Air Jordan 12-GS Racer Pink Air Jordan 2019 Sneaker Drop


Of The Air Jordan 12 GS Racer Pink

Racer Pink  Air Jordan 12 
releases on July 31st 2019 Price tag is set at $140 USD.

Air Jordan XII

Air Jordan XII is the
twelfth Air Jordan sneaker and released in 1996. It was designed by
Tinker Hatfield and the design was inspired by the ‘Rising Sun’ of
Japan. The most memorable Air Jordan XII is the ‘Flu Game that I had  blogged about previously

.It comes featured with  of the kicks is a mix of leather, carbon fiber, and Zoom Air.Some mid and
low-top have been released with leather and nubuck. Pairs of the
Air Jordan 12 are confirmed to release as part of Nike and Jordan
Brand’s Chinese New Year, 2019 collection in sizes ranging from adult
all the way down to infant.

On the heels the debut of the Air Jordan 12 Wolf Grey/Vivid Pink back in 2016 I made an article on this release , Jordan Brand will be releasing another Grey/Pink grade school exclusive Air Jordan 12 later this year.

Air Jordan XII Released In 1996 Designed Through Tinker Hatfield  Inspired By The ‘Rising Sun’

When it comes to Jordan Brand’s summertime footwear for girls, the Air Jordan 12
is always a popular choice. It’s released in several small-sized
makeups over the past few years, and the latest warm weather-ready combo
to grace its high-cut upper is this classically styled mix of grey and
pink. The upper’s base is dressed entirely in a cool wolf grey shade,
while vibrant pink accents appear on both the large mudguard and the
heel tab’s text branding. The midsole and outsole then complete the look
with a mixture of white/grey, and a final pop of pink appears on the
rear’s “23” badge. Simple yet effective, these new AJ12s are sure to be a
seasonal favorite, one that’s ready for any and all midsummer
functions. Looking to grab these kicks?

Girl Love Air Jordans Too!

Although it’s unquestionably iconic from top to bottom, the Air Jordan 12
has always been both extra-popular and present in girls grade school
styles, and now it’s getting another smaller-sized makeup, thanks to
this new “Racer Pink” colorway. The upper is dressed in a sleek grey
nubuck, while the AJ12’s signature mudguard and plastic midfoot piece
both feature a hot pink that seemingly surges off of its straightforward
background. Further details are then provided by a grey/pink heel tab
with Jordan branding, two silver eyelets at the top of the lacing
system, and a grey Jumpman logo/text on the tongue plus a pink #23 on
the lower heel. The midsole utilizes both white and grey, and a
white/pink outsole that’s split in the middle to reveal a signature
carbon fiber midfoot plate completes the look. These new 12s are set to
release on July 31st for $140 USD, so stay tuned for a store list as the
date of arrival draws closer, and be sure to check our our Jordan Release Dates page to see what else the Jumpman’s got on the way this summer.



Jordan Brand has another Air Jordan 12 GS in the works, featuring a Wolf Grey & Racer Pink color scheme.

The grey & pink Air Jordan 12s will be available in grade school, pre school and toddler sizing starting July 31 2019.


Natural Born Sneaker Head

Raised on the South Side of Chicago, singer, rapper and writer
Dreezy [@DreezyDreezy] is fresh talent who can flick the switch from
melodic R&B delivery to spitting staccato bars.  


 Chicago’s “princess of rap” took some time out from collaborating with
hip hop’s finest to talk about growing up Jordan.





“Since I was born, my daddy was a real sports fan and was always into basketball. He managed to get some fresh J’s on my feet.

I would roll with my daddy everywhere. Going to my grandma’s house,
going to school or a friend’s house. I still wear Jordans to this day.
No telling where I wear ‘em – to my shows, coolin’ in the studio.”

“I’ve always been a tomboy. My momma went all out for me. My
step daddy worked at the limo company so I used to get dropped off at
school in a limo in my J’s and my diamond earrings.

I was never the girly type. I didn’t even know I was one of the
freshest kids in school. I was out there playing football with the boys,
I was just always into shoes and stuff like that. I didn’t think the
girls were really into that. I’ve had almost all the Jordans. I like the
exclusive drops now. It’s always got that cool kid vibe to it.”

“I wear heels every now and then, but I’m a really hard
sneaker girl. I’m a rapper. I like to jump on top of speakers, get in
the crowd. Get on the table. I like having fun with it. Sneakers are
just kind of flexible to me. I’ve probably got three pairs of heels in
my closet.

