Nike React Element 87-Nike,Sneaker Room, And Vans Joint Breast Cancer Awareness Collabos

Sneaker Room x Nike Collabo For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Nike  Sneaker Room  Charitable Partnership Highlights The React Element 87

Sneaker Room and Nike have teamed up to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness during the month of October with three special color optionsof the React Element 87.

All three limited Nike React Element 87 styles feature special detailing on the pod with the Sneaker Room “SR Cares” slogan
“Changing the world one sole at a time.” These kicks  will be decked out in  Swarovski crystals on the Swoosh made famous by Nike
They will come in Pink/Pink, White/Pink, and Black/Pink colors .

Proceeds Go To The Jersey City Medical Center


Look for these Sneaker Room x Nike React Element 87 styles to release to the public in extremely limited quantity releasing
on September 28th exclusively at Sneaker Room in-store and online. All proceeds will be donated to the Jersey City Medical Center for breast cancer research.

The Pink/Pink pair as well as the other color ways sets are all limited editions, has 525 pairs with a price tag of $250
USD, the White/Pink is set at $500 USD with just 126 pairs made, and the Black/Pink will be $1,000 with just 63 pairs made.


CoppaFeel! x Vans’ Sneaker Collab Is Dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month Of October

The range features hand-drawn illustrations depicting diversity. They drop Sep 25, 2019 in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Vans has teamed up with CoppaFeel! on a limited-edition footwear collection. The forthcoming lineup includes an Sk8-Hi trainer, two low-top Slip-On designs, an Era model and also a slide silhouette. The range isn’t just for show, it was designed to “educate youth on
checking their breasts and early detection.” It also centers “the beauty and strength of those impacted or touched by breast cancer,” according to an official press release. Each design comes with diverse breast illustrations which speak to the numerous appearances of breasts andnipples depicted in different shade ranges.


Vans  Encourages All Women To Get Checked And Backs It Up With Financial Commitment

Early detection methods improve breast cancer survival rates, and Vans’ goal is to create awareness about a disease that affects everyone. Vans  will donate a minimum of $200,000 of its proceeds1 from this collection to CoppaFeel!, a UK-based organization2  dedicated to educating young people on boob checking, the signs and  symptoms of breast cancer, and empowering them to speak up when any  changes are noticed.


Kris Hallenga, Coppafeel!  Co-Founder

What happens at 23? Well, if you’re lucky, seeing a bit of the world, brunching with mates and a whole load of carefree fun. And if you’re less lucky? Breast cancer.In 2009 that is precisely what happened to Kris .

Founded in 2009 by both twin sisters Maren and Kristin Hallenga  .CoppaFeel! co-owner Kris was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer at the age of 23.

Following on after locating a lump at the tender age of  22, living abroad in China for 8 months and eventually visiting her doctor 3 times, Kris was told the news that she had incurable breast cancer. Kris was unaware that breast cancer could affect people in their twenties and knew very little about the disease. It struck her that there was very little information out there for young people, educating them about the disease, how they could be looking after themselves and informing them that breast cancer doesn’t just affect women over 50. Although Kris will always live with cancer, she wanted to get the message out there to young people that catching cancer early means you have a higher chance of surviving and recovering. She wanted people to learn from her story and become proactive about their own health status.


UK-based CoppaFeel! is a breast cancer awareness charity which helps to promote early detection and encourages young people to know and understand their bodies. $200,000 USD of the proceeds will benefit the charitable efforts to cure breast cancer.

Headlining the collection is the Vans Sk8-Hi which features the hand-drawn illustrations paired with a black and white design. Up next is the checkerboard Slip-On which arrives in a light cream tone with different shades of brown and white throughout. The third iteration is also a Slip-On in black with the phrase “YOU GOT THIS” on the top of the shoe. The last sneaker is an Era which also comes in a cream colorway with a literal blueprint design on the upper. The slide comes in white and features an assortment of colors on the strap.
In an official statement, Kris Hallenga, founder of CoppaFeel!, discusses the company’s partnership with Vans radical shoes company :
“For our charity, this collaboration with Vans is a dream come true. We are thrilled for the opportunity to spread our message across Vans’ audience, as this partnership will allow us to tell more people why checking their boobs is so important, and in return, save lives. CoppaFeel! exists to stamp out the late detection of breast cancer by educating everyone  that includes girls and also boy pals about boobs and encourage them to get anything they know who has anything abnormal checked by  by a Medical Doctor immediately.


Previously Nike had joined with  Sneaker Room to carry on its tradition of raising breast cancer awareness during the month of October. Normally executed using customization options on NIKEiD, the Swoosh has provided the New Jersey retailer with an assist to continue the positive cause. The Nike Air More Money hybrid is comprised of the Air More Uptemo‘s sole unit which supports the same upper found on 1996’s Air Money silhouette. Scheduled for a launch in 2018, the Sneaker Room was provided with early dibs in order to deliver three colorways of the sneaker.

Again all  are  available in limited numbers, its pink colorway retails for $180USD with 360 pairs made. Its white edition will be limited to 100 pair for $500 USD each while its black colorway will set you back $2,000 USD being the most limited at 40 pairs and will be accompanied by the two aforementioned styles.

The take off  launch is on October 30, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to benefit Breast Cancer Treatment and Research. The Nike Air More Money“BC” Pack will be available eBay


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Nike Blazer Mid Women-New Nike Women’s Kicks Cool As The Iceman

The Nike Blazer is one of the oldest sneakers in Nike history




The Truth Is Out There

Numerous transport vehicles departed from Nike Beaverton, Oregon HQ in the summer of 1985, carrying special product shipments headed to multiple locations across the US. Unfortunately, a few of the shipments never made it to their destination. These vehicles all had one thing in common,they were last seen on security cameras passing through Hawkins, Indiana. Nike, concerned and bewildered, never mentioned these missing shipments to anyone for fear that something supernatural was at play,” states Nike’s reveal of the collection, adding that “34 years later, signs of the missing shipments are popping up, piece by piece, and it’s clear that there is something deeper, darker and more evil brewing. Miraculously Nike has somehow had been able to locate some of the missing shipped kicks. Revealing only that they contained “iconic Nike styles: the Cortez, Blazer and Air Tailwind 79” that were meant to be used in class at Hawkins High School.

Nike Blazer Shoe Is A True Classic

The Nike Blazer is one of the oldest sneakers in Nike shoes history category  and shoes catalog . First designed as a basketball shoe back in 1973 and worn by the likes of George Gervin, the Blazer has gone on to be adapted as a popular sneaker for casual lifestyle wear and even for skateboarding. This mid-cut silhouette, praised for its simplicity, has been featured in some of the best collaborations in history, including designs by streetwear brands Supreme, Off-White, and Stussy.

A Nostalgic Look Back In To the Past

Filled with ’80s nostalgia, the new Stranger Things x Nike collection features three of the Swoosh’s signature silhouettes, the Cortez, Blazer and Tailwind.

In 1985, Nike began creating its visible Air designs, which was released two years later, as well as the emerging of the iconic Dunk silhouette.

The Nike Blazer was first released in 1973 as Nike’s best basketball
sneaker, a far cry from how we think of it today. The brand was only
nine years old at the time, a young upstart still finding its way
through the industry, and for most of that time they weren’t even known
as “Nike.” Blue Ribbon Sports was founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and
Phil Knight as an organization to distribute Japanese footwear in the
US, but it wasn’t until 1971, with the design of the famous Swoosh (by
graphic design student Carolyn Davidson) that they’d be known as Nike and begin creating its own shoes.

