Basketball Knee Sleeve-To Reduce Chronic Pain

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In the midst of a intense basketball game going up for a rebound, your legs could get upended.Inadvertently may get shoved into the wall the knees absorb most of the collision in the course of a game .

If your lucky, may not suffer a full tendon or cartilage tear or end up with a bucket hinge tear, however, and the location could make surgery difficult at best. The best solution? To this day, yours truly has a knee sleeve on hand whenever I can play. My knees are kept stable due to the compression and warm so I feel less pain on twisting movements.

Should your knees hurt like crazy after a game of basketball and you’re wearing the right shoes,then a basketball knee sleeve could be an easy solution to keep you off the disabled list.


Tune into any NBA game these days and take a look at the legs of the players in comparison to when Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson played. In all likely hood you will see a very low number bare knees gracing the ball court ! Everybody is wearing something: sleeves, braces and pads. In a league where players have to grind through 82 ball games over an only 5 months, I would then say it would be rather important to limit the wear and tear impact on the body as much as possible. The good news is all this gear is available to the pro athletes as well as the average recreational players.

I’ve worn many different knee sleeves over the years. Starting with the standard orthopedic wraps to one that had full metal braces running along the sides, each has some pros and cons to consider. In this article are the most consistent performers.

Nike Pro Combat Knee Sleeve

Bison Outfitters Copper Knee Sleeves For Women

Shock Doctor Black Knee Compression Sleeve

XYZ Athletic Leg Copper Compression Sleeves










AceList 2 Packs (1 Pair) Protective Compression Wear – Men & Women Basketball Brace Support



Braces vs Sleeves – What Medical Device Do You Require?

Well that depends on your specific case

Should you have chronic pain in the knees problems, like to ramp up recovery, or are looking for a little increase in stability, then go for knee sleeves.

Coming off an ACL, MCL etc injuries., then it should require a knee brace. Be sure to consult a licensed MD just to insure you get the correct medical device for your injury.





Proper fit is the most paramount feature to consider when sourcing for knee sleeves.

Make sure to measure your knee and calf.Consult compare that to the sizing chart for the product so you get a correct fit. Another feature you’ll want to look at is how easy the knee sleeve is to clean. Don’t minimize this one thing by all means .

Following a couple hours of basketball, these knee sleeves are going to be drenched with gallons tons of your sweat. After a day or so and they’re going to smell pretty musty. Machine washable knee sleeves can toss in on the gentle cycle and then air dried. Far too many knee sleeves tend to wear out and render useless after a short time. When new they tend to be a quite snug, but then they expand to your knee size .

This expansion reduces its compression ability and usage . Purchase knee sleeves that are true fit with consistency to get the best possible investment. One new feature that has started to come into this product category is padding marketed toward aggressive players who dive on the floor to get a ball. Better to go with a leg sleeve that has padding if need be,just focus more on what the knee sleeve is supposed to do so you can get the best results possible.


If you consider yourself as a passionate online shopper like myself,Ebay has amazing  deals on the best products.I hoped you enjoyed the Basketball Knee Sleeve-To Reduce Chronic Pain article and if you have any  questions and  want to leave a comment or want to leave your own personal review,please leave a comment below .

Thank you.

Erick Darke

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5 thoughts on “Basketball Knee Sleeve-To Reduce Chronic Pain

  1. I have always wondered how effective knee sleeves are, I didn’t know they serve a great deal of purposes.
    This article has given me much needed information about knee sleeves, making it easier for the reader to make a well informed decision while buying it.


    1. Thank you glad enjoyed the information Anastacia. Iam pleased that the article shed some light on the sleeves and how they could work for you

  2. The information is wuite helpful even for recreational activities. I like the idea that there are so many options.
    I am viewing your site on mobile and the images look great.

    1. Thanks Monique hope this article can help to inform you regarding women’s basketball and equipment

  3. I’m not a basketball player, but I found the article very interesting. I didn’t even know what a knee sleeve was when I started reading. Now I understand, and can absolutely see the benefit of one.

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