Women Basketball Shoes-No Single W.N.B.A. Star Has A Shoe Line

W.N.B.A. Stars  Shoe Lines Have Gone M.I.A.

Do a google search for girls’ or women basketball shoes on Footlocker.com, the Jordan Brand site or go to  the WNBA website store  itself. A slew of Jordans,Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and of course LeBron James basketball shoes models will populate the screen.

Even worse is that Kobe Bryant and Michael are both  former players who have retired for some years now.

As digital the age is  already upon us has thrust sneakers into the future with self-tying laces and 3-D-printed soles,  yet gender footwear equity remains mired in quick sand or moreso is on a never ending treadmill.

Sheryl Swoopes ,who in 1995 played for the then perennial favorites Houston Comets became the first female athlete to have her own  basketball shoe. The W.N.B.A.’s infancy  seasons, had brands like Fila,Adidas,Nike and Reebok unveiled shoes with stars of the era such as Chamique Holdsclaw,Lisa Leslie, Dawn Staley, Rebecca Lobo,Nicki McCray, and Cynthia Cooper .

Now its  2018 the 21st season of the W.N.B.A. professional league , and there is not a solitary player who has a shoe line of her own. Reason for  the regression ?  .Sales and the W.N.B.A.  pro league was  fairly new at the time .

Lack Of Promotion

During  1990s, the sneaker business was not the huge money maker like it is  today.The real question is why didn’t it take off , and the real answer is they didn’t sell enough shoes to make it worth their while,” said Matt Powell, a sports industry analyst at NPD Group. When a brand figures this conundrum  out and starts to make a lot of money, everyone else is going to jump on board.

There are athletic shoes on the market designed solely  for women, many female players still sport sneakers made for men, and not just in basketball. Adidas released  its first soccer cleats designed specifically for women just recently .

“It’s long overdue,” said Robyne Carrasquillo, 52, a Liberty fan. Twenty years ago, Carrasquillo bought a Teresa Weatherspoon jersey. She has since passed it on to her 13-year-old daughter, Savanah, who wore it for Sunday’s game against the Lynx.


Women’s athletic or lifestyle shoes are more likely to be named for entertainers, designers and models such as Kylie Jenner  and Rihanna have deals with Puma,Stella McCartney has a line with Adidas. Under Armour sponsors both model Gisele Bündchen and her  super star N.F.L. quarterback  husband, Tom Brady

WNBA Championship Title winning coach  Liberty Coach Bill Laimbeer said. “If it was a big seller, you’d still see it. Sorry to say that, but it’s just reality.For the women, it’s still about marketing and sales, and it’s not there yet

Liberty point guard Epiphanny Prince sees both sides as the W.N.B.A.’s foremost sneaker head, with a carefully curated collection of more than 400 pairs.

“It’s still a business; you want shoes to sell,” Prince said. “You don’t want them sitting on the shelves. You want it to sell out. Everything is about the dollar.”

For the moment, Prince has stopped adding to her collection.

“The way the sneaker culture is now is that a shoe comes out, someone buys all of them and then resells a pair for $800 because that’s their hustle,” she said. “Resellers have ruined the fun.”


Still, her face lights up when she discusses her collection.

“Let me show you a picture,” she said.

In the photo, Prince is in her shoe room, surrounded by hundreds of clear plastic containers, each showcasing a pair. As for those on her feet?

“I wear Kobes,” she said, “because it’s Kobe.”


History Of WNBA Shoe Lines 


Nike Air Swoopes

Athlete: Sheryl Swoopes
Year: 1996
Sponsor: Nike

Image result for Nike Air Swoopes Athlete: Sheryl Swoopes Year: 1996 Sponsor: NikeDubbed  the female version Michael Jordan .Swoopes was the first player signed with the WNBA. She has earned three Olympic Gold medals and is a 3 time WNBA MVP  under her belt, Swoopes made prominence  in 1993 by by leading Texas Tech Lady Raiders to win the NCAA women’s basketball championship.  She was the first female player to get her own signature the Air Swoopes shoe in 1995.

Designed by Marni Gerber, thhe shoe merged traction with agility with a Durabuck outsole and a stability strap midfoot to blend performance,support, and style.

Nike Air Swoopes II

Athlete: Sheryl Swoopes
Year: 1996
Sponsor: Nike

Image result for Nike Air Swoopes II


Considered least popular Swoopes signature shoe made it’s release during  the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games in an Olympic colorway. Still, the innovative look was a sign of exciting things to come from the Swoopes signature series.

Nike Air Max Highup

Image result for Nike Air Max Highup

Athlete: Lisa Leslie
Sponsor: Nike

The 3 time  WNBA MVP and 4 time Olympic gold winner Lisa Leslie was the face of women’s basketball at the inception of the WNBA in 1997.  Her focus as a role model for young women that struggled with the balance of being an athlete and being feminine, Leslie is known for wearing ribbons and lipstick on the court  in unison with her Nikes.

Nike Air Swoopes Zoom

Athlete: Sheryl Swoopes
Year: 1997
Sponsor: Nike

Image result for Nike Air Swoopes Zoom Athlete: Sheryl Swoopes Year: 1997 Sponsor: Nike


Nike’s Zoom technology is introduced to the Swoopes signature.

Nike Air Total 9

Athlete: Lisa Leslie
Year: 1998
Sponsor: Nike

Image result for Nike Air Total 9


Making its debut at the end of the below Nike “Little Rascals” ad, the Total Air 9 is equipped with a synthetic leather upper, a full-length Total Air unit, and rubber outsole. The quilted upper holds the Total Air 9’s iconic look today.

Nike Air Flight Deny

Athlete: Dawn Staley
Year: 1998
Sponsor: Nike

Image result for Nike Air Flight Deny


Three years before leading the Charlotte Sting to the WNBA playoffs, Staley was the face of the Nike Air Flight Deny. A sturdy shoe on a herringbone outsole with a synthetic leather upper, the Deny was inspired by Staley’s three-time gold medal play on the court.

Nike Air Max Shake ‘Em Up

Athlete: Cynthia Cooper
Year: 1998
Sponsor: Nike

Image result for Nike Air Max Shake ‘Em Up


The Shake ‘Em Up was designed for all-around players like Cynthia Cooper. Boasting a full gran and synthetic leather upper, forefoot Zoom Air and a slimmed down Max Air Bag, the rubber outsole held strong with the herringbone tread.

Nike Air C14

Athlete: Cynthia Cooper
Year: 1999
Sponsor: Nike

Image result for Nike Air C14


The C14 is a shoe worthy of the two-time MVP, three-time Olympic gold medalist, and Basketball Hall of Fame Chicago native. Cooper worked the hardwood with Houston Comet teammates Tina Thompson and Sheryl Swoopes for four consecutive WNBA championship titles.

Reebok “The Lobo”

Athlete: Rebecca Lobo
Year: 1998
Sponsor: Reebok

Image result for Reebok “The Lobo”Image result for Reebok “The Lobo”



Using Reebok’s Hexalite technology, Rebecca Lobo’s only signature shoe made a debut in June  2008 at the Lady Footlocker when the first 5,000 pairs were sold with along with free tickets to a New York Liberty game, a photo  with the athlete an autographed product, or a team shirt.

Nike Air Swoopes IV

Athlete: Sheryl Swoopes
Year: 1998
Sponsor: Nike


Image result for Nike Air Swoopes IV


Swoopes continued to rule the WNBA in 1998, sealing the deal with the second of four consecutive WNBA championship titles for the Houston Comets and also releasing the fourth signature Swoopes.

FILA Nikki Delta Basketball

Athlete: Nikki McCray
Year: 1999
Sponsor: FILA

Image result for Athlete: Nikki McCray Year: 1999 Sponsor: FILA


After signing deal with FILA in 1999, McCray rolled out the Nikki Delta for men and women ballers.