Two years after Nike was founded, they took that now famous swoosh
and plastered it on a plain white shoe, creating a sneaker that was as
much a logo as anything else. It’s a simple shoe to this day, beloved
for its simplicity, but in 1973 there were still a lot of technological
advances to come in the world of footwear that would quickly swallow the

The shoe featured a leather upper, a mesh nylon tongue and a textured
vulcanized rubber sole—the preferred sole for basketball sneakers in
the early 1970s. In fact, each of these elements were the best
technology available for shoes on the court. It’s easy to forget,
looking back from 2017, that the ‘70s were the early days of sneakers.
Before the ‘60s and ‘70s, sneakers were merely rubber soled shoes used
for athletics and nothing else. It was Bowerman who first put real
brainpower into developing footwear that would support athletes in
effective ways to change their game. Nike became the epicenter of that
investigation. Even after the debut of the Blazer it would still be five
years before Nike first injected air into its soles with the Nike
Tailwind, and 12 years before they signed Michael Jordan
to be the frontman of its basketball business. Nike as we know it today
did not exist beyond the founders and a few running shoes that are
still in rotation, but the Blazer is an icon from that moment and has
survived the progress of time. For most silhouettes that have lasted
almost as long as the Blazer, they’ve done so by changing with the
times. But the Blazer hasn’t changed, instead its community has changed
around it.


George 'Iceman' Gervin playing in the Nike Blazer

George Iceman Gervin playing in the Nike Blazer

It’s only fitting that Nike’s first significant basketball sneaker
would be named after the local basketball team, the Portland Trail
Blazers. But it was George “The Iceman” Gervin (notably of the San
Antonio Spurs) who was first to wear the shoe. “Nike was very
innovative…Nike was thinking out of the box back in the ‘70s,” Gervin says. “When I first joined the NBA I used to wear adidas
and then Nike came on board and Nike approached me and wanted to give
me much more money and they had a better quality shoe, I thought. So, I
went with Nike through the rest of my career.” For Nike, its partnership
with Gervin was all about branding. It was no coincidence that they
were new to the industry and designed a sneaker dominated by its logo.
Then it found one of the most notorious players in the game, with a
nickname for his cool attitude on court and an incredible track record
as a shooting guard. The cameras were pointed at Gervin every game, and
whenever those cameras caught his feet they found huge Nike swooshes.
Every photograph became an advertisement.

As his professional career continued, Gervin’s relationship with Nike
grew right alongside it, culminating in a uniquely custom Blazer style.
What modern sneaker fans would dub a “player exclusive” this Blazer
model had “ICEMAN” emblazoned across the heel where “NIKE” usually sat.
Player exclusives are one-off colorways or renditions created for
players by the brands and are frequently used today to build hype around
silhouettes, test colorways, and as a public expression of a brand’s
commitment to the player. But back in the 1970s PEs were so rare that
the Gervin Blazer PEs may very well be the first PE sneaker ever made.
The industry was so new at that point that lines between general
releases and PEs were not as clear as they are today. What we do know is
the ICEMAN PE was never made available to the public and stands as a
crucial moment to help define how brands and players interact.

Soon after the Blazer was introduced, Nike put its focus into
developing its AIR program, and basketball technology took off. As all
the best athletic minds took to expanding the possibilities for
basketball sneakers, heavy leathers, fragile meshes, and hard vulcanized
rubber soles got left behind one by one. In just a few short years the
Blazer was far from the best of what Nike had to offer and the sneaker
fell out of favor with basketball players. But the sole that was once
designed for traction on court was quickly recognized by skateboarders
for having amazing traction on their grip tape. The heavy leather and
suede uppers stood up against the beatings skaters wrought against them.
The mesh tongue wasn’t ideal – skaters prefer a little more cushion in
the tongue – but Nike would solve that soon enough. As basketball
players left the Blazer behind, skaters took ownership of the sneaker
and it found a second life that would ultimately save the silhouette
from ever going out of style.

Nike Blazer Suede 'Futura'

Nike Blazer Suede Futura

The Blazer continued to survive as a low budget sneaker. It was light
on aesthetics and easy to wear for fans of the classic look. Plus it
was an inexpensive purchase for skaters who wanted to beat them up.

In 2003, street artist Futura 2000 used the opportunity of a Nike collaboration
to bring his own take to the budget sneaker. Their collaborative effort
that featured a blend of olive, tan, and navy suedes, and released only
1000 pairs, making them immediately rare and collectable. Although the
Futura collaboration would raise the profile of the Blazer, it wasn’t
until a few years later that the Blazer finally caught a glimpse of
glory on par with The Iceman’s debut.

The shoe was officially considered a basketball sneaker by Nike, albeit a low tech one, until 2005 when pro skateboarder Lance Mountain
announced the development of Blazer SB for Nike, adding padding to the
tongue and bringing Nike Air into the sneaker for the first time. The
Air appeared as a pair of Air Zoom insoles, meaning that the bulk of the
sneaker remained intact, but the comfort was dialed up. These minor
tweaks made the shoe officially a skate shoe, and set the stage for the
Blazer to transform. And not a moment too soon. In 2006, when the Blazer
celebrated its 33rd birthday, the shoe got an entirely new identity.

Nike Blazer SB Supreme 'Supreme' 2006

Nike Blazer SB Supreme Supreme 2006

Everything that happened to the Blazer before 2006 was well earned
history, solidifying the Blazer as one of the most long lasting
silhouettes of all time. But it was in 2006 when iconic skate brand Supreme collaborated with Nike
on a trio of Blazers that elevated the classic silhouette to one of the
most sought after sneakers in the world. Supreme released three quilted
Blazers with Nike, in black, white, and red, each with faux snake skin
swooshes, and Gucci inspired ribbons up the heels that held golden
D-rings. The shoes retailed for a whopping $180 (three times what some
Blazer SBs go for), and although they weren’t an overnight success, as
the years have gone by that release is regarded as a tipping point. To
this day, the 2006 Supreme Blazers are considered by many to be the high
watermark for brand collaborations, and (in the view of some) the best
Nike collaboration Supreme has ever made. Unworn pairs are rare to come
by, and even worn pairs fetch four figure prices. On the continuum of
sneaker sales they’re nowhere near the highest (the first adidas Yeezys
easily sells for over $3k), but the 2006 Supreme Blazers live outside of
the typical hype machine, recognized by serious collectors and
long-time fans as a legitimizing pair for anyone lucky enough to have
them in their collection.

It is without hesitation that we can say it was this 2006
collaboration that brought the Blazer to a level that would clear space
for following collaborations with brands including the likes of Comme
des Garcons, Fragment, and the upcoming collection with Virgil Abloh’s

Fragment Design x Nike Blazer Low SP 2014

Fragment Design x Nike Blazer Low SP 2014

The CDG Blazers dropped in 2013
as suede lows and were an official release with the diffusion brand
BLACK COMME des GARCONS. The sneakers were, naturally, colored black,
featuring suede uppers with leather swooshes, heel ribbons, and heel
panels. The “NIKE” at the heel was replaced with “CDG” much like on the
ICEMAN PEs. In 2014, they followed up with a similarly colored version
of the Blazer High, and then in 2016 released a high and a low in black,
but this time in all leather (plus a white mudguard to break up the
darkness a little bit). The simplicity of the sneakers paired with the
diffusion line may explain why these shoes are still pretty easy to come
by, but as an elevated, go-anywhere sneaker you can’t get much better.

Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Tokyo based Fragment Design took on the Blazer in 2014
with a pair of lows in beige suede. Fragment’s signature light touch
made for a pretty unremarkable design, but still created a classic look
that fits well with the Blazer’s original styling. The shoes featured
tiny Fragment logos at the heels and were only available at Fragment’s
Tokyo office.

In 2016, Supreme followed up the famous 2006 collaborative Blazer trio with another threesome, this time on the low GT silhouette in pink, beige, and blue suedes.
The sneakers sat on gum soles, featured tonal leather swooshes, and
debossed gold box logos at the heel. On the back, “NIKE” was replaced by
“FTW,” which was never explained but without a doubt stands for “For
The Win.”

