Assistant General Manager Jobs-Kelly Krauskopf First Female Assistant GM In NBA History

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Kelly Krauskopf  Was The First Director Of Operations For The WNBA

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NBA Has Created A Impressive Club Of Female Officeholders

We all cannot wait for the day when it won’t be major news when a woman is hired to any sports team.  The only news she be regarding is her skill set and what she brings to an organization . That should be the main focus and not her gender. The aim is that just being a woman in sports should not be any different from being a man.

The NBA has been making moves in this context, hiring more women and allowing their basketball knowledge to be shared for the better of the growth of the game of basketball .

The NBA has formed a small club of female officeholders that is growing day after day. This includes people such as Lindsey Harding, Sue Bird and a few others.

The newest addition to this still exclusive and elusive club is Kelly Krauskopf, who has taken up the position as front office staff member for the Indiana Pacers. This shift has come from her already well-established basketball career at the WNBA’s Indiana Fever.


New Girl On The Old Boy’s Team

“I feel like I’m a girl who got picked to play on the boys’ team,” Krauskopf said following her appointment as the Pacer’s new Assistant GM.

She has worked hard to help build the Fever franchise over at the WNBA, and now is her chance to do the same on the men’s side with the NBA team Indiana Pacers

There have been a few cases of misconduct around women, and speculation that having more female staff would not be good for the players. One controversy led to Mark Cuban being fined $10 million in the Mavericks’ sexual harassment controversy.However, the only way to curb down these cases is to normalize women being a part of the NBA.

The Spurs made the first move when they hired Becky Hammon as the assistant coach, and she even became the first woman to interview for the post of Head Coach. Now there are some teams that have followed suit such as the Nuggets and the Clippers, but in all sincerity hope that  it goes so much  further beyond that.

Hiring NBA’s First Female Assistant General Manager Was Long Overdue

The NBA is taking another step forward when it comes to equality among the sexes, as the Indiana Pacers are making a landmark hire.

Krauskopf played collegiate basketball  at Texas A&M.

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Still thinking  the Fever should’ve won all three championships games.Kelly Krauskopf knows all things and every inch of  the game  basketball. From the court to the boardroom.  Having played at Texas A&M and raised in South Texas .Accepting a position  with the university’s athletics department after she graduated college. After putting in some time in corporate America, she was tapped to be the first director of basketball for the WNBA in 1996. The previous past 17 years or so, she’s has been the president and general manager of the Fever, Indiana Pacer’s WNBA team. She guided  the team to the WNBA Finals three times, won once, and is as competitive as anyone in the Pacers’ organization.” She

The Pacers have already had Krauskopf in the organization working with the team’s E-sports NBA 2K team, but adding her as an assistant GM is a groundbreaking move that shows just how much talent NBA teams are adding from the WNBA.

Krauskopf built a WNBA championship franchise from the Fever’s expansion season in 2003.

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Krauskopf helped the Fever build a title contender, winning the 2012 WNBA championship and reaching the finals in 2009 and ’15. “I have admired the work that Kevin and his staff have put forth so far and I am honored to be a part of an elite and historical franchise” Krauskopf  said in a acceptance speech .

The architect of one of the WNBA’s most successful franchises, Kelly is a true pioneer in our sport”, said Pacers owner Herb Simon.



Following In A Line Of Trail Blazers

She isn’t the very first women’s assist GM in all of sports, as Major League Baseball already has had two women assistant general managers, with Jean Afterman still employed as an executive for the New York Yankees. 


 In the WNBA, Krauskopf was the longest-tenured senior team executive in the league, dating beyond the Fever to her time as the league’s first Director of Basketball Operations in 1996.

Women are a becoming a bigger part of the NBA. Kristi Toliver was recently hired as an assistant in Washington and Chasity Melvin is an assistant with Charlotte’s G League affiliate in Greensboro, North Carolina. Becky Hammon is now a veteran of the coaching staff in San Antonio, and Natalie Sago and Ashley Moyer-Gleich made their debuts this season as referees.


With building the Fever from scratch to WNBA Champions , made her a natural fit for the position.Pacers president of basketball operations Kevin Pritchard said of  Krauskopf’s decades-long involvement with basketball.

She started when the Indiana  Fever was awarded an WNBA franchise.Through parent club owners the Pacers Sports & Entertainment in 1999.

Nancy Leonard has been credited with helping keep the Pacers in Indianapolis through a telethon to sell season tickets.And has handled things like the organizations finances and other front office duties. The hiring of Krauskopf, now makes her the first woman to ever hold that title. The Fever won the 2013 WNBA championship and have made three finals appearances since 2009.

Mrs Krauskopf will work with the Pacers’ basketball operations staff, including Assistant GM Peter Dinwiddie ,President of basketball Operations Kevin Pritchard and General Manager Chad Buchanan .Kevin Pritchard  proclaims”I’ve worked with Kelly over the past two decades, so I know her tremendous basketball mind, strong work ethic and proven leadership skills will continue to be of great benefit to our organization”.

With the Fever, Krauskopf  constructed a team that made the playoffs 13 times, reached the WNBA Finals three times and won the 2012 title – the only professional basketball title won by a team in the state of  Indiana since the 1970s.


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Krauskopf also was responsible for overseeing the Pacers’ new e-sports team.After leaving that spot, she moved to a position focused on building the Pacers eSports franchise Pacers Gaming to assist with that, which has lead her now to an even bigger role with the Pacers franchise.

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Krauskopf has an amazing track record and deserved reputation for building winners.

“My past experience has shown me that building winning teams and elite level culture is not based on gender – it is based on people and processes”Krauskopf added.


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  1. Kate

    Great article on women working in sports! Hopefully one day this will be the norm and it won’t be seen as a novelty! People should get hired based on how well they can do their job and not what sex they are!

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      Kate agreed that should be the way to gauge truly whether or not a person is qualified should be based upon competency of the candidate and not the sex of the individual.Thanks again Kate for your comments on my blog is appreciated .

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    Love it! Kelly Krauskopf is an amazing woman!

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