Nike Air Zoom S5

Athlete: Dawn Staley
Year: 1999
Sponsor: Nike

Image result for Nike Air Zoom S5


Released in 1999, the same year Dawn Staley joined the WNBA, with the Nike Air Zoom S5.

Air Tuned Swoopes


Image result for Air Tuned Swoopes


Athlete: Sheryl Swoopes
Year: 1999
Sponsor: Nike

This eye candy that was the Air Tuned Swoopes featured an Air Zoom heel crashpad and a diverse outsole for great on court traction.

Nike Air Swoopes VI

Athlete: Sheryl Swoopes
Year: 2001
Sponsor: Nike

Image result for Athlete: Sheryl Swoopes Year: 2001 Sponsor: Nike



A different design  compared to the previous Swoopes eye catching upper design, the sixth signature embraced a minimal upper to shift focus to the dynamic midfoot support, Nike Zoom forefoot, and herringbone outsole.

Nike Shox Mique

Athlete: Chamique Holdsclaw
Year: 2001
Sponsor: Nike

Image result for Athlete: Chamique Holdsclaw Year: 2001 Sponsor: Nike




Chamique had a deal with  Nike in 1999 for a 5 year deal said to exceed $1 million, she was the wealthiest female basketball player at the time. The BBMique Shox reinvented the concept of a quilted upper, featuring the technology of the moment, Nike Shox.


Air Swoopes Premier

Athlete: Sheryl Swoopes
Year: 2002
Sponsor: Nike




This  final Swoopes signature was released in the middle of Sheryl’s gold medal accomplishments in Sydney and Athens to celebrate this trailblazing athlete’s amazing feats on the court. Made with an Air Max outsole and Nike Zoom forefoot, the Premier was released to inspire to be the best .




Adidas TS Ace Commander

Athlete: Candace Parker
Year: 2008
Sponsor: Adidas

Candace Parker

Image result for adidas TS Ace Commander


Candace Parker hook up with the Adidas Hoops team in 2008 after she became the second woman to dunk in the WNBA. Equipped with Adiprene technology, Parker has revived the women’s signature for today’s female athlete.

Adidas Ace Versatility

Athlete: Candace Parker
Year: 2011
Sponsor: Adidas

Image result for Candace Parker Year: 2011 Sponsor: adidas



Parker’s second shoe unveiled in  the summer of 2011, boosted with  Adiprene technology and a Climacool upper portion with a functional mid foot strap.

Adidas Ace 3

Athlete: Candace Parker
Year: 2012
Sponsor: Adidas

Parker’s third shoe version  of her Adidas Ace signature series features

Image result for Candace Parker adidas Ace3




Maya Moore Signs with Jordan Brand

Athlete: Maya Moore
Year: 2013
Sponsor: Air Jordan


B01IOA39E6Nike AIR Jordan 10 Retro MM GG ‘Maya Moore’ – AA2900-159 – Size 8Y by AIR JORDAN CDN$581.00



The first female sponsored by the Jordan Brand, Maya Moore signed with the brand May 2013, but has yet to have a signature shoe for this dynamic player.

Moore, a three-time W.N.B.A. champion with the Minnesota Lynx, said she would never forget her first pair of Air Swoopes.

Both  I and  my mom  had them,said  Moore. It was exciting. I didn’t know how unique that was as an 8-year-old. I just saw Sheryl Swoopes and Cynthia Cooper and Tina Thompson winning W.N.B.A. championships and playing amazing basketball, and I just wanted the shoe.


She added: “Those things matter, especially when you’re young. There’s value there. Her work and talent were being rewarded. The investment was worthwhile because it inspired the next generation of women’s basketball players.”

Nate’ Burley walked through the corridors of Madison Square Garden wearing a Moore jersey. Burley, 13, of Middletown, N.Y., cheers for the Liberty but is a huge fan of  Moore, a former Connecticut star.

“When I wear my jersey at school, boys will ask me, ‘Who is Moore, and what is the Mayo Clinic?’” she said. (Like other teams in the league, the Lynx feature their marquee sponsor — in their case, the Mayo Clinic — on their jerseys instead of the team name.)

As a child, Moore did not know that it was unusual to have a sneaker named after a female player. Burley, however, never considered the possibility; she just assumed that only N.B.A. players had signature basketball shoes.

In 2011, Moore became the first female basketball player to sign an endorsement deal with Nike’s Jordan brand. In 2015, Nike produced its first retail shoe with Moore. The Jordan brand released a two-shoe special collection on Sept. 30 2015  billed as a tribute to Moore. But it was not  called Air Maya. The Moore-inspired Air Jordan 1 Retro High  and Air Jordan 10 Retro  sold in children’s extended sizes from 3.5 to 9.5. The shoes feature pops of fuchsia, one of Moore’s favorite colors, and personal touches such as “3:23” on the pull tab, for her favorite Bible verse, Colossians 3:23.

So what’s in a name? To sneaker heads and athletes, everything. A signature shoe signals that a player has arrived. It is a multi million dollar investment in a player’s success and marketability. It is less of a gamble to have a female player endorse an already established product line, and even less of a risk to roll out a player-edition shoe.


“They’re getting more sales power with Moore under the Jordan brand,” said Bob Dorfman, a sports marketing expert at Baker Street Advertising. “It makes more sense to put female players under the parachute of their other brand.

Moore said she hopes that her shoes inspire children, can appeal to various groups of customers and maybe even have sustained success similar to that of Swoopes’s footwear, which came in seven models.

There’s no question, the sneaker culture is a big part of the excitement, respect and legitimacy in the basketball world,Moore said.  Sneaker culture is extremely  influential for men. That’s why it’s an interesting dynamic, with me being a female, to see how guys in the sneaker culture feel about a female signature shoe line .




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Women Basketball Shorts-Fab Five’s Swag Influenced Look Of Basketball Forever

A New Swag In Town

A new brand of swag was brought into the game of basketball  two decades ago due to the coolness of the Michigan Wolverines’ Fab Five.

8 Mar 1992: Michigan Wolverines forward Juwan Howard, guard Jalen Rose, and forward Chris Webber (l to r) look on during a game against the Indiana Pacers.

Imagine that something as simple as altering a piece of  game uniform, well in this case longer and baggier shorts, could  change the women basketball shorts uniform fashion and have a lasting culture for the NBA

But the game changed when the  some of nation’s  most elite high school talents joined together to form a NCAA super team in 1991 that established a trend  which would carry over into the NBA and transform the league today.

It was more than just amplified shorts and black socks; the “best recruiting class ever” trotted out five freshmen, all with unfiltered attitudes to match the distinct look.

The generation of children that were born in the 90s it’s easy to forget how the pro basketball players used to dress back in the day. The jerseys were tight as  heck around the stomach, the shorts seemed disgustingly high above the knees and the socks reached almost all the way up the shin. Today’s current  players gear of baggier jerseys, athletic shorts that hang at or below the knee, and ankle high black socks, the old uniforms may appear rather, well, goofy and ordinary. 

So what happened in-between the late 80s and the early 90s that caused such a dramatic shift in how one dressed to play basketball? The answer lies with five young men that played for the Univeraity of Michigan Wolverines  basketball team in 1991, who today are known as the Fab Five



Who Were The Fab Five

The Fab  Five consisted of Chris Webber, Jalen Rose , Jimmy King, Ray Jackson, and Juwan Howard  are popularly regarded as the best college basketball team of all time.  They are credited  with helping to  change  what it meant to look like as a basketball player and what it meant to carry your self  like a basketball player.  Through their innovations of attire and game tactics the Fab Five single handedly changed the culture look of basketball seemingly overnight.

During the late 80s and early 90s, the attire for basketball hadn’t changed much since the game’s inception in the 1890s; the shorts were still short and the jerseys were still skin tight.  Then in 1991, the Fab Five changed everything, and hit the court dressed in baggy shorts, black socks, and with shaven heads.  This may not seem like such a big deal now because this is how most professional basketball players dress today, but the reason that basketball players dress this way now is because of how the Fab Five dressed then.

