Boys Girls Club Donation-Allen Iverson Donates Ball Court To Boys & Girls Club

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada And America

The Boys and Girls  of Canada and  America provides a safe place to learn and grow, foster ongoing relationships with caring adult professionals, and offer life-enhancing programs and character development experiences.   Preparing children  for their futures with give them hope and opportunity in their present lives and career goals .A place where children and youth can   overcome barriers,experience new opportunities,  build  confidence and positive relationships skills for life.

Baketball Hall of Famer and Hampton native, Allen Iverson, recently  partnered alondside  Reebok to donate a new basketball court to a local Boys & Girls Club.


Boys & Girls Clubs of the Virginia Peninsula unveiled the new basketball court in their Greater Hampton Roads Unit thanks to the generosity of Hall of Famer Allen Iverson and Reebok.

The new court was unveiled  with Allen Iverson in attendance. Iverson grew up in the GHR Unit. Did something special to support the children in his old community.


Reebok  donated the 150 backpacks and pairs of shoes to help prepare the kids for back-to-school in association with  Newport News Shipbuilding to fill the backpacks with school equipment.


It is a honor to have Allen return home and give our children this state of the art basketball court, . “There will be endless hours of entertainment and recreation at this facility for years to come.”said Boys & Girls Clubs of the Virginia Peninsula Chief Executive Officer, Hal Smith



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Erick Darke

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10 thoughts on “Boys Girls Club Donation-Allen Iverson Donates Ball Court To Boys & Girls Club

  1. Jason

    Wow! Such amazing news! It is nice to read some good news.

    It is nice to see how he is deeply cares about the children, which is the future of our society.

    Donating a court means that the future of basketball is still amazing up ahead. I can’t wait to see future basketball stars that have used that court.

    1. admin

      Thank you for the kind comment Jason .The future does look a little brighter knowing that you are helping children to find a good that will hopefully mould upstanding men and women in our community

  2. Lane Onson

    I like Boys and Girls Club. I contacted them recently regarding Budget Prep for children. I was happy when I contacted them and they have that available. I remember being introduced to the Boys and Girls club when I was a teen. I am glad this organization has endured.

    1. admin

      Thank you Lane for reading my article about Boys and Girls Club.This organization has done and will continue to be a lightening rod to help kids stay on the right path away from negative elements and influences in society.

      You can always comeback to check out this site for more girls basketball updates . I appreciate you stopping by and reading my latest blog post have a good one Lane !

  3. Hi Eric,
    So great to read about Allen Iverson and the donation to the Boy’s and Girl’s Club there in Hampton Roads. Iverson has always shown a lot of class and it is good to know he still is working for the kids today.

    1. admin

      Thank you for reading the article Mr Sanders.Exactly spot on Iverson has been dedicated doing some amazing work in the community helping the young girls and boys of tomorrow to stay on the straight and narrow road to being successful in life

  4. Nathalie Portelli

    Hi Erick,

    That is great news! It is good to know that Allen Iverson really cares for the kids and donates together with Reebok. The world needs more good souls!

    1. admin

      Absolutely Iverson is doing some amazing work in giving back to the community where he came from .Thank you for reading blog post Nathalie and have great week .


    Hi, Erick. Hall of Famer and celebrities have done something good about Boys & Girls Club, and celebrities know that these children and young people must have some equipment to nourish their own growth. This really makes me feel very different, because helping others is a good thing for itself, that is you can know what other people’s life is, so that you can have a grateful heart, whether it is to others or your own relatives. Thanks for sharing, this really makes me worth learning from them.

  6. admin

    You are on point Tee Tang .It really is a good feeling knowing you are helping others who are less fortunate .It is refreshing to hear about celebs rolling up their sleeves and doing some unselfish work by donating money and time to charity work is very admirable .

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