I don’t think my parents knew how serious I was about music until I
dropped out of college and went about my way. I’ve been singing and
writing my whole life, since I picked up a pen. I started writing as a
way to express myself, and poetry tied into it. When I started doing
music it was all one and the same.”

“Rap is my basketball league. I feel like I’m going out
there and I’m going against all these guys and I’ve got to go just as
hard. I have my favorite rapper and I have my icons that I look up to.

There’s still a hype about Jordan. I hope to build a legacy that will
last forever, for my kids. I want to set an example for everybody. I’m
on it right now and I’m definitely paying attention to how people are
moving and what they’re doing.”




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Adidas Basketball Shoes-Kanye West Shoes

Jordan Brand Expected To Be Supplanted By Kanye West’s Yeezy Brand  

Adidas Yeezy is a collaboration between German sportswear brand Adidas and American rapper Kanye West. The Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost “Grey” was the first sneaker to release from this collaboration on February 23, 2015.


Yeezy Brand Helps Kanye To Eliminate Debt


Kanye West originally designed a shoe for Adidas in 2006, but it was never released. The first brand to officially collaborate with Kanye West and have a shoe line was Bape. Together, West and Bape released a pair of Bapesta “College Dropout” shoes. He has also designed shoes for Louis Vuitton and Nike. His collaboration with Nike lasted for five years and a total of three (two silhouettes, Yeezy 1 and the Yeezy 2) sneaker styles were released. In 2013, after the release of the “Red October” Air Yeezy 2s, Kanye West officially left Nike. Kanye West wanted Nike to grant him royalties, but they denied his request. Kanye West reached out to Adidas and they agreed to give him royalties. In February 2015, a year and three months after the confirmation of the Adidas and Kanye West collaboration, the collaboration officially debuted. “Yeezy Season 1” was highly anticipated and celebrities such as Kim K West  and Rihanna, were at the showing. “Yeezy Season 2” and “Yeezy Season 3” Were all were all off  the  Richter scale smash hits .


Kanye West is known for his music, temper, ego, and his relationship to the Kardashians in addition to his widely successful clothing and shoe lines. His Yeezy Boost sneakers incorporate the popular Boost technology featured in many of Adidas’s products. They’ve also sold out within minutes of being released to the public, and have a resale value in the thousands. But why did Kanye decide to start a clothing line, what was the inspiration for the style, and where’d the name come from?


Good Idea To Start A Fashion House From Scratch?

Kanye West decide to release a fashion line? For the same reason that many other celebrities decide to; for the brand recognition.

Releasing a clothing line is a marketing strategy. When someone who’s already well-known puts their name on a fashion line, it not only generates revenue for the company that produced it, it also generates another outlet for an artist’s name to become more popular. Furthermore, it gives them another way to express their creativity. This was, in fact, one of the reasons Kanye left Nike; he felt they weren’t allowing him to express his creativity as an artist. He’s now with Adidas and things seem to be going well for the hip-hop mogul.



  Kanye’s nickname is it seem he would choose that particular name for his fashion house clothing line. Every body who is familiar with him  that is is what  he’s synonymous with.. Essentially, Yeezy is a continuation of a trend among other hip-hop artists “eezy,” is put together with  their names;  Like Chris Brown is Breezy, Jay Wayne Jenkins, known professionally as Jeezy and Drake is known as Dreezy to name  some  popular artists
Young Jeezy



It’s the brand and image that these artists personify. It’s what makes them recognizable to fans. So, naturally, Kanye named his clothing line Yeezy.

The Boost part of the name is for the technology used in the shoe. Adidas has a special cushioning called Boost technology that offers a comfortable and more secure fit. Generally, it’s made for athletes, but sneakers can be worn as a fashion statement, as most celebrities have been known to do this. This is especially true with Yeezy Boost sneakers.

Kanye’s Swag

Kanye’s Yeezy Boost style is inspired by other looks and has an overall street wear appeal to it. His designs incorporate more of a casual look; sweatshirts, t-shirts, leggings, casual jackets, and sneakers that feature brown, black, olive green, and beige colorways. Kanye has said that he feels his clothes are original and incorporate a unique and fresh style.

However, fashion critics don’t feel the same way. Kanye’s style has been torn apart and declared unoriginal, as many of the designs in his clothing lines are similar to designs in other clothing lines. Furthermore, critics have stated that his most recent line (Yeezy Season 3) is very similar to his past fashion lines.  They’ve even stated that he will never be taken seriously as a designer and he should just quit.

However, despite what critics have said, Kanye has seen serious success with his fans and fellow celebrities. Big names in the industry can be seen sporting the rare and expensive shoes all over the place. The sale prices in the resale market is also unheard of and it’s been said that it’s changing the resale market in a big way.