It was a dramatic  change of attire that was quite literally the complete opposite of how every other basketball team was dressed at the time.  Gone were the days of the classic  look of crew cut hair styles and high shorts.  In came the new generation, clad in uniforms of  corn row heads and baggy clothes that spoke not to the individual but to the team as a whole.  With the look of the Fab Five also came the style of the Fab Five, and this was something the world of professional basketball may have not  of seen coming.

Solidifying their status as different by the way they dressed was merely the first step for the Fab Five.  They proved that their unity of dress wasn’t just a gimmick.  They had inherent talent and skill that proved they were a force to be reckoned with on the court.  With this new look of fashion introduced to basketball by the Fab Five also came the inclusion of the Fab Five’s playing style, which is arguably their greatest contribution to the game.  This style of play came in the form of street ball tactics which included flashy crossovers, fake outs, trick passes and ally oops that degraded their opponents.  Combine that with their reputation for trash talking, on and off the court, it created an almost thug like aura that many attributed to the rise of popular hip-hop music; something the Fab Five embraced.  But was this kind of playing style for the betterment of the game?

The beauty of the style of the Fab Five is that it introduced a new element to the game of basketball that was seldom ever used, the element of mind games.  To the older generation of basketball players and analysts they came off as a bunch of punk kids playing street ball in a professional environment. 

Women’s Basketball Uniforms Through the Years

The women’s basketball program has worn some pretty sharp looking uniforms through the years.

Most  people in  that era  wrongly felt that women were too frail to play basketball or any competitive sport. They narrow mindedly  thought that play was  much  too physical and mentally taxing, and women would be slow to recover following  a game, resulting in a reduced ability to rear  children. The feeling was that competitive sport, long associated with masculinity, would take from woman of her feminine virtues or encourage women to leave their domestic role. In response to this, a physical education instructor named Senda Berenson adapted Naismith’s rules for women, reducing the physicality and maintaining feminine decorum. The rules were amended in 1918 to further restrict play.

The Topeka Aces played by these rules and, as a result, their games looked different from those we watch today. The court was divided into three sections, one under each basket and one across the center. Each team played six women, two for each section of the court. A player could move anywhere inside her area but not out of it. She was restricted to only  three dribbles and a pass to  her teammates. Swiping at the ball was forbidden, as well as guarding beyond the vertical plane.

Topeka Aces following their championship win, 1928

While rule changes made the game less taxing, changes in clothing styles made it safer. Women who played in the early 1890s wore long skirts and slippers. Many bruises, sprains, and broken bones resulted. By the turn of the 20th century, women wore bloomers—baggy, knee-length pants that fastened below the knee—when exercising. As hemlines rose in popular fashion, so did the length of the bloomers. When the Aces were playing in the 1920s, flappers were wearing their skirts above their knees. This is reflected in the shorts worn by the Topeka team.  Also  Hemlines and bloomer length were not the only thing to rise; so did complaints that such uniforms were too revealing. Ironically, attendance at games also rose.

Despite complaints and criticisms, women’s basketball became a popular sport and the Topeka Aces became an outstanding team. They never lost a tournament and won the city championship in 1928. According to Ransdell, their success made the team reviled in the Topeka women’s basketball community. Players from opposing teams picked flowers from the Aces’ championship wreath and threw them on the floor.

Like many others who played the sport, Ransdell proved that competition did not permanently remove a woman from the home. In 1939, she left ATSF to marry Harry Nelson.



Although players began landing a ball in an upside-down peach basket in 1891, official rules for the sport were not devised until 1892. For the first eight years the sport was played, baggy trousers and wool undershirts were what the players commonly wore, mostly because that was their attire each day. In the early 1920s, as the game grew more popular on college campuses, league officials decided to coordinate what players wore to avoid the ball being passed to a player of the opposing team.

Regimented Unis: 1920-1940

The history of basketball uniforms shows more coordination among players between 1920 and 1940 as they started wearing mid length jerseys and made shorts of wool. The shirts were fastened like a modern day body suit to keep them from getting untucked. Spalding the maker of basketballs ,created one of the first padded shorts for basketball players during this period. Women and youth players were ordered to wear kneepads in basketball games.




Synthetic Fabric: 1940-1960

With the advent of synthetic materials, the history of basketball uniforms took another turn as the hot, difficult-to-launder wool uniforms were replaced by thinner polyester and nylon versions. The pants grew shorter, becoming brief-style by the mid 1960s, while the shirts became track-style jerseys. During the 1950s, players wore belts with their satin shorts. The belts were eliminated in the 1960s, and elastic waistbands added.

  Too Tight For Comfort: 1960-1988

Image result for 1960s basketball uniforms


As the freestyle era of the 1960s took shape, basketball uniforms took on a new look, becoming tighter and more close fitting. Players wore longer, striped tube socks during games, and headbands became common in order to keep longer hairstyles out of the eyes of players. MacGregor Sand-Knit became the official NBA outfitter in 1982, providing a cotton andpolyester blend uniform that was more comfortable. It was during this era that jerseys grew more colorful as well. By the mid 1970s, satin shorts were replaced by pinhole mesh material and jerseys became looser to allow for better player movement.

Request Of Michael Jordan : 1988-Present

B00V975S5A                       B01DL3JQIY



In 1987, Michael Jordan requested that the sports manufacturer Champion, who made all NBA uniforms at the time, make his shorts in a longer version. He wanted something to hold onto when he bent over on the court, out of breath from playing. The following year, Champion created the uniform version that is used today. Then in 1991, the Fab Five changed everything, and hit the court dressed in baggy shorts, black socks, and with shaven heads.Adidas became the official NBA uniform provider in the mid 2000s, and in 2013, the Warriors became the first NBA team to wear jerseys with sleeves.



USC guard Minyon Moore, shown driving for a layup on


New WNBA uniforms focus on movements unique to women’s basketball


WNBA uniforms are getting a new look  this year thanks to the league’s new partnership with sports manufacturer giant Nike.

Players spent the better part of the past year working with the apparel company designing a uniform that focused on movements unique to women’s basketball players.

“They fit really nice, from that perspective for the athletes in the league it’s going to feel really good, too,” Seattle Storm guard Sue Bird told The Associated Press.

“I think all the players at some point met with their Nike reps. They took feedback with what we like and didn’t like. One thing we really stressed was the neckline and not having our sports bras show. This is the best one as far as keeping the sports bra in.”



The new WNBA uniforms were designed with the help of feedback from various players, said Seattle Storm guard Sue Bird. 

The league and Nike tested the uniforms to make sure there will  be no wardrobe malfunctions, like what took place opening night in the NBA when LeBron James’ jersey ripped in  the back.

The fabric is a reduced hole meshing  thus making it  stronger, explained Keri Lenker, the NBA’s senior manager for identity, outfitting and equipment. We have definitely made some changes.

Nike  it self also changed from alpha sizing  with the small, medium, large to a more practical numerical sizing structure to offer more choices.

The prevoius spring we went out and were able to size the athletes and teams could place orders based on that,Lenker said. This  gives the players more options to select from.

The new uniforms will come in two editions for now, the Icon and Statement. More will be on the way later in the season.

One uniform feature is a small silver patch on the back, below the neck, showing the number of championships a team has won.

“It’s great. The WNBA is getting to a point in its life where teams have history and teams are developing legacies,” Bird said. “There’s no better way in showing it off than how many championships we won.”



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Jordan 3 Black Cement Review -A Shoe For Men And Female Sneakerheads!

The State Of The Industry For Female Sneakerheads:

People assume that it’s so much easier for most women to obtain a pair of kicks .Because some may  think that the only thing  a girl  has  to do is  just flirt a little and bat a few well meaning  eyelashes. It might help in some situations, but as a whole female sneaker heads go through the same obstacles as the guys do, maybe even a little more because of the limited size releases. There are female sneaker heads that are tired of people being surprised when they actually understand the important history or significance behind a sneaker. Yeah don’t just buy a pair of  kicks because they’re cute or look adorable like the Jordan 3 Black Cement shoes  for example.

