  Parker was the only college player named to the USA squad. The USA squad finished in third place.

Sophomore Year

January 28, 2007,  against Alabama, Parker scored  1,000th career point as a sophomore, making her the fastest player in Lady Vol history to do so. She did it in 56 games, beating Chamique Holdsclaw‘s mark of 57 games and Tamika Catchings‘s  games. At the SEC tournament in Duluth, Georgia, Parker was named the 2007 SEC Player of the Year.  Parker  led the Lady Vols to their first National Championship victory since 1998 on April 03, finishing  the game with 17 points beating Rutgers  University while earning the tournament’s MVP honor.

Junior Year

Sylvia Fowles (right) and Parker (left) gets ready for the jump ball

February 21, 2008,Parker  would forgo her final season of eligibility at Tennessee in order to focus on the 2008 Olympics and pursue a professional career in basketball. Candace Parker  graduated  in May 2008  from the University of Tennessee. A sports management major who had a 3.35 grade-point average as of December 2007. Honored as  University Division I Academic All-American of the Year in women’s basketball for 2008 .

During her illustrious playing career at the University of Tennessee , Parker compiled a record of 100 wins and 10 losses and averaged 19.4 points, 8.8 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.9 steals and 2.4 blocks per game.

Parker led the Lady Vols to their second straight NCAA women’s title on  April 8, 2008,that was  the eighth championship for Tennessee, and the last for Pat Summitt the legendary coach . In addition was  named the Most Outstanding Player for the second consecutive tournament, joining  Diana Taurasi ,Cheryl Miller, and Chamique Holdsclaw as the only female players to have done so.  Despite  a horrible  dislocated shoulder injury during The Lady Vol’s regional  finals win, however bounced  back and help  the Lady Vols to the title.





Candace Parker Releases Third, Basketball Exclusive Adidas Shoe

Los Angeles Sparks’ star and WNBA veteran Candace Parker released the new Adidas Pro Bounce 18 Player Exclusive shoes .


The shoe is off-white in color, with University of Tennessee orange accents, in homage to the late Pat Summitt, who Parker still looks to as a role model. Parker can be seen oftentimes wearing orange shoes during the WNBA season, in remembrance of her former coach. Parker even attributed her 2016 WNBA Championship to her beloved coach. Also crediting Summitt with instilling in her many important life lessons, it is only fitting that Parker’s player-exclusive shoe would incorporate that University of Tennessee’s nostalgic flair.

Left, right, breathe. -Pat Summitt

Left, right, breathe is Parker’s most cherished motto, passed down by Summitt, and tattooed on her wrist. And the Pro Bounce pays tribute to the impact Summitt had on Parker, on and off the court. “I think of her impact, what she believed, what she instilled in me,” Parker said, of Summitt’s wisdom. “You can’t get too high with winning or too low with losing.”

Candace Parker Pro Bounce 18 Shoes


Finally Adidas Releases Another CP3 Colorway

All of the accomplishments that Pat Summitt had at Tennessee, the school  was also an Adidas sponsored program .When Coach Pat died Adidas didn’t do anything to celebrate her legacy. When Candace Parker won the WNBA Championship this year, Adidas didn’t capitalize on her being a Summitt player and a champion at all.

There was very little coverage on the Adidas News website.Obviously for Adidas it was important, just not important enough to have taken place when Candace was at the height of her career and at one of the lowest moments.

Without  taking  advantage of the death of Coach Summitt, but when a legend transitions and a player has to overcome the pain that memories create while she has to try and win a WNBA championship… those are the moments where stories HAVE to be told and we all appreciate brands who cement the legacies of legends even if it might appear opportunistic.

This CP3 PE event took place after the WNBA season. It took place during opening week of the NBA.

Adidas needs to fix it’s basketball division .

  1. The high school season starts this month and Adidas launched a PE for the dopest player in the W, but they did it inside of a store and this is where the lack of understanding of basketball has been highlighted in the worst way possible.
  2. Candace just completed a WNBA season that saw her break a WNBA record for a statline. Adidas didn’t cover it.
  3. The WNBA season is over and Adidas signed three new faces to the  Adidas Hoops portfolio, but they did nothing to really help promote that.

