Air Jordan 1-Equality Designed Abstract Patterned Swoosh Shoes

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In Celebration Of Martin Luther King Jr. Day And Black History Month


Every  February, some of footwear’s most notable lines deliver a batch of colorways in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Black History Month.  Jordan Brand takes its Air Jordan 1 Mid model and welcomes the silhouette to its “Equality” theme. The sneaker adds a mix of black and sail throughout its paneling with patchwork patterns added to the Swoosh logos. Additional branding hits include the AJ1’s signature “WINGS” insignia along with Carmelo Anthony‘s logo making its way onto the tongue. Lastly, the celebratory colorway is topped off with words “EQUALITY” stamped on its heel in a large font.



Athletes taking the platform their sport has given them  who use it to better the communities they represent and the world we all live in.Athletes speaking up to inspire all of us to act.To inspire all of us to get involved.To inspire all of us to create change.We’re here to make sure that their voices  are heard every time.Listen.Equality isn’t a game.But achieving it will be the greatest victory.We must all be committed to the cause of  fighting for a change until  true equality is achieved .

Air Jordan 1


The Air Jordan 1 sneaker first debuted in April of 1985 for $65. Designed by Peter Moore, the shoe was the key part of a famous marketing campaign in which Nike claimed the NBA banned  super star basketball Michael Jordan from wearing the shoes when it was in fact the Air Ship that received a warning from the league. Debuting in classic colorways like “Bred,” “Chicago,” “Black Toe” and “Royal”, the AJ1 has since released in several other colors, becoming the most retroed and arguably most popular Air Jordan in history.

Using Sports To Promote Equality

President Trump tweeted about the debut of Colin Kaepernick’s Nike commercial but whether it would be the first thing he would tweet about after waking up.

And there it was, first thing on the presidential docket at 6:56 a.m.

“What was Nike thinking?”

But if you actually watched the commercial that aired on NBC during the third quarter of season-opening games between the Falcons and Eagles, it’s pretty obvious what Nike is thinking  and it’s not whether to take a knee during the national anthem.



All you need to know about Nike’s ultimate goal with the Kaepernick campaign is contained in the ad’s first minute. It begins with a skateboarder falling off a rail, a child with no legs on a wrestling mat, an African-American boy who couldn’t be 10 years old running down a dirt road, a young shadowboxing woman wearing hijab, a surfer, a Pop Warner football game and a blond girl playing high school football against boys.

This isn’t about consumers Nike might lose in their anger over Kaepernick. It’s about cultivating an entire generation of consumers who know where the lines between culture, politics and activism are .A position that might make older people feel a little bit uncomfortable but it is not for those that are coming of age reality for those under 18 years of age.

If you took Kaepernick out of the equation , there is nothing controversial about the images and words contained inside of it. “Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy; ask if they’re crazy enough” seems like it could be a tag line to practically any Nike ad campaign, a direct link to the “Just Do it” slogan the company celebrated with a 30th anniversary push in 2018.

All those images connects to the overall theme of being different, of overcoming some type of obstacle or stereotype, which fits in well with why Kaepernick is here in the first place rather than playing quarterback in the NFL that has ostracized him for taking a knee which is his constitional right by the way.

But it also seems designed to appeal to teenagers, without making it necessary to align with Kaepernick’s political and social justice views.

Yes, it’s Kaepernick’s voice and his image at the end, walking down a city street wearing a black mock turtleneck underneath a tan coat. But there is nothing in the ad that connects him to football or the NFL, even though his own backstory – being adopted by white parents, getting one college scholarship offer from Nevada and ultimately quarterbacking a team to the Super Bowl – contains some of the same inspirational threads as the people he’s narrating over.

Moreover, the commercial’s only allusion to the protest he sparked is subtle. As the camera brings Kaepernick into view from behind – you recognize him by his Afro – he’s standing and looking at a waving American flag being projected onto a building.

Then, as Kaepernick walks out of the frame, the images of the young people from earlier in the ad appear on those buildings and the words are flashed on the screen: “It’s only crazy until you do it. Just do it.”

Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. #JustDoIt



We’re on the cusp of welcoming a generation of kids into adulthood who grew up with politics being injected into practically every area of their lives. Whether that’s a good thing will be for others to determine, but it’s a moment that’s happening .

Kaepernick probably won’t sell a lot of shoes to my contemporaries.  The ad that resonates with high school kids who are growing up in a confusing, polarized, politically active era.



Air Force 1 Low 2017 Equality

Featuring an all-black upper and bold EQUALITY branding, the Air Force 1 Low “EQUALITY” underscores the collection’s focus on lifting every voice in bold fashion. Graphics on the sneaker’s hangtag also derive from cymatics, which are the visualization of sound waves, drawn from voice recordings of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech, as well as the brand’s EQUALITY theme that started from 2017. A print was created by using a cymatic camera to capture photos of the sound waves as they passed through water.


Air Jordan I Melo 2018 Equality

One message,One icon, Sporting timeless hues.The Air Jordan 1 Equality   Carmelo Anthony  comes  with bold lettering. The Air Jordan I ‘Equality’ brings attention to the movement in classic form.

Using the power of sport to inspire and uplift, all Nike Equality products support and celebrate our commitment to inclusion for all.


Air Jordan 1 2019 Mid Equality

The Air Jordan 1 Mid Equality is the third shoe release of the brand’s Equality” series, this special edition of the model comes dressed in a White (leather andBlack (nubuck) and ) color scheme highlighted by the “EQUALITY” text on the heels, the geometric-like pattern on the Swoosh branding, and Carmelo Anthony’s Jordan logo on the tongue and insoles. The sole also comes in the same  and Black White color design.

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Thank you,

Erick Darke

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      Jamaar I agree totally Nike seems to think in ahead several moves in terms of upcoming events and trends in our society that other brands are either incapable or afraid to get in front of until it becomes the norm . Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog Jamaar.

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    I think of getting this shoe as a present for my brother. It is made of quality materials for sure but how is the cost efficiency? I mean will I get the best bang for the buck?

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      Furkan thanks for leaving a positive comment on my article .Nike makes really quality girls basketball shoes.You can check out the reviews on the Jordan Brand High Zip through the eBay link in the article .

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