If the 2006 Supreme Blazers set the new benchmark for the sneaker,
2017’s Off-White collaboration is about to raise the level again. Virgil Abloh’s “The Ten” collection
features a dizzying array of sneakers in two sub-groups, Ghosting and
Revealing, the latter being the collection the Blazer falls under. Like
the rest of the collection, there’s a lot happening on the Off-White
Blazer, but unlike the other sneakers in the collection (save maybe the
Chuck Taylor), there’s very little to work with. A massive part of the
Blazer’s identity is the simplicity of design. Each sneaker in the
collection has been completely reworked by Abloh and when it comes to
the Blazer there’s not a lot to do. That also means that every change
Abloh applies has a much larger impact.

Like others in the Revealing collection, the majority of the upper is
dominated by the underside of traditional upper materials. We see
stitching and industrial printing that would otherwise be hidden under
layers of leather and suede. The massive swoosh is made even bigger on
Abloh’s version, extending from the heel over the heightened vulcanized
sole. Bone colored suede provides a base for the eyelets and appears on
the heel, while white leather wraps around the throat of the shoes. The
tongue maintains the same mesh as came on the original design, with the
Nike tag on the lateral side of the shoe rather than the top of the
tongue. “Shoelaces” printed shoelaces, like the rest of the collection,
finish out the sneaker. We’ve discussed Abloh’s idea of conceptual
deconstruction, and this take on the Blazer is exactly that. It blows
apart the disparate elements that have made the sneaker what it is,
forcing us to examine this classic sneaker for its pieces, while
understanding that it’s not just the pieces of leather and suede and
rubber that makes the shoe. Instead it’s how we read how those pieces
come together. They force us to reevaluate what each element of the shoe
means, and if it actually means anything in a vacuum, or if the meaning
of the shoe is less its constituent elements and more how we
reconstruct it with our community.

Few shoes have gone through the social evolution like the Blazer has,
with multiple communities adopting the simple shoe allowing it to have a
shelf life longer than almost any other sneaker in the game. It
appeared at a time that should have forced it to be forgotten as much
more advanced sneakers came quickly after it. But somehow, either thanks
to its simplicity, brand awareness, or by pure circumstance, the Blazer
continues on. And if it gets treatments like that with Supreme and
Off-White, we may see another 40 years of the Blazer to come.

Off-White x Nike Blazer

Off-White x Nike Blazer


Nike’s Blazer Mid ’77 Goes Pacific Blue Joining the Lucid Green Coloway.



Nike’s Blazer Mid ‘77 Released 2019 In “Pacific Blue.”

The 1977 version of the Nike Blazer differs from the original ‘72 model as it features a slimmer profile and the addition of guards wrapping around the toe and midfoot. Here, the retro’d sneaker comes in an old school-inspired colorway of white and “Pacific Blue sneaker.



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Jordan Women Shoes- Extravagant WMNS Air Jordan Latitude Kicks Unveiled

Extravagant Jordan WMNS Air Latitude 720LX Colorway Released

Jordan x Swarovski® Air Latitude720 LX Comes With Crystals

Women’s Exclusive Jordan WMNS Air Latitude 720 LX.

Swarovski®x Jordans WNMS only red colorway is a collabo with Jordan Brand Women’s exclusive Jordan Air Latitude 720 LX with Swarovski® is elegantly flooded red upper and shines brightly with the application of 1,000+ dual finished Swarovski(®) crystals placed on the Air Jordan 8 inspired straps, further evolving the Jordan Brand Flight Utility silhouette to a higher level of class. A first of its kind Jumpman x Swarovski® hangtag adds to the elevated craftsmanship of the limited edition style.The Swarovski x Jordan WMNS Air Latitude 720 LX releases globally on eBay. The women’s specific Jordan Air Latitude 720 is the latest lifestyle offering from Jordan Brand. Containing nods to the Air Jordan 8’s distinct crossed midfoot straps, the luxury factor is elevated with the rather lavish application of Swarovski crystals.

According to Jordan Brand, there are over 1000 crystals encrusted behind the straps. Impressively, Swarovski have figured out how to apply them in such a way that the straps remain flexible. The colourway is all red, if the addition of crystal straps wasn’t attention grabbing enough. They should start hitting stores now, but the $300 RRP and limited edition nature means local suburban malls likely won’t be carrying them.

Jordan Brand

Phil Knight famously cited that he wasn’t in the shoe business  but rather  in the entertainment business. Luckily for Phil, when Nike
signed Michael Jordan in 1984 they secured the greatest entertainer the  NBA has ever seen. That landmark deal has since become basketball folklore. Nike agreed to pay the rookie player a vertiginous $500,000 per year plus stock options! Fine print stipulated that Nike could walk away if sales didn’t reach the ambitious total of $4 million by the end of the contract’s third year


Fuelled by MJ’s charisma and effortless showmanship, cash registers racked up over $70 million in sales just two months after the first Jordan shoe was released in 1985. If basketball is defined by statistics, the numbers on these boards may just be the
most impressive of Jordan’s career. The ‘Air Jordan’ brand would go on to become the most influential partnership in the history of
basketball  and sneaker culture. Endorsed by the hood, MJ embodied the spirit of the nascent hip hop generation. As each new Jordan model released, layers of mythology and product storytelling added cultural depth to the brand. By precisely engineering supply and demand, Nike continues to create Jumpman hysteria to the tune of $3 billion annually.



Following closely in the coveted colorways of sneakers past, the Jordan Air Latitude 720 LX dresses up in a full red scheme, creating a pair luxe though most certainly informed by streetwear sensibilities. Design, as one of the more outlandish shoes of the line-up, is effectively unlike anything prior though with contemporary Nike innovations resting right at its sole in matching tint, but this collaboration with Swarovski sends the silhouette into the tiers of luxurious glitz and glamour. Beneath the crossing straps is an applique of over 1,000 dual-finished Swarovski crystals, teasingly revealed through the perforations on the strap. Additionally, the first of its kind Timberland like hangtag features the Jumpman emblazoned with the shiny stones. Grab a detailed look at the pair right on eBay

Sneaker Drop With Some Style And Fashion

The set to release in an all-Red makeover.The Jordan Air Latitude 720 built  is with luxurious material that are actually  really  precious.This offering of the shoe takes on a much sleeker look featuring a nylon synthetic upper with perforated smooth leather on its
Air Jordab 8 inspired criss cross straps. Matching Red tonal branding, Air Max 720 sole unit and Gold detailing completes the design.


Gold Detailed Design.



Previous Jordan WMNS Air Latitude 720 Itations

Air JordanJordan Air Latitude 720 ‘Fossil’

Jordan Air Latitude 720 Fossil AV5187-002 Release Date Info

Jordan Brand  released a new lifestyle shoe part of their women’s lineup, known as the Jordan Air Latitude 720 Fossil.

With over 30 years of heritage, Jordan Brand have plenty of sources of inspiration for new silhouettes. Look long enough at the women’s Air Latitude 720 and you will see where the old-school references kick off this latest design.

This, of course, being the prominent midfoot straps that cross over to ankle lockdown sections, à la the Air Jordan 8. Everything else is
modern sneaker design, with foot hugging mesh uppers, bootie tongues, and the glittery Air Max 720 sole.

It’s a bold and modern direction for Jordan Brand’s continued foray into lifestyle sneakers.

This Jordan  colorway which comes dressed in a Black, Fossil and Mushroom color combination. Featuring a large Air Max 720 Air unit thats covered in Iridescent Purple. Following we have the crisscross straps which are taken from the Air Jordan 8. Fossil and Mushroom runs across the upper while Black detailing completes the look.