Similar to male sneakerheads females are no different they likewise also tend to  stalk out Jordan Brand, eBay, Flight Club and Footlocker apparel  stores and websites respectively for a reasonable price for kicks because some may seem a little at times unattainable. And they can get equally stoked to finally get them when they do become available at retail. They get very enthused looking forward to more colorways from Jordan Brand or Yeezy silhouettes. They love the hybrid concepts, color combos and use of textures, that has contributed to the street wear culture in terms of discovery and availability with various brands of sneakers coming out .

For years most  female sneakerheads have always echoed that they want the same type of shoes as men but with the same quality and in smaller sizes. Not passive frilly colors, sequins, florals, platforms the list could go on.The common  desire of the female market in general is that the brand makers to try being more cognizant of trends within women’s fashion to ‘sprinkle’ on a sneaker would be a step in the right direction. Generally speaking the female fashion view encompasses so many amazing dynamic components, it’s easy to have the compulsion to over flossing and showcase everything that is not necessary that actually comes across as   pure  overkill on a pair of  female  kicks more than anything else .

Highly anticipated release for 2018, the Jordan 3 Black Cement

One of the most anticipated releases of 2018, the Air Jordan 3 Black Cement features a black tumbled leather construction throughout the upper along with red and white accents. Highlighting the design is the iconic elephant print, which is seen at the toe and the heel

Air Jordan 3 Retro OG marked the first time original “Nike Air” branding was featured on the “Black Cement” AJ 3 since it’s 2001 retro. Jordan stuck to the mantra of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” on these, staying true to the OG with a black-based leather upper with cement gray, fire red, and white accents, finished off by the iconic elephant print detailing. Their release date was on Michael Jordan’s 55th birthday, February 17th, 2018, and went for $200 in mens sizes. The “Black Cement” Air Jordan 3 Retro OG is a must-have, and you don’t need us to tell you that. They should be in everyone’s collection

It all started at the 1988 NBA All-Star Game in Chicago. Michael Jordan laced up the black and cement gray AJ 3 for the first and only time on February 7th. In front if 18,403 fans, MJ dazzled the home crowd with 40 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, and 4 steals. Jordan would take home All-Star MVP honors for that game. During the 4th quarter, there were complementary Air Jordan 3 commercials featuring MJ and a young Spike Lee, aka Mars Blackmon, on TV as well. Between the stellar performance on the court, the commercials, and the fact that he wouldn’t rock the Black Cements again, an iconic shoe was born.

Real Time Chronology Of The Jordan 3 Black Cement

1994: The Retro Debut

After the original release in ‘88, the Black Cement retro’d initially in 1994. Nike was on one of the greatest design runs in basketball shoes history, so the first retro release of the Black Cement was not very promoted. Though the materials were still high quality, customers were more interested in fresh new Nike models. The grade school sizes were so undesirable, they would sit on sale racks for years. No kid wanted to be caught dead in a shoe from 1988, even if it was an Air Jordan model.

2001: Wishing For The Good Old ‘80s

Beginning in 2000, Nike shoe designs started to get a little funky. That funkiness generated a longing for “the good old days” of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Nike brought back the Air Jordan 11 “Concord” in 2000, which was received very well in the sneaker community. This helped pave the way for a more successful retro of the BC3. There were two more colors that would come out for the first time as well – a white/mocha and white/blue colorway. Those two models would switch out the ‘Nike Air’ logo for the ‘Jumpman Air’ logo on the heel though – a sign of things to come for the BC3.


2008: Countdown Packs

In 2008, Jordan Brand celebrated 23 years of the Air Jordan model by releasing “Countdown Packs,” or simply “CDP.” For example, the Air Jordan 1 was paired with the Air Jordan 22, the Air Jordan 2 with the 21, the 3 with the 20, etc. The Air Jordan 3 that came out with the AJ 20 was the Black Cement colorway, and was one of the most sought after models in all the packs. One major difference was the fact that the ‘Nike Air’ logo was swapped out for the ‘Jumpman Air’ logo for the first time on the Black Cements. This would be somewhat accepted by sneakerheads in 2008, but would become controversial over time, since they weren’t considered truly “OG.”

2011: Different Logo

The Black Cements would come back only three years later in 2011, again with the ‘Jumpman Air’ logo on the heel. There were some other notable differences compared to previous models, including a much shinier leather upper. It didn’t help that the paint started to chip off the outsoles in just a few years’ time. Overall, they were not well received by the sneaker community.

2018: Back To The Future


Image result for Black Cement 3 returns

Thankfully, after seven years, the Black Cement 3 returns Saturday, February 17th – MJ’s 55th birthday. Much to the joy of sneaker heads everywhere, the original ‘Nike Air’ logo returns on the heel for the first time since 2001. The leather is also not as shiny as the 2011 model, which the OG heads will appreciate. Overall, it’s been a good 30 years for the Black Cement 3, especially since the G.O.A.T. himself Michael Jordan only wore them on one occasion


According to a well known sneakerhead influencer Victoria Chiang .It’s not as awful as most people like to claim. A lot of the negative views come from female sneakers enthusiasts themselves who are put off  by the colors, themes, patterns of sneakers for females. But female sneakerheads only make up a small percentage of females who purchase sneakers in general. Look what companies like Nike , Adidas and Puma have innovated for their female market, they’ve created some pretty dope products that tailor to a lot of females. Such as applying velour, mesh, satin, metallic, in addition to smartly leveraging popular female influencers such as Wendy Lam of Brooklyn.NY,Jess Juice Gee of Brazil, Ava Nirui of New York City,NY and of course Victoria Chiang from New York, NY.


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Basketball Knee Sleeve-To Reduce Chronic Pain

In the midst of a intense basketball game going up for a rebound, your legs could get upended.Inadvertently may get shoved into the wall the knees absorb most of the collision in the course of a game .

If your lucky, may not suffer a full tendon or cartilage tear or end up with a bucket hinge tear, however, and the location could make surgery difficult at best. The best solution? To this day, yours truly has a knee sleeve on hand whenever I can play. My knees are kept stable due to the compression and warm so I feel less pain on twisting movements.

Should your knees hurt like crazy after a game of basketball and you’re wearing the right shoes,then a basketball knee sleeve could be an easy solution to keep you off the disabled list.


Tune into any NBA game these days and take a look at the legs of the players in comparison to when Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson played. In all likely hood you will see a very low number bare knees gracing the ball court ! Everybody is wearing something: sleeves, braces and pads. In a league where players have to grind through 82 ball games over an only 5 months, I would then say it would be rather important to limit the wear and tear impact on the body as much as possible. The good news is all this gear is available to the pro athletes as well as the average recreational players.

I’ve worn many different knee sleeves over the years. Starting with the standard orthopedic wraps to one that had full metal braces running along the sides, each has some pros and cons to consider. In this article are the most consistent performers.

Nike Pro Combat Knee Sleeve


Bison Outfitters Copper Knee Sleeves For Women

Shock Doctor Black Knee Compression Sleeve

XYZ Athletic Leg Copper Compression Sleeves










AceList 2 Packs (1 Pair) Protective Compression Wear – Men & Women Basketball Brace Support



Braces vs Sleeves – What Medical Device Do You Require?

Well that depends on your specific case

Should you have chronic pain in the knees problems, like to ramp up recovery, or are looking for a little increase in stability, then go for knee sleeves.

Coming off an ACL, MCL etc injuries., then it should require a knee brace. Be sure to consult a licensed MD just to insure you get the correct medical device for your injury.





Proper fit is the most paramount feature to consider when sourcing for knee sleeves.

Make sure to measure your knee and calf.Consult compare that to the sizing chart for the product so you get a correct fit. Another feature you’ll want to look at is how easy the knee sleeve is to clean. Don’t minimize this one thing by all means .