The people who are running the division should have  considered the power of a campaign that extends the reach of the brand but how it effects young women everywhere who are trying to aspire to be the next Candace Parker or Diana Taurasi . This should have been thought out in detail. Every year high school teams across the country struggle to outfit their teams.. Every year  (coaches) shop like couponing parents for the best deal. What a good Adidas Basketball group would have done instead :


  1. The event would have been moved and held on the first official day of practice for high school teams.
  2. The event would have been held at a gym.
  3. The event would have been a coach and players’ clinic.
  4. At the event Adidas reps would have been available and team packages would have been available at 50% off. Basically wholesale direct to the coach and athletes. I know this could have been done inside of the store, but at a gym the gear could be tested by athletes.
  5. The event would have featured all Adidas signed WNBA players to enhance branding. All coaches would have received an Adidas motivational package for their offices and locker rooms, with stickers.
  6. The branding for the 2018-19 season would have been a throwback to ‘brotherhood’ and stated, “Basketball is a Sisterhood” with five Adidas players looking over their shoulders on the posters.
  7. Coaches would have been given packages to order Adidas branded tee-shirts created for their schools as a fund raiser.
  8. All players would be given Adidas basketball camp tees.
  9. An on-court instruction would have been organized for the seniors in the program establishing an event for the future as the seniors would have been instructed by WNBA players.
  10. Segments would have been live streamed and on the Adidas site where the Candace Parker shoe is being offered Team Bank Colors in every color associated with Parker’s high school to professional teams would be featured (That covers almost ever color). Also on the site would be team sale options for footwear with a coach’s log-in for discounted team pricing.

Candace deserved better than  this.The game of women’s basketball deserves better than this .Nike is dominating because it can relate to  its core market consumers .The industry it self needs Adidas Basketball to be better in creating  real competition for the swoosh . Every brands including Puma and Under Armour as well need to be better to promote the game of women’s basketball as a whole so the game may prosper and grow .

Pro Bounce 18 Shoes Available Now

This Pro Bounce pays tribute to the impact Summit had on Parker on and off the court.

Shoes Specs: They’re built with flexible cushioning and feature a premium mesh upper for lightweight stability in the paint. A marbled outsole is finished with graphic Parker details. Candace also has the motto“Left, right, breathe”   tattooed on her wrist. This marks Candace’s third PE with Adidas now available @ eBay   for $118.00 while they last 


If you consider yourself as a passionate on line shopper like myself,eBay has amazing deals on the best products and exercise equipment . I hoped you enjoyed the Candace Parker Shoes-Paying Tribute To Pat Summitt’s Influence At Tennessee article and if you have any questions about the post want to leave a comment or want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment below thank you.

-Erick Darke







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  1. Paul

    Very informative post. It sure is crazy to see the type of impact and just how much success that Pat Summit had as a coach. She seemed to have a great impact on Candace Parker and it was great to learn about her favorite motto of ‘left, right, breathe’. Thank you for the great article.

    1. admin

      Thanks for reading my most recent article Paul .Pat Summitt was an absolutely top notch coach in womens college basketball in every sense of the word.Just saying her name exudes basketball royalty and supreme championship pedigree that will be hard to surpass by male or female coaches.Winning so many championships is an amazing feat in it self .To put it into context there are thousands of coaches in the pro ranks and college who have not won a single major trophy or much less have the opportunity to be in a championship game .

  2. I remember going to Pat Summitt’s memorial when she passed. She was a great lady, and she gave a lot of inspiration to her players. I remember going to watch the Lady Vols play when Parker was still on the team. It was very exciting to see how much of an impact Pat had on the girls. I can see why Candace Parker views Pat as a role model. This was a very informative post, and as always here in Tn, Go Vols. Thank you for the post. 😀

    1. admin

      Thank you Eirian for reading my blog post .I really appreciate your comments regarding the post Candace Parker Shoes-Paying Tribute To Pat Summitt’s Influence At Tennessee.My aim when i wrote this article was to was to do Candace Parker, The Lady Vols and of course Pat Summitt a proper respect that they deserve.

      Have a great day !

  3. I love those shoes and the colors are niceee—and the pricing is just right only 118.99 on ebay. I always look for the same features in my sneakers, flexibility, and light stabilityMost importantly Paying Tribute to Pat Summitt’s Influence at Tennessee. Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. admin

      I am pleased that you enjoyed reading my article . Thanks for stopping by my blog page Kay.They are really some nice looking kicks must agree. Writing about Pat Summit was very inspirational seeing what kind of influence she had on some of these collegiate players that came out of the University of Tennessee to be great players like Chamique Holdsclaw,Tamika Catchings and Candace Parker .
      You can always comeback to check out this site for more girls basketball updates.I appreciate you stopping by and reading my latest blog post have a good week.

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