Jordan Air Latitude 720 Fossil  Details

The Jordan Air Latitude 720 ‘Fossil’ . You can expect this pair to arrive online at eBay on August 22nd. The price is set at $249.

Jordan Air Latitude 720
Color: Black/Fossil-Mushroom
Release Date: August 22, 2019

Jordan Air Latitude 720 Fossil AV5187-002 Release Date Info

Jordan Air Latitude 720 Fossil AV5187-002 Release Date Info


Jordan Air Latitude 720 ‘White Aqua’


Jordan Air Latitude 720 White Aqua AV5187-100 Release Date Info

Jordan Brand is releasing the women’s exclusive Jordan Air Latitude 720 this month and one of the first color options is the ‘White Aqua’ which is inspired by the Air Jordan 8.

This release comes dressed in a White, Varsity Red and Metallic Silver color combination. Highlighted with White across the upper while Silver runs across the straps. In addition we have Yellow on the lace loops while both Teal and Purple make for the Aqua theme. Finishing the look is a 720 Air Max unit.

Jordan Air Latitude 720 White Aqua Details

The Jordan Air Latitude 720 ‘White Aqua’ released online at eBay

Released July 6th in women’s sizing . Below you can see additional photos for a closer look.

Jordan Air Latitude 720 WMNS
Color: White/Varsity Red-Metallic Silver
Release Date: July 6, 2019

Price: $284 on eBay

Jordan Air Latitude 720 White Aqua AV5187-100 Release Date InfoJordan Air Latitude 720 White Aqua AV5187-100 Release Date Info

Jordan Air Latitude 720 White Aqua AV5187-100 Release Date Info

Jordan Air Latitude 720 White Aqua AV5187-100 Release Date Info

Jordan Air Latitude 720 White Aqua AV5187-100 Release Date Info

Jordan Air Latitude 720 White Aqua AV5187-100 Release Date Info

Jordan Air Latitude 720 White Aqua AV5187-100 Release Date Info

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Air Jordan 1-Go Laceless Wearing Exclusive Women’s Only Jordan 1 Low Slip

Jordan Brand Broadening Women’s Only AJ1 Low Slip Silhouette

You can now go laceless slipping on a true basketball shoe legend .Rocking the Air Jordan 1 Retro Low Slip that is completely  laceless which has an easy press stud closure for feet security and support .It is designed with a Air Sole unit lightweight foam midsole that will provide all day comfort for the most busy lifestyles.

History Of Jordan 1 Kicks

Jordan Retro 1

Air Jordan I | Designer : Peter Moore | Released : 1985 | Original Price : $65

Current sneakerhead culture has its roots in the original Air  Jordan 1 that launched in 1985. Nike, and subsequently the Jordan Brand,has honored this iconic silhouette numerous times since with release of the Retro 1.

The Chicago Bulls used their third overall draft pick on Jordan, a 1982 NCAA champion who would go on to win Olympic gold later in the summer of 1984. Jordan signed a five-year endorsement deal with Nike, reportedly worth $2.5 million (plus royalties), an enormous outlay for an athlete who hadn’t yet proven himself on the professional level.

The NBA banned the original Air Jordan for not meeting the league’s stringent policy on uniforms and colors. Jordan wore them anyway and faced a $5,000-per-game fine as a result. Recognizing a unique marketing opportunity when it presented itself, Nike happily paid the fine. And MJ rocked them all the way to his Rookie of the Year honor.

This Air Jordan was the only one in the series to feature the familiar Nike Swoosh logo. And predating the Jumpman logo, the OG shoe featured the Wings logo – a basketball with wings stretching from both sides and “Air Jordan” printed above the ball. Nike filed the Wings logo as a trademark on May 7, 1985.

Leather overlays on the upper offered durability and easy color blocking, and a perforated leather toe box lent ventilation.


Jordan Retro 2

Air Jordan II | Designer : Bruce Kilgore | Released : 1986 | Original Price : $100

Nike faced a unique challenge following the unprecedented success of the original Air Jordan; how to follow it up. The popularity of the shoe’s namesake, Michael Jordan, already had begun outgrowing his home country, and Nike went to Italy to produce the Air Jordan II.He only got to wear the AJ II for 18 games due to a broken foot.


Jordan Retro 3

Air Jordan III | Designer : Tinker Hatfield | Released : 1988 | Original Price : $100

The basketball world was still getting to know Michael Jordan, the ad campaign surrounding the Air Jordan III introduced one prominent playground baller who knew MJ, and MJ’s increasingly prominent shoes,all too well.Architect-turned-designer
Tinker Hatfield took the lead on this, the first of more than two dozen Air Jordans he would go on to design. Hatfield sparked some style trends on the AJ III that have continued well into the 21st century. Most notably, he introduced elephant print overlays on the upper that have resurfaced periodically in re-issues of the AJ III as well as other Jordan models since then .

Prior to the AJ III, basketball shoes were mostly only basketball specific  shoes. Finally, the shoe was the first Air Jordan to feature a visible Air-Sole unit under the heel. It retained Nike’s “Air” embroidery on the heel, encapsulated Air in the forefoot, and apolyurethane midsole for cushioning the feet better.


Jordan Retro 4

Air Jordan IV | Designer : Tinker Hatfield | Released : 1989 | Original Price : $110

Following the success of the Air Jordan III, designer Tinker Hatfield delivered
one of the more comfortable Air Jordans in the series, the Air Jordan IV.

The Jumpman logo made its second appearance on the tongue but with the word “Flight” added below it.Wearing
the AJ IV, MJ was voted to his fifth consecutive All-Star game and won the league scoring title for the third consecutive year. One of the most memorable AJ IV moments was when Michael hit the series-clinching, hanging jumper over Cleveland’s Craig Ehlo in the first round of the playoffs better known as “The Shot”


Jordan Retro 5

Air Jordan V | Designer : Tinker Hatfield | Released : 1990 | Original Price : $125

The Air Jordan V was a statement of Michael Jordan’s aggressive nature on the court. Released in February 1990 for $125, the AJ V featured a sharktooth design on the lateral (outer) midsole that designer Tinker Hatfield drew from a World War II P-51 Mustang fighter plane.

Jordan Retro 6

Air Jordan VI | Designer : Tinker Hatfield | Released : 1991 | Original Price : $125

The Air Jordan VI is a fixture in basketball history. Released in February 1991, Michael Jordan wore it to the Chicago Bulls’ first championship just a few months later.Carrying over from the AJ V were the sculpted midsole, Air heel cushioning, and translucent (“frosty”) outsole. And while the original releases consisted of leather, the Black/Infrared colorway included rich suede.

AJ VI included a clean toe cap, a rubber tongue with finger loops, lace locks, a molded heel tab, and an inner booty sleeve designed for comfort.


Jordan Retro 7

Air Jordan VII | Designer : Tinker Hatfield | Released : 1992 | Original Price : $125

Like Michael Jordan, Tinker Hatfield set out to repeat as a winner with a championship-caliber design on the Air Jordan VII.
It also incorporated Nike’s Huarache technology – named for a Mexican style of sandal – as a neoprene inner booty to improve comfort and fit. This helped eliminate extra weight and made it one of the lightest basketball shoes at the time.

The visual paid homage to west African tribal art, featuring bold lines on the midsole.MJ wore the Olympic-inspired colorway to a gold medal with the incomparable “Dream Team” at the 1992 summer games in Barcelona.


Jordan Retro 8

Air Jordan VIII | Designer : Tinker Hatfield | Released : 1993 | Original Price : $125

The brand returned to its padded collar from the Huarache style of the VII, and the inner booty sock returned as well. Also returning was Bugs Bunny in the shoe’s marketing campaign. One aesthetic twist was the carpeted circular Jumpman logo on the tongue; the only such appearance in the Jordan line.

These sneakers  consisted of a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) support and a poly carbonate plate, along with anti-inversion crossing straps to lock down the foot. Extra padding added protection but also added weight.