Following a couple hours of basketball, these knee sleeves are going to be drenched with gallons tons of your sweat. After a day or so and they’re going to smell pretty musty. Machine washable knee sleeves can toss in on the gentle cycle and then air dried. Far too many knee sleeves tend to wear out and render useless after a short time. When new they tend to be a quite snug, but then they expand to your knee size .

This expansion reduces its compression ability and usage . Purchase knee sleeves that are true fit with consistency to get the best possible investment. One new feature that has started to come into this product category is padding marketed toward aggressive players who dive on the floor to get a ball. Better to go with a leg sleeve that has padding if need be,just focus more on what the knee sleeve is supposed to do so you can get the best results possible.


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Womens Mouth Guard Review-Saves Teeth From Being Knocked Out

Most Athletic Mouth Guards Are Ineffective

Q:Parents often  ask what type of mouth guard is best for their young athlete, and I do have an answer. They can buy very low priced  mouth guards from a sports apparel  store or ask your dentist, but these don’t seem to be adequate to me. However which form of the more well-fitted mouth guards is best womens mouth guard you ask . ?

A: Most families have had young athletes playing some kind of body contact sport, so the question is an important one. As one would expect, parents are concerned about the safety of their children or teenagers. These families could also be in a time in life when expenses may be high,and they may want to conserve funds.

When they see commercially available athletic mouth guards for a few dollars, they are inclined  to buy them, thinking that they’ve satisfied the bodily harm factor, and that their athlete will be protected with the inexpensive mouth guard. They are wrong! It has been estimated by sports medicine experts that up to 80% of currently worn athletic mouth guards are ineffective or that they actually may be more dangerous than not wearing a mouth guard at all.


Long Term Cost Of Oral Trauma

When young athletes have oral trauma, they and their parents are  a little upset or worried.Barring the trauma is extreme, the athlete can usually be restored to near normal, at least for a period of time. However, the cost is hundreds to thousands of dollars for the early treatment. The parents and patient usually do not fully comprehend that the initial treatment is just the beginning and that the restorative treatment will need to be redone numerous times during the athlete’s lifetime. The cost of such initial and subsequent treatment is a huge expense. Have to remind parents that the beginning cost of an acceptable mouth guard is a tiny fraction in comparison to the potential initial cost and redoing of the oral treatment over over time.

Types of Mouth Guards

There are several types of mouth guards available. I will discuss the most common ones in this article.


Stock Mouth Guards   These poorly manufactured mouth guards are readily available in sporting goods stores. They are essentially the same form as a stock impression tray used by dentists. They do not fit the teeth or arches at all. When an athlete receives a blow during an athletic event, the tray is forced rearward, and it contacts only a few of the teeth and only a portion of the soft tissue. The result is that the forces are not distributed evenly to the oral tissues. These mouth guards may be more harmful than not wearing a mouth guard at  all.

– Stock mouth guards are almost worthless. In fact, they may be worse in some cases than not using a mouth guard at all.

Boil And Bite Mouth Guards (Fig. 3)
These mouth guards are available in sporting goods stores for a minimal cost.

Boil-and-bite mouth guards are worn by many young athletes. They have the potential to be better than stock mouth guards, at least when they are first fitted to the athlete’s mouth. However, the athlete soon chews through the mouth guard, making it a poor fit in the mouth. These mouth guards last only a few months and do not provide much protection. The athlete must keep the upper and lower jaws together to hold the mouth guard in place, which is a conscious and uncomfortable situation. There is also a tendency to use these mouth guards beyond the time when they are chewed through or are too thin to offer protection. These mouth guards are an unacceptable choice.

Fig. 3 – Boil and bite mouth guards can fit reasonably well at first, but soon lose their precision, or the athlete often chews up the  mouth guard.

Vacuum Created  Mouth Guards (Fig. 4)    Dentists make these mouth guards on a  vacuum type  device, which softens the mouth guard material and provides suction on the molten material, and the vacuum pulls the material over a previously made stone cast. These mouth guards are better than anything described so far in this article, but their adaptation to the cast is only fair, and the thickness of material that can be used with them is limited. However, there are much better mouth guards to offer your patients.

Fig. 4 – Vacuum designed mouth guards are better than stock or boil and  bite mouth guards, but they are not best ones.


Laminated Pressure Fabricated Mouth Guards (Fig. 5)
This type of mouth guard is one of  the best and really  protective. Dental staff  can easily make these excellent mouth guards in the dental office. They can be fabricated inexpensively in a short time, that allows for quick delivery time frame to patients in a short time for a relatively low fee. Several devices are available for you to provide pressure to the ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) mouth guard material. Among them are:

• Drufomat from Dentsply Raintree Essix (Fig. 6)
• Biostar VI from Great Lakes Orthodontics
• Erkopress from Glidewell Laboratories

Fig. 5 – Samples of laminated pressure fabricated mouth guards, which are some of the best types of mouth guards  around  .





The Ivocap system injects resin into the totally closed flask, eliminating porosity and reducing shrinkage. This procedure is also excellent for mouth guards, providing any anatomic form desired by the dentist.

Important factors to consider in selecting the best sports mouth guards for your teeth

People prefer different Mouth guards for there teeth. Nevertheless, they are common factors one cannot ignore while selecting best sports mouth guards for your teeth. There are several factors I but will only mention the most important one in this article .

  • Material

The materials used should be biodegradable and free from chemicals. It should not irritate nor react with the user’s skin. Reactive materials evoke an allergic reaction. Moreover, it should be resilient to impact and absorbs shock. A good content translates to high protection.

  • Comfortability

Mouth guards should be as comfortable as possible. A light mouth guard is more comfortable than heavy, bulky mouth guard. Not to forget, the degree of comfortability differ from one person to the other. Now, it is one an individual to choose one he is most comfortable with.

  • Reliability

A mouth guard you intend to buy should be readily available in the market. There are many reasons for this. First, is to ensure anytime you need a replacement you will get it easily. Also, it makes the players work simple and less time to consume.

  • Cost

Best Sports Mouth guards for Teeth comes at various  different price levels. Players should choose one within their budget to avoid high costs.

With so many  sports mouth guards for teeth on the market, we have narrowed down your choices. Here are the best sports mouth guards for your teeth In our womens mouth guard 2018 Review.



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Cheap Basketball Shoes Online-Cheap Shoes Women

Purchasing Genuine Cheap Basketball Shoes Online

Related image


These days purchasing genuine cheap basketball shoes online or forbid in person, because after all we are living in the technological  age , could be an extremely challenging exercise. Unfortunately some pairs of shoes we cannot get through a Foot Locker, Champs Sports, Finish Line or other large athletic stores. We have to look through listings on eBay, Craigslist or Face Book groups. Some will try to pass knock off sneakers as the  real deal  or the seller just doesn’t have a clue,but in the end we want to be careful about buying the wrong pair of shoes.To help assist you in making your next sneaker selection a intelligent one,we put this guide together with various ways to spot cheap basketball knockoff shoes and find the real  McCoy.

The Ball Shoes Business Is Extremely  Lucrative




The basketball shoes industry us booming, there are a lot of people who want to take home their share of the profits. Unfortunately, they are going about doing things in a grease ball way. There are thousands of websites that sell shoes, most of them appear to be selling what you would call “genuine ”items.However upon on closer inspection you might be stunned to know that some of these sites actually have a policy page where they disclose about the authenticity of their product. Should you be aware that this us happening, and still decide to buy, then its on you. But by hiding where these sites put this information, they have tricked hundreds of unsuspecting customers into purchasing fake shoes.

Spotting The Fake Kicks

As long as there have been luxury goods, there have been knockoffs of luxury goods. But the impulses that pushed me toward these fake sneakers speak to this particular moment in fashion, when the business of luxury hoaxes and fakes moves at hyper speed. The designer of Balenciagas seems to be engaged in a large-scale practical joke about what counts as luxury, Instagram stories has turned into an advertising thunder dome, and the factories that make fake sneakers are closer than ever to nailing the real thing. All of which adds up to this it  easier than ever to be a participant, witting or unwitting, in the world of underground-market sneakers.