Sneaker Kingdom Of Kanye’s Yeezy Worth A Billion

According to Forbes West’s Yeezy sneaker line, now with Adidas, is a billion-dollar enterprise. In fact, the publication says sales are set to top $1.5 billion in 2019, and West’s pretax income over the past 12 months came in at a whopping $150 million.

Basketball Icon Michael Jordan  still receives royalties on the Air Jordan line, he’s estimated to received around 5 percent of annual sales that come out to about $3 billion.

Beginning in  2013, since Kanye switched brands leaving Nike to sign with the Swoosh]s biggest rival Adidas. West completed a deal for 15 percent royalty on wholesale, plus a marketing fee  what Forbes described as an “unprecedented deal”.


Kanye has  a matte-black Lamborghini SUV, compares foot line as “the Lamborghini of shoes.” Which is a stunning turnaround from three years ago, when in late 2016, West found himself begging Mark Zuckerberg to invest a billion dollars in his ideas after claiming to be $53 million in debt.



West is a  father of four maintains that being bipolar has given him a “superpower” frees up his creativity rather than being a hindrance.

“Crazy is a word that’s not gonna be used loosely in the future,” West predicts. “Understand that this is actually a condition that people can end up in, be born into, driven into and go in and out. And there’s a lot of people that have been called that ‘C’ word that have ended up on this cover.”


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Air Jordan Latitude 720-Jordan Brand Unveil’s Women Air Latitude 720

Jordan Air Latitude 720 Continues the Jordan Brand Ladies Exclusive Colorway

Air Jordan VIII – Air Jordan 8

Original Air Jordan 8 (VIII) Release Colorways
Air Jordan Original 8 (VIII) Bugs Bunny White / Black – True Red
Air Jordan Original 8 (VIII) All Star Aquas Black / Bright Concord-Aqua Tone
Air Jordan Original 8 (VIII) Playoffs Black – Black – True Red

Retro Air Jordan 8 (VIII) Release Colorways
Air Jordan 8 (VIII) Retro White / Black – True Red
Air Jordan 8 (VIII) Retro Black / Chrome
Air Jordan 8 (VIII) Retro Low White / Metallic Silver
Air Jordan 8 (VIII) Retro Low Black / True Red – Del Sol
Air Jordan 8 (VIII) Retro Black / Bright Concord – Aqua Tone
Air Jordan 8 (VIII) Retro Womens White / Bright Concord – Aqua
Air Jordan 8 (VIII) Retro Midnight Navy / Pea Pod – Orange Blaze
Air Jordan 8 (VIII) Retro White / Orange Blaze – Silver – Stealth
Air Jordan 8 (VIII) Retro Womens Ice Blue / Orange Blaze – Silver
Air Jordan 8 (VIII) Retro White / Anthracite – Dark Orange Black Toes
Air Jordan 8 (VIII) Retro Black / Varsity Red – White Playoffs
Air Jordan 8 (VIII) Retro Womens Low Black / Real Pine – White
Air Jordan 8 (VIII) Retro Womens Low Dark Cinder/Champagne-Sail

Air Jordan 8 (VIII) History

Air Jordan Original VIIITinker Hatfield wanted the Air Jordan 8 to not feature a Nike sign. He thought the Jordan Brand was strong enough at this point to hold its own. Tinker brought up to Nike that the Jordan line was strong enough to start eliminating the Nike sign at the AJ VI. After Tinker was done telling his story, Nike pretty much laughed in his face.

It took a lot of time, and a lot of convincing to make this happen, but it finally went through. If you look at the Original Air Jordan VIII model you will notice there is no Nike sign.

The Air Jordan VIII started a lot of talk through sneaker heads, basketball players, or people that enjoyed a pair of Nike’s. The design was crazy, the AJ 8 also had a polycarbonate torsion plate, and to top it all off, the color ways blew people away.

Air Jordan VIII History

A sad feature about the Air Jordan VIII was they were not as comfortable as other Air Jordan models. 

Air Jordan VIII History

The straps (also called bunny ears) would make the shoe tight on the sides, so people with wide feet had a hard time wearing them. What the Air Jordan 8 did have going for it is: durabuck uppers, Air sole, Huarache inner sleeve and anti-inversion cross-straps (aka bunny ears).

In 1993 the Original Air Jordan VIII released in three color ways. The Color schemes were White/Black-True Red, Black/Bright Concord-Aqua Tone and Black-Black-True Red. They sold for $125.00. When 2003 came, Jordan Brand released two more models of the Air Jordan 8 selling for $135.00, also two low cut versions of the AJ VIII were released and sold for $110.00 are all currently now available on Ebay.