Jordan Retro 9

Air Jordan IX | Designer : Tinker Hatfield | Released : 1993 | Original Price : $125

After leading Chicago to a third straight championship in 1993, the maestro walked off the stage. Michael Jordan shocked the basketball world by retiring that October.


The AJ IX became the first Air Jordan that the man himself would never wear in competition. Though, ironically, it’s the AJ IX that’s depicted on the statue of MJ outside the United Center in Chicago. Nike built the AJ IX’s upper with leather, nubuck, and mesh. The nubuck area wrapped around the toe and included reflective sparkles in three of the four original colorways. The inner booty sockliner carried over from the previous two Air Jordans. A one-pull lacing system debuted with theAJ IX.

A polyurethane midsole sat atop the rubber outsole in a tooth-like design. The back of the shoe featured a molded plastic globe graphic with a Jumpman logo. The sole of the shoes   featured words in different languages, symbolizing MJ’s popularity
expanding globally.


Jordan Retro 10

Air Jordan X | Designer : Tinker Hatfield | Released : 1994 | Original Price : $125

Michael Jordan returned to the NBA on March 19, 1995, against theIndiana Pacers, he wore the “Chicago” colorway of the Air Jordan X.The AJ X’s design was very simplistic. It featured clean lines, lightweight cushioning, and an outsole that commemorated his career to that point. The original “steel” version was designed with a stitched toe piece, which MJ didn’t like. So all subsequent colorways of the AJ X had aclean toe cap.

The AJ X featured a padded collar, pull tab at the heel, and an elastic band lacing system. Nikebuilt the midsole of the AJ X of Phylon lightweight foam. It was connected to a rubber outsole that listed Jordan’s career achievements on alternating stripes.


Jordan Retro 11

Air Jordan XI | Designer : Tinker Hatfield | Released : 1995 | Original Price : $125

Thanks to great performance coupled with an innovative design, the Air Jordan XI (particularly the Concord colorway) is one of the most-loved sneakers ever. Sole Collector magazine voted the XI the top shoe of all time.

Tinker Hatfield watched video of Michael Jordan and noticed MJ’s foot would roll off the foot bed on hard cuts. So Hatfield took that opportunity to blend substance with style, adding patent leather for the first time on a basketball shoe. Patent leather was stronger, and it fit MJ’s reported desire to have a shoe that could be worn with a suit.

The upper consisted of a polymer-coated, thin nylon ballistic mesh material. The collar and tongue were padded for ankle comfort. The translucent frosty outsole lay atop the shank plate for extra spring. The shoe also included a full-length Air-Sole unit.


Jordan Retro 12

Air Jordan XII | Designer : Tinker Hatfield | Released : 1996 | Original Price : $135

Tinker Hatfield drew from very different areas in designing the Air Jordan XII, taking inspiration from a women’s fashion shoe and the Japanese flag.

The AJ XII was clean and simple. The rich leather upper was stitched to resemble a rising sun, while faux reptile leather comprised the toe and accent overlays. The AJ XII featured the slogan “TWO 3” down the tongue, metal lace loops with Jumpman logos, and a pull tab that ran up the entire heel that read, “QUALITY INSPIRED BY THE GREATEST PLAYER EVER.”

This was the first Air Jordan to feature an ultra-responsive Zoom Air unit, as well as lateral and medial support panels designed to work together to create one of the most durable shoes in the signature series. The shoe also had a full-length carbon fiber shank like its predecessor.

Originally released in five colorways, the AJ XII’s offerings included the Black/Red that MJ wore during Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz, a game that came to be known as “The Flu Game.Beginning in 2003, the Air Jordan XII was re-released in several additional colors.


Jordan Retro 13

Air Jordan XIII | Designer : Tinker Hatfield | Released : 1997 | Original Price : $150

Michael Jordan attacked the court and opponents  with the quickness, power,and ferocity of a predatory cat. Tinker Hatfield tapped into this feel for the Air Jordan XIII, not even realizing at the time that some of MJ’s friends already had been calling him the “Black Cat.”

Released on Nov. 1, 1997, the Air Jordan XIII was loaded with both performance and design elements. Perhaps the most prominent feature was a hologram on the upper that resembled the eye of a panther, while the outsole featured a paw-like design. The XIII also featured Zoom Air in the heel and forefoot, and a Phylon lightweight-foam midsole. That and podular tooling made this possibly the most comfortable Air Jordan in the series.

A carbon fiber shank in the midfoot lent  torsional rigidity, and an asymmetrical collar was designed to balance
ankle support with flexibility needed for hard cuts.


Jordan Retro 14

Air Jordan XIV | Designer : Tinker Hatfield & Mark Smith | Released : 1998 | Original Price : $150

Introduced during the 1998 NBA Finals, it would be the last shoe Michael Jordan would wear as a Chicago Bull.The XIV was influenced  by MJ’s love for exotic sports cars, inspired specifically by a Ferrari. The AJ XIV featured a Ferrari-like shield featuring a Jumpman logo, just one of seven Jumpman logos on each shoe; a total of 14 per pair. The logo is visible on the side heel,
outsole, insole, back heel, toe, and on the metal lace tips.

Theshoe’s asymmetrical collar was designed to blend ankle support with flexibility, while Hatfield and Smith worked breathable mesh vents into the outsole. They also included dual Zoom Air units into the outsole, and the low-profile heel and forefoot gave the AJ XIV a sleek silhouetteas well as a comfortable ride.


Jordan Retro 15

Air Jordan XV | Designer : Tinker Hatfield | Released : 1999 | Original Price : $150

Michael Jordan announced his retirement on Jan. 13, 1999, prior to the beginning of the lockout-shortened season. So designer Tinker Hatfield was once again challenged to design a shoe that MJ would never wear on the court. Hatfield again tapped an aspect of MJ’s playing style, this time drawing inspiration from the X-15 fighter plane, which set speed and altitude records through the 1960s.

Like its inspiration, the AJ XV had an aggressive, sharp-edged silhouette. The upper was built with a woven Kevlar material, it had a fully molded Pebax reinforced heel counter, and it incorporated a large mesh tongue that stuck out (mimicking MJ himself). The heel counter featured numbers significant to MJ’s career: 23.6.15 represented his jersey number, the number of titles he won, and the shoe model. The heel counter extended to the outsole and read 2.17, Jordan’s birthday.

The XV featured a hidden speed-lacing system, a seamless dynamic-fit sleeve, rubber herringbone traction pods, an injected thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) external heel counter and a breathable leather pattern. The XV also featured a full Zoom Air for low-profile cushioning feel.



Jordan Retro 16

Air Jordan XVI | Designer : Wilson Smith III | Released : 2001 | Original Price : $160

Much like the man himself, the Air Jordan line went through a transition with the AJ XVI. Michael Jordan transitioned into his role as a part owner and the president of basketball operations with the Washington Wizards.


The  shoe was styled with the boardroom in mind. It had a patent leather toe rand – taken from the AJ XI – and the full-grain leather and breathable mesh upper was covered by a unique removable shroud that allowed the AJ XVI to transition from the hardwood to the halls of power. The shroud was the first such lace cover on an Air Jordan since the AJ VIII an began a run of five Air Jordans that would cover the laces. The XVI included a magnetic fastening cover for added lockdown.

The square toe box was very roomy compared to previous Air Jordans, and the shoe returned to the visible Air-Sole cushioning and the frosty (translucent) outsole that was featured on Air Jordans V, VI and XI. The AJ XVI introduced a blow-molded heel and forefoot Zoom Air to the line as the Air Jordan progressed toward performance basketball.

Four colorways of the AJ XVI were released in 2001. The Black/Red and White/Navy versions featured patent leather toes and the wheat model had a rich suede upper. The Cherrywood color consisted of full-grain leather. Two low versions were released as well: White/Red and Black/Black.