Proof Is In The Un-Boxing

A key factor even before looking at the shoes is actually the vary box that it’s shipped in. For older retros that came with the Jordan Face with lines, usually the colors were lighter and even the spacing was off. But now we have the new Jordan Box which is black and gold, a little easier to duplicate. Usually the boxes that hold the fake shoes will be all busted up or ripped open slightly  upon arrival. The cardboard itself seems thinner and cheap which us probably why they always come delivered  all smashed up. Though you may be purchasing from a thoughtless sneaker head who didn’t take time being careful  when shipping the box and the shoes could  turn out to be real, what do you do?






Fortunately there us still a way to find out if the shoes are the real deal  or simple a fake facsimile . And that  could be done easily  by investigating the box tag. For this example the fake Yeezy is the US size 10 and  the  authentic is a US size 9. First thing you may notice is the spacing of ‘ Yeezy Boost 350’ on the tag. The fake model is spaced farther apart than the genuine article. The 1  in the  US size 10 also leans more than the authentic. Additionally the actual font is larger on the knockoff kicks. Also, on the real box, there is the Suggested Retail Price  should be attached, where the fakes don’t have them. However it’s possible for someone to rip them off, but you will notice how clean the side of the sticker is which should have some sign of the tag being detached.

Misleading Ads

Last December, for example, an Instagram user noticed a Story ad for a fake-looking Black Friday Deal for Yeezy Sneakers, with a stray hair digitally doctored onto the post. A naive user,might  think the strand has fallen from your own head, so you swipe it off and get yourself misdirected to a page for a suspect clearance sale. And this counts as an ad impression also as well, it’s likely some smart digital marketer is getting paid by the store for each user who sashays  into the site, whether they buy shoes or not.

The more you interact with certain kinds of ads on the Net with  social media sites like Instagram (and its parent site, Facebook), the more likelihood that the site’s algorithm will serve you similar content. An Instagram spokesperson told that the ads I was seeing in my feed were approved by mistake, and subsequently “reviewed them again and removed them for future delivery.” Through a combination of automated and manual processes, Instagram says it reviews and approves all ads. But scammers are dedicated. Scouting millions of posts, sometimes churned out by sophisticated bot networks, makes catching every bad actor impossible. The worry that Instagram and Facebook track our every move, monitoring us to transactions and decisions to satisfy our id, is a real problem.

On a significantly smaller scale, an ad can dupe us into buying fugazi sneakers: Instagram Stories is perfectly geared to deliver offers that seem too good to be true. Especially in the upside-down cut throat world of modern fashion.

Never Made That Color Way!



Related image

Now let’s say that you don’t know the history like die hard sneaker heads and maybe you’re just getting into collecting or you want to make sure your latest purchase is just simply authentic. Maybe the pair you are about to buy isn’t something out of the norm for Under Armour or Jordan Brand. You could search through the various informational websites on sneaker brands, which will take some time but can save you on getting burned badly. Keep in mind the real most  brand name  kicks cost a pretty penny ,usually $100 and upwards. They are not cheap to purchase in the store and sometimes online as well.You can browse through the Jordan Brand or Adidas sites to see if the colors match up with an already released pair. No matter what you do, this will take some time but in the end you can learn some things and save some dollars and frustration of being burned.

Another helpful tip would be to take images of the shoes and post them either on a message board or even the many Facebook groups dedicated to sneakers. People are very eager to help in most cases and won’t take your head off for asking solid pertinent questions.



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High Top Basketball Shoes – Best Basketball Shoes With Ankle Support Review

Shoes For Ankle Support

 Almost everyone who has played basketball have most likely experienced that scary moment after coming down from a layup, when you are not quite sure how to come down and land while wondering what will become of your ankle. You have landed rather awkwardly on your foot, something most of gave way. Thinking to yourself is it broken? , twisted? or is it sprained? Scouring around town trying to find the best basketball shoes with ankle support should be a high priority if you’ve ever viewed yourself as a vary active hoops player and has experienced an ankle injury or let’s say for arguments’ sake even if you haven’t!

Considering the constant amount of jumping involved in the sport of basketball, it is essential to pick up a pair of basketball shoes with excellent ankle support.After doing some research on your own and finding a pair that matches your style and size  . Doing that little  re-con mission  may aid in  keeping  you off the injury list and on the ball court  for the long run. I decided to assist in providing info that will aid when purchasing basketball shoes with excellent ankle support, to assist you in making the right choice with regard to ankles safety .


What A Buyer Should Know About Basketball Shoes Ankle Support?

First thing to do is avoid all mid cut and low cut shoes, as a high cut style will help ankle movement limited, therein making it quite a bit harder for any ligaments to stretch too far or for other ankle injuries to occur. With this, we will be cutting away about half of all basketball shoes on the market, slicing down to the best of the best shoes will have factors in them that will cut right to the root of the cause—coming down awkwardly off of a jump. In a similar vein, shoes that can absorb the energy coming off of a problematic fall will start off with a high ranking on this list.

From there, we will be looking at a few different shoe elements that work into the ankle support conversation, but with a little less urgency. The most important of these is traction, which will keep any player from slipping and putting their ankle in harm’s way. The final specs that should be brought into consideration are those smaller features that solely into the quality of any shoe, not necessarily relating to ankle support. These are comfort and style 

8 Best Basketball Kicks For Ankle Support

  • Nike Kyrie 2

The Kyrie 2 feels pretty supportive, especially at first, due to the strength and rigidity of its materials. If you do play a lot in these, the material will break in and lose some of its sportiveness, but even then it is still a decently supportive shoe.





  • Under Armour Clutchfit Drive Highlight 2 

The Clutchfit is a very thin, yet strong, material that feels supportive while still allowing the foot to move easily.




  • Jordan XXX

The Jordan XXX is a high top that feels very comfortable and gives you insane lockdown which is a big part of providing ankle support. It is one of those shoes that you don’t really need to use a brace since it feels nice on its own.




  • Nike Hyper Dunk React 2016

The Hyperdunk 2016 is a high cut shoe that provides good lockdown and it feels pretty supportive with a brace, the Hyperdunk 2016 is very supportive and strong.




*Adidas D Rose 6

D Rose 6 provides incredible ankle support by means of a strap system that straps in your foot from ankle to heel as well as a massive amount of padding to help hold your ankle and stress.







  • Under Armour Curry 2

If you wear a brace with the Curry 2 it is one of the most supportive shoes you can buy, and that is no accident as Stephen Curry wears braces on both ankles and the shoe was designed to work with a brace.




  • Nike Lebron  13 

The Lebron 13 upper are pretty highly cut, but not very restrictive. The insanely strong upper pieces hold your foot hostage without moving, and it feels supportive even without a brace


  • Nike Lebron  Soldier 10

The strap system combined with the tight fit of the Lebron  Soldier 10 you get the best ankle protection currently available in a basketball shoe on the market .




If you consider yourself as a passionate online shopper like myself,Ebay has amazing  deals on the best products.I hoped you enjoyed the High Top Basketball Shoes – Best Basketball Shoes With Ankle Support Review article and if you have any  questions and  want to leave a comment or want to leave your own personal review,please leave a comment below .

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Fun Basketball Drills For Kids-Drills That Help Improve Court Skills



The drill is intended to improve ball-handling development.

Current  players really lack a major component in their ball handling  dribbling skills abilities  as with many  youth basketball players of the modern game . The a lot  of youth basketball players can dribble pretty well  with their dominant hand, but not with the off  hand.




Doing basketball drills where a player dribbles two basketballs at once Compels the kids to:

A) Use their off hand 

B) Improves hand ball  coordination

When a player can dribble two basketballs  simultaneously , well they will most likely  be able to dribble one with authority with left or right  hand.