Originally released in 1993, the Air Jordan 8 features two cross-straps over the laces. Three colorways were released, Bulls “Home,” All-Star “Aqua” and Bulls “Playoff” editions, each packaged in a new Air Jordan box that was also used for the AJ 9, AJ 10 and first two colorways of the AJ 11. 

Ten years later, they were retroed for the first time. Four pairs were released, including the debut of the Air Jordan 8 in low-top form. The Air Jordan 8 Retro Low featured the same design as the highs, but with one cross-strap instead of two.

The Air Jordan 8 Retro would not return in until 2007, when it was the final model to be released before the Air Jordan XX3. During this run, we saw the other two OG colorways, “Aqua” and “Playoff,” make their long-awaited return, along with a few new colorways.

Limited LS releases and three colorways for women also dropped. In 2008, the original white, black and red colorway was packaged alongside a new colorway of the Air Jordan 15 Retro in the 15/8 Collezione “Countdown’ Pack.” Limited to 24 pairs each, House of Hoops exclusive Quentin Richardson and Ray Allen PEs also released.Five years passed before the Air Jordan 8 retroed again. Two OG colorways sparked the 2013 return, including the white, black and red pair for the third time.

A year later, an exclusive “Doernbecher” colorway was released as a part of Nike’s Freestyle Collection.

In 2015, the Air Jordan 8 Retro returned ahead of its 23rd Anniversary in 2016. Three colorways are set to release, including the return of “Chrome” and “Aqua” colorways. To mark the latest drop, here’s a look at the history of the Air Jordan 8, from its first release up to the most recent retro.

The 720 A  AirJordan 8 Inspired Kicks Celebrating Jordan Heritage

Jordan Brand Flight Utility carries on in the women’sexclusive Jordan Air Latitude 720  silhouettes. The design has a textile upper bootie configuration, straps inspired by the Air Jordan VIII and an Air-Sole containing more than 70 percent recycled manufacturing waste.

Jordan Brand’s 720 Max Air Lifestyle Focused Jumpman Sneaker Go Beyond Retros


Jordan Brand’s lifestyle-focused Flight Utility Collection has opened up a side of the brand that is quite frankly largely uncharted. The new design language skillfully pairs new technology and methods with cues from the legacy, and the recently unveiled assortment of Apex Utility and Proto React models has shown us that there indeed is a dimension of the Jumpman beyond Retros. This new women’s silhouette, revealed at Nike’s massive women’s event in Paris, makes use of the 720 Max Air cushioning unit with a shapely upper that features straps inspired by the Air Jordan VIII, although we point out some very obvious (and fitting) details from the Air Unlimited – a basketball shoe of the same era of the AJ8. These two colorways – a triple black and a women’s Aqua influenced palette  to drop on June 6th 2019.

Newest Kicks Offers Women A Innovative Way To Experience Air

Jordan Brand introduced the Jordan Air Latitude 720, offering women a new way to experience air through a sophisticated blend of modern Nike innovation and Jordan Brand heritage. The Air Latitude 720 continues the Jordan Brand Flight Utility silhouettes and provides an all-day comfort solution, marking the future of lifestyle performance.

The  Air Jordan 8 influenced straps offer a really stable and safe fit and an Air-Sole made with 70 percentor more  recycled manufacturing material.

Extra features  of this recent  women’s design contains  the tallest Air unit design for ultimate comfort and impact protection, making this the biggest and boldest expression of Air ever. An 720 Air unit that contains reused and recycled from various  Air Manufacturing centers. These centers are all scheduled to be powered by clean, renewable energy going forward in 2019.


The Future Of Air Starts By Honoring The Past.




Boasting a bold 720 Air unit, the Jordan Air Latitude 720 offers 360 degrees of cushioning and then some. This attention-grabbing, AJ 8–inspired shoe is a celebration of ’90s Jordan heritage, big-time Air and street-ready comfort.

The Height of Comfort

The textile, synthetic leather and/or synthetic upper with an extra-long inner sleeve offers lightweight, snug comfort.



Big, Bubbly Air

A 720 Air unit delivers bold cushioning by running the length of the outsole for bouncy comfort.



Heritage Design

Crisscrossing straps are inspired by the Air Jordan 8 and offer stability and a secure fit. This design detail is based on the ’90s-era shoe that commemorates MJ’s 3rd consecutive championship title.



Product Details

  • Stretchy laces add a premium detail
  • Colour Shown: White/Metallic Silver/Bright Concord/Dynamic Yellow




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