Considered to be one of the most stylish off-court Air Jordans, Michael wore the XVI with a suit in ads for his brand back in 2001.


Jordan Retro 17

Air Jordan XVII | Designer : Wilson Smith III | Released : 2002 | Original Price : $200

When Michael Jordan resigned as the Washington Wizards’ president of basketball operations and returned to the court, he did so in the Air Jordan XVII.

The AJXVII included fine details of the luxurious Aston Martin.A testament to one of MJ’s  favorite pastimes outsole design is said to resemble the greens of a golf course ,fairways and sand traps

The XVII featured a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) heel stabilizer, heel and forefoot. Tuned Air (pods that adjust the amount of air they contain, a first for the Jordan line), a dynamic-fit sleeve, hidden quick-lace system, lace locks, a full-length composite shank plate, and variable-width lacing for a more snug fit. Among Smith’s innovations was the inclusion of a removable midfoot cover, which allowed the wearer to choose whether the laces would be visible. This was a visual carryover from the AJ XVI.

AJ XVII is the priciest Air Jordan ever produced at the time with a suggested retail price of $200. It was the first and only Air Jordan tobreak the $200 barrier for all versions until the XX8 in 2013.

One slick innovation lay in the eyelets. If laced properly, the wearer could spell out “XVII” with the laces along the medial (inner) and
lateral (outer) sides of the shoes.

The AJ XVII had multiple versions. Three colorways were released for mids: White/Blue, Black/Black, and White/Red. Another AJ XVII featured metallic copper and faux alligator leather on the heel. Three lows were released, including a White/Lightning All-Star version. Capping the AJ XVII run were three colorways of super low mule slip-ons.

Jordan’s first year back on the court with the Wizards, he averaged nearly 23 points per game. In January 2002, he scored his 30,000th point  fittingly against the Chicago Bulls – while wearing the AJ XVII. Athis 13th All-Star Game, he wore the Air Jordan XVII Low in White/Lightning.


Jordan Retro 18

Air Jordan XVIII | Designer : Tate Kuerbis | Released : 2003 | Original Price : $175

Air Jordan XVIII marked another transition for Michael Jordan and the design team for the brand that bears his name. The shoe’s release year,2003, saw MJ’s final NBA game.

The  footwear drew inspiration from high-end automobiles: sleek racing lines, F1 race cars and race driving shoes. Fine Italian dress shoes also inspired the stitching on the AJ XVIII’s outsole.Featuring a one piece leather upper, a carbon fiber comfort control plate incorporated into the midsole, a hand-stitched outsole, dual-layer heel and low-profile Zoom Air cushioning in the forefoot. The AJ XVII was released in a pull-out box with a cut-out “18” on the lid. It included a brush for the black suede colorway, a towel for cleaning, and the Air Jordan XVIII Driver’s Manual booklet. The brand did a “Love” campaign surrounding the release of the AJ XVIII, celebrating MJ’s career and final NBA season.

Air Jordan released three colorways of the AJ XVIII in 2003. The Black/Royal was made of suede, while the White/Royal and White/Red were leather. Two low cut were released in Black/Black and White/University Blue. Along with the mids
and lows, Jordan released the Air Jordan 18.5. The main alteration in design was a perforated Jumpman logo on the side of the upper part of the sneaker.

In 2002-03 selected to his 14th and final NBA All-Star Game Michael Jordan wore the AJ XVIII kicks

Jordan Retro 19

Air Jordan XIX | Designer : Tate Kuerbis, Wilson Smith III, Jason Mayden,
Josh Heard, Suzette Henri | Released : 2004 | Original Price : $165

The AJ XIX featured lightweight, supportive
Tech Flex material on the upper to create the lightest, most breathable
Air Jordan to date. Tech Flex made the AJ XIX flexible while retaining
support and comfort.

It featured a carbon fiber
shank plate for torsional rigidity, a Phylon lightweight-foam midsole,
patent leather toe box, a Velcro heel strap, and plastic lace-locks. A
double-stacked heel and full-length Zoom Air ensured responsive,
low-profile cushioning.

The AJ XIX’s unique box opened from the middle, and each shoe came in a netted bag. Five colors of the original AJ XIX included the Black/Red, White/White/Grey, White/Black, White/Red, and White/Navy. Four AJ XIX SE colorways were released, as were four low-top models.


Jordan Retro 20

Air Jordan XX | Designer : Tinker Hatfield | Released : 2005 | Original Price : $175


Tinker   Hatfield once again drew on MJ’s love of automobiles and motorsports. The XX also was the last in a five-model run of Air Jordans that covered the laces.

The shoe featured a ventilated sphere lining, an integrated midfoot support strap, a floating ankle leash, and an impact distribution plate. The midfoot strap offered lockdown while hiding the lacing system. Jordan introduced in the AJ XX  the Independent Podular Suspension, a free-moving targeted cushioning system.

The heel bore the numbers 85 and 05, signifying the year the Air Jordan line was born and the year the XX released. The outsole of the XX included 20 herringbone pods that displayed the heritage of the Air Jordan franchise. An interesting highlight of the AJ XX was the laser-etched logo treatment on the strap, created by Mark Smith, to pay homage to Jordan’s life.

The XX released in three original colorways: White/Red/Black, Black/Black/Red, and White/Black/Red. Three regional colorways also were released: Chutney/White/Black, Red/White/Black, and University Blue/White/Black. A low and a 3/4 also were released in 2005.


Jordan Retro 21

Air Jordan XX1 | Designer : D’Wayne Edwards | Released : 2006 | Original Price : $175

The Air Jordan XX1 kept  the same theme of luxurious automobiles that was popular throughout the Jordan line.This sneaker drew inspiration from the Bentley Continental GT luxury car.

The embodiment of premium style and elegance featured a seamless diamond-quilted bootie, clean upper, and a lower foot air grille. The double-lasted Phylon lightweight foam midsole lent a low-profile feel, while a carbon fiber shank plate allowed for maximum midfoot and arch support architecture .

New component of the AJ XX1 was the evolution of the Independent Podular Suspension technology. The
wearer could choose between Zoom Air or encapsulated Air cushioning in the heel of the shoe.

Two original colorways of the Air Jordan XX1 released in 2006. The White/Red model consisted of full-grain leather, while the Red/Black was constructed of rich suede. Two low versions also were released featuring black and white colors.


Jordan Retro 22

Air Jordan XX2 | Designer : D’Wayne Edwards | Released : 2007 | Original Price : $165

The Air Jordan XX2  shoe had the  qualities of game’s greatest player. Inspiration came from the F-22 Raptor fighter jet,  embodiment of the lethal speed and amazing agility .

The sharp lines of the XX2’s upper were patterned after the sharp maneuverability of the F-22, and the shoe’s efficient sculpted design and a stable extended heel counter made it lightweight and supportive, similar to a jet fighter airplane .

These kicks featured a triangular quilted pattern on the collar and a seamless bootie that maximized comfort and
breath ability. It featured zigzag stitching inspired by the jet. The first titanium-coated shank plate was built into the XX2, as were
titanium lace loops/lace locks. An invisible Independent Podular Suspension system, updated from the previous Air Jordan .Offered responsive double stacked Zoom Air low-profile cushioning or shock-absorbing encapsulated Air. A fresh chevron pattern was introduced to the outsole to improve traction.

AJ XX2 was released during the 2007 All-Star weekend on MJ’s 44th birthday, Feb. 17. Fifteen original colorways of the XX2 included a special edition made out of basketball leather. Other colorways represented various cities including Seattle, Dallas, Denver, Detroit and Atlanta.