Begin  in the middle of the key three feet from the basket. Place feet shoulder-width apart .Shooting your shot, focusing on  form and follow through with the finger tips .The idea is to work your way back behind the free throw line using the correct fundamental techniques.





Proper footwork is the foundation of the game of basketball. Building a skill-set of solid footwork techniques can ensure the proper development of  young players.

Some footwork techniques included here are time tested basic fundamentals.

Correct  footwork can enhance any player’s ability to play offense, defense, rebound or any other part of the game of basketball. This article is meant to be to inspire both coaches and players to focus more on footwork.




The following are important features of good  footwork that  have used in coaching major college and pro players:


Most people assume that we all know how to run. No, we don’t. Even world-class sprinters work constantly on their technique, and so should basketball players. After the initial jump-step mentioned above, learn to lift the opposite leg and the knee high up toward the chest, while also making sure to alternately and aggressively pump the arms.

The fastest sprinters in track often measure both the speed of their first two steps, as well as how far they go with each step. In a practical example, to truly run a fast break, it’s important to actually run fast in a sprint. The benefit of maximizing the ability to reach and maintain top sprint speed in basketball games is evident on both offense and defense. Therefore, it makes sense for players to learn to sprint properly.

To really improve speed, get quality coaching. While speed and conditioning coaches are currently very popular, seeking help from an experienced local track coach could prove to be more effective and less expensive.





Like the ready position, this is one of the most basic yet useful types of footwork. The jump stop is essentially a technique used to transition from moving (even quickly) in any direction, into stopping and reestablishing the ready position described above. To execute the jump stop, simply get both feet airborne, land with both feet touching the floor simultaneously and immediately drop into a ready position stance to help regain balance.

There is no need to jump up or jump high. In fact, the lower you remain to the ground the quicker you will be able to transition into whatever movement you choose to do next. The two-foot jump stop allows players to gain, reestablish and maintain balance in order to transition into the next movement needed to make a play. On defense, the jump stop can be used to establish defensive position to either take a charge or shift quickly into a defensive slide. On offense, both post and perimeter players use the jump stop to enhance their ability to catch a pass, (commonly referred to as coming to the ball) and create the option of establishing either foot as a pivot. In the modern game, the jump stop is used by many shooters instead of the traditional 1-2 step when shooting.


This is the most effective and fundamentally sound way to shoot a jump hands down. Many coaches still prefer the inside foot 1-2 step because when the shooter spots up and tends to be standing still, it is used to generate lift and rhythm for the shot. It also is a very effective way for the shooter to regain balance and control when on the run from the left, right or straight ahead.

When the shot is actually taken, proper shooting footwork is the same as the basic ready position except that the right foot is slightly ahead of the left foot to line-up the body towards the target (the basket). The shooter’s feet should be in the ready position long before the ball is passed.


Statistically, most missed jump shots hit the front of the rim. Expert shooting coaches with training in behavioral science can predict that a shot will be missed as the shooter catches the basketball or as the player picks up the basketball off the dribble. This is easy because we can see that the shooter was not truly ready to shoot before catching/picking the ball up off the dribble. Also, this is an indicator that the shooter’s mindset is only ready to take the shot, but not ready to make the shot. This concept is a topic for another article, but is pertinent here because preparing in advance of receiving the basketball to execute the inside foot 1-2 step can be an indicator of the shooter’s focus to make the shot.



Getting the ball to your teammates is critical during a basketball game, so beginners need to learn how to execute good passes. Basic passes include a chest pass, bounce pass and overhead pass. To practice passing, have players pair up and work on each of these skills.



Chest passes are done with both hands, with the passer and receiver working to keep the ball at chest level. Bounce passes are thrown from relatively  same position, but the pass must be aimed for the floor about 3/4 of the way between him and his partner. Overhead passes are also done with both  hands above your head, but players should be careful to keep the ball directly overhead, as bringing it behind the head can result in a steal  in  a game.



My philosophy is to develop good coordination, ball skill, also good dexterity with both hands for youth players. These  drills  are designed  about  giving youth players a solid   basketball foundation. So I think passing with one hand (push, hook, wrap, and even behind back) is good just to develop that coordination. Solid coordination is best developed when kids are young and little  harder when they are older. There are athletes who may be  genetically gifted and pick these skills  up easier than some despite  age.

These drills look really challenging yet appropriate for grade school basketball players.




The Beginning Of A New Era:Jordan Brand Women’s Basketball Shoes

Jordan Brand to finally unveil a women’s sneaker collection, they confess that it is way overdue

Now it is the men who are going to be envious of the women.

There is something different about these just released Jordans colorways . They were designed primarily for women.That is  something  that you couldn’t say about any pair of Jordans in the past.

There was a recent  unveiling of the 2018 NBA All-Star Game uniforms, designed for the vary first time by Jordan Brand.

The Jordan Brand’s first ever women’s line collection actually stole the show and drew the most attention .Something that everyone agreed was ridiculously long overdue.

Aleali May, a 25-year-old  model and fashion stylist  and pioneer in her own right .As she was the first female collaborator on a pair of men’s and women’s Jordans. She  designed the Air Jordan 1 x Aleali May, was released  in October .

Young girls always have  brothers or male cousins playing ball, and they had the new Jordans, you know? You’re like,  I want a pair. Where can I get those? At last finally after so many years gone by  .Finally seeing something that’s for us, says May.

Girl basketball shoes that’s just for us, you know? With the culmination of the Jordan Brand  women’s launch, it’s really amazing  because we have our special  colorways. It is something that the guys will get jealous of a little reverse psychology if you will

Seeing  women wearing Jordans is not new at all.It’s  been going on for decades . In the early stages women and girls had to seek out smaller men’s sizes or children’s sizes .With the greater demand eventually made Jordan  Brand to see the light  causing the brand to start making women’s sizes .

According to high ranking Nike officials . The Brand  spent countless hours speaking to the group of women the consumers that wear the shoe.

Joedan Brand designed the girl basketball  shoes that are undeniably for her. They took into consideration  about the materials .What materials does the consumer resonate with? Think about the comfort, the feel, the silhouettes, the ease of entry, and other things that’s what women have  been telling us that she wants and needs in a shoe . So that’s what was incorporated into the design of the Jordan Brand Womens line.




The Jordan Brand team spoke with many women who are extremely influenced by fashion more than anything else on the consumers  desired  wish list . They seek styles which  are variations and made specifically with them at the forefront.


Jordan Brand has always been  a combination of performance and swag, and sets itself apart from other shoes by not been put into  traditional  basketball shoes  designing  boxes.

I always wanted to mix the street life  combined with  high-end look  says  May . Showing that you don’t really have to just be one dimensional. More so for females . I feel like we’re more geared to we have to wear high heels.  I like to wear what I like to  be unique and an individual. A lot of girls can relate to that concept . They want to wear their Jordans and they want to wear their Gucci or  Louis Vuitton bag as well.


With the release of the Jordan women’s collection  with  the current climate in the country in regards to womens rights in the work place  it seems appropriate .  Women’s marches to the “Time’s Up” and “Me Too” movements, the female voice is now being heard louder than ever .  Jordan Brand’s women’s collection  motto is The Season of Her

It took time to get to the space where we could do it, and do it correctly  Jordan Brand president Larry Miller said in regards the women’s Jordans silhouettes .


The Jordan Brand 2018 Women’s Spring Collection

Jordan Brand’s  2018 women’s Spring line consists of three girl basketball shoes styles to match a modern dynamic lifestyle.

Women’s Air Jordan I Hi Zip

The Women’s W is a Jordan 1 High equipped with a zipper closure and constructed out of a premium leather upper. This shoe distorts classic elements from Jordan Brand’s most celebrated silhouette, the AJ 1. A Nike Air tab logo on the tongue adds an OG touch with a pop of red. The sock liner provides cushioning for comfort and support.