Jordan Retro 23

Air Jordan XX3 | Designer : Tinker Hatfield | Released : 2008 | Original Price : $185

Michael Jordan made 23 the most famous jersey number in basketball if not all of sports history. Air Jordan XX3 would be one of the most anticipated sneakers in footwear ever seen. Tinker Hatfield returned to lead the design, and his take included new technology and craftsmanship to deliver a timeless addition to the Air Jordan shoe line.

The XX3 was the first basketball shoe to incorporate the Nike Considered construction system, which was developed to reduce waste and use environmentally friendly materials without affecting the performance of the shoe. MJ’s initials are stitched on the upper of each colorway. The shoe features a reinforced quarter panels hand-stitched upper, articulated chassis, full-length quilted bootie and carbon fiber shank plate.

Additionally has the lowest profile midsole of any of the Air Jordans, adding a responsive performance element. Zoom Air and tuned IPS pillars combined to lend cushioning. The tongue of each shoe features different logos: the left has a Jumpman and the right has a “23” logo. The outsole was modeled after MJ’s thumbprint. This also was seen on the inside of the tongue to represent the impact and identity of the man himself, whose signature was included on the toe box.

With a lot of fanfare  around the XX3, 23 pairs of the Titanium model were released at the top 23 locations in the United States, retailing at $230 in Jan. 25, 2008. An All-Star colorway was released that February of that year.Other colorways included the White/Red, Grey/White/Black/Gold, and Stealth that was released a short time later. Three additional versions were created to commemorate MJ’s three teams: Black/University Blue/White for UNC, Black/Red/White for the Bulls, and Black/Royal/White for the Wizards. After the general releases, 23 pairs of a Black/Red XX3 were released at 23 pre-selected locations.


Air Jordan 2009

Air Jordan 2009 | Designer : Jason Mayden | Released : 2009 | Original Price : $190

After the Air Jordan XX3, the Jordan brand continued the iconic Air series but transitioned away from the numbered system. Each of the next four Air Jordan game shoes would be named after the year it was released.

The XX3 design was influenced by the Air Jordan I sneaker.Incorporated with panache leather influenced to the style of the AJ XI. The 2009 was the second Air Jordan to use the Nike Considered process, which focuses on low waste, and on water-based
solvent materials that don’t harm the environment.

The upper has pleated satin material for increased durability, and greater ventilation and lockdown. The lightweight design contours to the foot to maximize responsiveness and support.

The AJ 2009 has a Phylon lightweight-foam midsole for impact absorption and forefoot Zoom Air for cushioning. The design of the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) chassis is inspired by blown glass, lending a unique look to every shoe. The carbon fiber arch plate assists midfoot support and performance by lending torsional rigidity.

As with the XX3, Articulated Propulsion Technology cushioning allows for quick lateral movement on the court. The herringbone outsole includes flex grooves for natural motion and multi directional traction.

The 2009 launched in two colorways: White/Black/Grey and Black/Varsity Red. It was then released in the Black/Metallic Gold S23 colorway, which was limited to 2,009 pairs. Later in 2009, the Black/Varsity Red/White/Metallic Gold Hall of Fame colorway was released to commemorate MJ’s induction.

Air Jordan 2010

Air Jordan 2010 | Designer : Tinker Hatfield & Mark Smith | Released : 2010 | Original Price : $170

Air Jordan line turned 25 in 2010. The asymmetrical collar makes a return to theAir Jordan line with a higher medial (inner) side of the collar and the lateral side dropping lower than normal.

The 2010 has a clean toe and features a forefoot that is independent from the rest of the shoe, though a six-row stitch holds the toe together. It features clear thermoplastic polyurethane in only the essential areas on the shoe. The Phylon lightweight-foam midsole is
carved out and contoured for the best on-court performance. Full length Zoom Air unit is bottom-loaded into the outsole for low profile shock dispersion. This was borrowed from the world of running shoes and hadn’t been seen in basketball until now.

Lower to the ground and lighter, the 2010 was built to feel broken-in on the first wear. It has a thinner Zoom Air bag that provides the player with a better ability to feel the floor. The sneaker caters to the modern basketball player who needs to get up and down the court faster and more often. It features a comfortable, glove-like fit assuring the shoe fits snugly against the foot. The protruding outrigger provides excellent lateral stability.

This 25th Air Jordan is another Considered product, which avoids using harmful toxins to the environment and is built using fewer glues, and less stitching, energy, and waste .

Air Jordan 2011

Air Jordan 2011 | Designer : Tinker Hatfield & Tom Luedecke | Released : 2011 | Original Price : $180

The Jordan 2011 that highlight the high-quality craftsmanship, such as the fade of color in the leather, which can be hand-buffed for a change in color. In addition, the Jordan 2011 features a distinctive perforated pattern on the upper, a dynamic fit system and two mesh windows for breath ability. This attention to detail is what makes the 2011 such an extraordinary product. To top it off, the 2011 features a crazy lacing system – set up like “five little seatbelts” – and a brilliant insole/cushioning system.

There are two cushioning options with the AJ 2011:

The ‘Explosive’ option consists of red insoles for the explosiveplayer. They feature soft Cushlon foam with a full-length air bag,
creating a very responsive option for your feet.

The ‘Quick’ alternative entails a blue insole of Phylon lightweight foam and Zoom Air low-profile cushioning in the heel and forefoot, as this option is more about impact protection.

They were packaged with the left shoe as the “Explosive” and the right as the “Quick,” so wearers could tell right away which one was the right choice .


Air Jordan 2012

Air Jordan 2012 | Designer : Tinker Hatfield & Tom Luedecke | Released : 2012 | Original Price : $180

The “Fly Around” midsole is meant for quick perimeter players who relyon speed and agility to reach the basket. It features forefoot foam and a Zoom Air low-profile cushioning unit in the heel.

The “Fly Over” midsole is for the player who relies on elevation and off-the-ground explosiveness to impact the game. This midsole has a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot and an encapsulated Air Sole unit in the heel for a soft landing.

– The power player looking to control the inside is offered the “Fly Through” sole, with its full-length Air-Sole unit for an appropriate amount of impact protection.

They were packaged with the left shoe as the “Explosive” and the right as the “Quick,” so wearers could
tell right away which one was the right choice for them.

. The low-cut sleeve works well for the quick player
seeking a greater range of motion. The high-cut sleeve enhances overall
ankle support, stability, and foot protection.

The AJ 2012 couldn’t be a high-performance sneaker without a well-built outer shell. Hatfield and Luedecke brought several
performance innovations to the shoe, which included the debut of a Jordan-specific carbon-weave shank plate for superior midfoot stability. The wingtip on the toe-box has tight double stitching and perforations in the shape of an “M” as a reference to the man himself. Thin lines throughout the midsole give the shoe some extra style while also serving as scratch marks that represent Jordan’s “Black Cat” nickname.

Air Jordan XX8

Air Jordan XX8 | Designer : Tinker Hatfield | Released : 2013 | Original Price : $250

February 2013 saw the return to the numbered naming convention of the Air Jordan series I through XX3, as the brand had gone with the year from 2009 through 2012.

The XX8 featured all the cushioning and stability technologies one might expect from Jordan’s flagship model. But it all lived behind a shroud, zippered to enable the wearer to decide just how much to reveal.

The sock-like shroud of the XX8, comprised of a high end material from Schoeller textiles in Switzerland, featured a zipper front
that folded down neatly to reveal a “2” on the medial (out) side of one shoe and a “3” on the medial of the other MJ’s number. It offers a blank slate that the Jordan brand promised to usefor a variety of eye-catching colorways during the shoe’s life cycle.

The XX8 featured a number of technologies:

– Zoom Air for low-profile cushioning

– All-new Jordan Flight Plate for torsional rigidity

– Dynamic Fit straps for flexible support

– Carbon fiber heel counter for support

– Mesh upper for flexibility and ventilation

The new Jordan Flight Plate that debuted in the midsole of the XX8 was about two years in development. It consisted of a moderator plate, the Zoom Air unit, and rubber.For added stability, the XX8 included a molded, carbon-fiber external heel counter that
served as a natural extension of the Flight Plate.