There are now rumors going around stating that the upcoming Women’s Air Jordan 1 Hi Zip in the Black colorway will be limited to 10,000 pairs. So ladies, if you were contemplating on getting a pair, you may have to act fast.

For those who missed last week’s introduction, the the Women’s Air Jordan 1 Hi Zip  is a Jordan 1 High equipped with a zipper closure and constructed out of a premium leather upper. It distorts classic elements from the Air Jordan 1. The Nike Air tab logo on the tongue adds an OG touch with a pop of red. The sock liner provides cushioning for comfort and support.



The Air Jordan I Hi Zip Released on March 8 2018 Ebay  for $100.






Women’s Air Jordan XII Vachetta Tan

This shoe features a flooded, suede Vachetta upper with pops of gold hardware for a new luxury take on the XII.One of the highlight’s of Jordan Brand’s upcoming “Season of Her” collection is the Air Jordan 12 dressed in the ever-luxurious Vachetta tan palette, but with a new suede finish. The Jumpman outfitted this selection with golden hardware on the lace eyelets and the midsole piece, while a quilted leather interior lining adds to the finely crafted aesthetic to this Retro model. These upgrades will cost you as this women’s exclusive release will retail at $190, which seems like a new pricing standard for the brand’s elevated stylings. Mark your calendars for March 23rd, when this female friendly offering is scheduled to arrive at retailers. In the meantime, enjoy this exclusive closer look below.This shoe features a flooded, suede Vachetta upper with pops of gold hardware for a new luxury take on the XII.

Air Jordan 12 Released Date: March 23, 2018$190



Air Jordan 1 SOH

The Season of Her collection combines luxurious satin fabrics, premium suede touches and unique color schemes to create a powerful look from day to night.

Jordan Brand deems Spring as the “Season Of Her” as a full collection of Air Jordan 1s built with premium materials gets officially unveiled. Utilizing satin and suede materials, Jordan Brand envisions the ’85 classic with the ladies in mind as these softer pastel tones, perfect for Spring outfits, are scheduled to release beginning on January 26th, 2018. Women’s exclusive Air Jordan releases are few and far in between, but this Season Of Her makes an emphatic statement regarding the brand’s focus on the female demographic of sneaker-crazed consumers. Expect ten colorways to hit stores by the end of 2018  in womens sizes.


Jordan Brand’s Spring ’18 women’s footwear collection comes in women’s sizes 5-12. The SOH Air Jordan I releases on January 25 for $160, the Air Jordan I Hi Zip releases on March 8 for $150 and the Women’s Air Jordan XII Vachetta Tan releases on March 23 2018 for $190.


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The Heiress-The Air Jordan Brand Girl Basketball Shoes

Nike Air Jordan Brand

Air Jordan is a brand of basketball and athletic gear made by Nike. It was designed initially for basketball Icon Hall Of Fame player, Michael Jordan. First Air Jordan I sneaker, intended use was strictly for Jordan in around 1984, and made its public debut that same year. The shoe’s original designers were Peter Moore, Bruce Kilgore and Tinker Hatfield.



Air Jordan

Jordan Brand shoes designer Tinker Hatfield said Michael Jordan indicated his desire to incorporate patent leather on his basketball kicks, that could be worn for basketball and formal situations as well., is how the Air Jordan XI was born. Hatfield designed 1995-96’s Air Jordan XI .In some circles it is revered as the most loved signature shoe of all the Jordan Brand series. Jordan wore Air Jordan XI to both the 1995 and 1996 NBA Finals Championship with the Bulls.



Air Jordan Brand:Heiress Collection

The daughter of Michael Jordan. Jasmine Jordan created the Air Jordan Brand:Heiress Collection girls” basketball shoe. To retain the Jordan Brand essence theme she incorporated the basketball court style with elegance and class. But in a feminine version for this Air Jordan Brand girls” basketball shoe. So the sneakers can be worn for various occasions. They can be worn on the basketball court shooting a game of hoops or out for a night on the town just hanging with your friends.




Air Jordan Brand:Heiress Collection Releases

Finally Jordan Brand is giving women there just due. Heiress Collection is exclusive for the females, though there has been sightings of some men rocking these kicks as well. Go figure previously you could not find many Jordans only designed for women. The first sneakers in these girls” basketball shoe collection was released in mid 2016 was the Air Jordan1 High, Air Jordan 10, Jordan Jasmine and Jordan Reveal. All four of the models have the same color scheme as the high tops version come dressed in a pristine pearl and black leather design.

For the 2016 Holiday Season the Air Jordan 11 GS Red Velvet was unleashed unto the public. Of note this Air Jordan silhouette listed as a grade school girls basketball shoe exclusive only. With the application of velvet and the overall scheme. Based upon reaction from most Air Jordan die hard fans on social media has been primarily positive. Most nostalgic Jordan Brand lovers will make the comparison of the Heiress Air Jordan 11 vs Space Jam Air Jordan 1. Because it is new take on the retro shoe of which His Airness wore in the Space Jam movie . The velvet is made in a girls’ basketball shoes version of the Space Jam Air Jordan 1. So its natural, and hard not, to compare if you know a little about Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan Brand shoes evolutionary back story .

The latest addition to the Heiress Collection released on May 20,2017, is the Air Jordan 11 Low Heiress in white and pure platinum. The shoe was originally called the Frost White Air Jordan 11 Low. Also, part of this release pack is the Air Jordan 1, Jordan Eclipse, and Jordan Trunner with similar colorways and textured details.

Jasmine Jordan created the Nike Air Jordan brand Air Jordan XI Heiress. A feminine version of the Air Jordan released for the 2017, Holidays. The almost black velvet material with unique kind of diamond shine elevated the look to make the shoe l really sleek incorporated into the all black is an excellent girls’ basketball shoe.






Future Of The Heiress Collection

The Jordan Brand :Heiress Collection message of the shoe and it’s legacy stayed the same: Motto says the shoe or apparel is all about being worn with confidence and swag . Jasmine Jordan herself states that anybody and everybody can be an Heiress. Heiress isn’t just true to its actual definition. In all reality anyone  could  be an heiress because it is just another way  of being a boss and not a worker . You just be yourself, grab control and  independence. If I’m able to let people know one thing, it’s be whoever you are because you can claim it and own it. It is not hard but you gotta work for it. In this author’s opinion the Heiress gives women a sense of identity from the mens line that the designs remain true to the Air Jordan Brand with shoe providing the owner a feel of a high quality exclusive value for the money. Because a pair of Air Jordans can run from about $75 all the way up to $20,000 easily. I bought a pair of Jordans from an airport in the Caribbean in a duty-free shop for $250 US back in 1993. Its now the year 2018 many brands and pairs of running shoes have donned my feet since then. From Ralph Lauren Polo, Converse,Vans Off The Wall to Adidas shoes. In all honesty none of those shoes have felt as comfortable and contours to the shape of my feet like a pair of Air Jordan sneakers.

You are paying a premium for a pair of shoes but its not an investment you will ever regret after slipping on a pair of Air Jordans. Mind you the legend and the mystique of the man himself whom the shoe brand is synonyms with has a lot to do with the popularity and the massive worldwide circulation of the shoe no doubt about it. But if the shoe was ordinary they would not have had this tremendous staying power for this many decades and going on strong. A good illustration of this compare other amazing basketball players who have had great careers that had there own shoe line. How many of them can say they have had an impact when it comes buying power of a consumer’s decision in purchasing a pair of sneakers like Jordan Brand has. Nike and Jordan Brand still lead the number shoe sales numbers over Adidas .

Declining Nike and Under Armour shoe sales, combined with strong Adidas shoe purchases as reasons for the striped brand’s ascension. In Adidas’ sport footwear sales grew more than half for the month, as reported, and shares grew by to 13% in 2017.

Still, Adidas didn’t have enough to earn the top shoemaker’s position. That honor still belongs to Nike and Jordan Brand Perhaps next year Adidas.




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