Air Jordan XX9

Air Jordan XX9 | Designer : Tinker Hatfield | Released : 2014 | Original Price : $225

Launched September 2014 honoring  the Chinese Year of the Goat. Air Jordan XX9 was the lightest ever created in the AJ line and mixed premium elements of technology and aesthetics  .

A revolutionary upper consisted of a performance-woven single piece, designed to eliminate excessive layering. This finish allowed a wide open design canvas, which debuted and continued in some colorways with an oversized Jumpman logo.Designed upper to allow structure, support, interior comfort, and exterior abrasion resistance in a style inspired by an Italian label manufacturer. This upper alleviated an issue in previous versions, where the old practice of adding layers could create problem areas.
The fall release broke tradition for the Jordan brand, which had been releasing mid-winter since the AJ XVI in February 2000.The
flexible, sock-like feel for which Hatfield aimed in the AJ XX9 came from Flight Web tunnels and strategic panels of stiffer and softer flex material. These were created to enhance natural motion. With webbed straps wrapped the foot and integrated with the laces at the midfoot to move with the foot.

A double lasted heel helped to cushion impact and articulated padding in the ankle collar added tothe premium look as well as the comfort of the sneaker

Air Jordan XXX

Air Jordan XXX | Designer : Tinker Hatfield & Mark Smith | Released : 2016 | Original Price : $200

In guiding the Air Jordan line of signature sneakers into the future, Tinker Hatfield drew his direction from the past. It was an image of Michael Jordan soaring to the hoop during the 1988 slam dunk contest that inspired Hatfield as the legendary designer partnered with Mark Smith to develop the Air Jordan XXX.

Released on February 12, 2016, the AJ XXX served as an evolutionary step from theAJ XX9, which introduced a single-piece woven upper to the Jordan family. Hatfield pointed to the AJs III, IV, and V – and the barely noticeable differences in the midsole and outsole among the three models – as proof that Jays will carry over tooling that has worked previously.

AJ XXX broke into five categories:

Height – Taking another page from the past, Hatfield and Smith chose an asymmetrical collar similar to that of the AJ XII, a design aimed at blending ankle support with flexibility and mobility.

Toe – MJ has long liked the “toe down” look of his shoes. Smith designed the toe specially for the XXX, though he did draw from the
patent leather rand of the XI.

While the Flight Plate of the XX9 became the Flight Speed of the XXX, Hatfield and Smith described the difference as being little more than “the cut.” It’s important to maintain much of what works, they said, so they’re not asking one of Jordan’s top athletes, Russell Westbrook, to start from scratch as a test pilot every year.

Material – Hatfield and Smith struck a careful balance between maintaining the performance features that worked, while pushing the
design envelope as Jordan brand fans have come to expect. The upper is a soft and breathable mix of woven and knit materials. The “lofted knit” that lends padded comfort to the supportive ankle collar is the firstsuch appearance in the Jordan line, according to Smith. A visual element on the midsole also offers a fresh look, adding a “galaxy” image to the shoe.

Fit – This one-piece upper was designed to carry over the flexible feel of the XX9, and while the downsized Flight Speed plate was intended to bring along the technology thatenabled the wearer to be quick on the court.

Air Jordan XXXI

Air Jordan XXXI | Designer : Tate Kuerbis | Released : 2016 | Original Price : $185

For the Air Jordan XXXI that the Jordan brand unveiled to the public in July 2016 and released that September, he drew heavily from the original Air Jordan for the silhouette of the XXXI.

Benefits of infusing the original Air Jordan included its added ankle support with the higher top, and that its lower-profile midsole put the foot low to the ground. This allowed the wearer to be more responsive on the court, shifting one way before breaking the other, according to the designer.

One way the AJ XXXI looked to the future was in the way it incorporated old-school leather with the latest technology, Flyweave. Born of aerospace technology, Flyweave uses old-school weaving of space-age fabric for an upper that is lightweight but strong.

Combining Flyweave with leather in the heel gives the wearer a flexible forefootalong with support and containment in the heel.

The ankle collar trimmed down the amount of foam, removing some unneeded weight while leaving enough to focus padding and support where the ankle needs it. That gave the shoe a one-to-one fit and added to the lockdown the wearer would need.

Nike designed its midsole Flight Speed system to blend elements to give athletes an explosive first step as well as an extra boost in their jumps as well as their jump shot.

The combined woven-and-leather upper also lent itself to interesting color blocking, which the Jordan brand put on display with its first Black-Red (“Bred”) Chicago-inspired release. Again borrowing from the look of the original, the AJ XXXI interspersed black and red threads throughout the weave, creating a subtle fade pattern that gave way to black on the heel. That set an ideal backdrop for the familiar red Jumpman logo that MJ made so famous. Incorporated into the weave was a subtle Nike Swoosh, the first logo to adorn MJ’s signature shoes. But the second, and MJ’s first personal logo, was the Wings logo, which is embossed on the medial/inner side of the ankle collar.

It all sits atop a color gradient midsole. And while most of the AJ XXXI’s colorways follow this general template, some go for a more monochromatic look. And others, like the Black/Metallic Silver/Black, include a translucent
“frosty” outsole.


Air Jordan XXXII

Air Jordan XXXII | Designer : Tate Kuerbis | Released : 2017 | Original Price : $185

Before taking its next step forward, the Jordan brand first cast its gaze to the past.That meant revisiting the first Air Jordan to be manufactured outside the United States, in Italy. It was by visiting Italia that Jordan was able to find the refined mastery of processes that it wanted in order to convey the sense of premium styling that was so important to MJ.


Most noticeable is the way the XXXII emulates the sloping lines of the II. The horizontal fins across the Achilles on the II are blown out on the XXXII, covering a larger area and flowing into the rest of the design.  AJ XXXII is a premium blend of high
performance with luxurious aesthetics.AJ features a Flyknit upper stitching for the first time ever. Comprised of high tenacity yarn that combines stretch,zonal lockdown and support. Has a deeper texture than recent Air Jordan models that also featured woven
uppers. Esthetically mixes the ideas of flexibility, performance and comfort.The cushioning includes tuned up
Flight Speed technology, a midfoot carbon-fiber plate designed to unharness the energy of low-profile Zoom Air units.

The XXXII positioned the Zoom Air bag similar to how it was used in the Air Jordan XX8, which Jordan touted as being a significant step forward in the line’s technology. The smallest bits add up to a whole new look. The Wings logo appears on the
tongue, and the laces virtually disappear into the Flyknit upper.Even the traction got new detailing. A herringbone traction pattern consisting of a wiper-blade look was designed to add a tried-and-true grip on the court. But through the frosty outsole you’ll see the familiar Jumpman logo.

The release of the XXXII marked the first time an Air Jordan model was released globally in both a mid and a low.


Air Jordan 1 Low Slip Have Arrived

Back in March 2019 Jordan Brand added a different version of the Air Jordan 1 basketball shoe to their collection with the  women’s exclusive Air Jordan 1 Low Slip introduction.

These kicks has Sail leather upper quality overlays. Swoosh logos  are on eash side and toe cap completed with exposed tags running down the tongues and heels.

Main Features

  • Laceless design has a button-snap tongue for easy on and off.
  • Encapsulated Air-Sole unit in the heel enhances cushioning.
  • Elongated tongue label is inspired by the original Air Jordan.
  • Foam midsole gives you a cushioned ride.
  • Solid rubber outsole provides durability and traction.
  • Colour Shown: Atmosphere Grey/Pale Ivory/Pale Ivory.Available @Ebay for US $84.99


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